A No-Nonsense Guide To Nutrients For Women

It’s hard enough keeping my mind–and my mouth–away from warm homemade biscuits slathered in butter and almond croissants. I’m not the least bit motivated to dig up the Nutrition Facts on everything I do eat every single day to see if I’m getting the nutrients my body needs to keep me healthy. I’m pretty certain I’m not. I can go for days without whole grains or vegetables passing my lips, even though I know they’re good for me. Healthy fish? Cooking it smells up the house for days, so I don’t. I once loved almonds, which are filled with massive amounts of nutrients, but I always consumed a mountain of those crunchy little things in one sitting, so now I stay away from them.  

Scarily, my inadequate diet raises my risk for developing certain medical conditions as I age, from soft bones to inflamed intestines and heart disease!

Personalized, Doctor-Approved Vitamin Recommendations in Minutes

I know I should take nutritional supplements to help compensate for my sorry diet, but investigating which ones I need, and in what amounts, would be another head-spinning exercise.  When an online supplement service called Persona contacted me, I was intrigued by its promise that I could get “personalized, doctor-approved vitamin recommendations” simply by completing  a five-minute questionnaire about my health, lifestyle and the medications I’m taking. I filled it out right away, anxious to learn which supplements Persona would advise me to take.  


My Persona appraisal included a recommendation for ubiquinol, a supplement that I unequivocally need because I’m on statins to reduce my blood cholesterol and prevent heart disease. When I chatted online with a Persona nutritionist, she explained that some prescription drugs can harm one body function at the very same time they’re helping another. Taking statins has dramatically improved my lipid numbers, but they’re also depleting a critical enzyme that helps protect my body’s cells from oxidative stress, which can lead to diabetes, high blood pressure, even heart disease. Persona recommended ubiquinol because it will replenish that vital enzyme.  Without it, I could wind up with heart disease anyway. Sounds crazy to someone like me, who wasn’t a gifted biology or chemistry student, but it’s true!

My doctor hadn’t told me about ubiquinol because not every medical doctor is well educated on supplements.

  Angie Kuhn, MS, RDN

Whether you’re currently taking supplements or haven’t started because you’re confused by the constantly changing reports about what’s beneficial, I urge you to consider the recommendations of Angie Kuhn, Persona’s director of nutrition support and research. I decided to interview Angie once I learned more about Persona and started taking the supplements it recommended.

Angie discussed the common signals our bodies will send us if they’re not getting the essential nutrients and other things they need to help keep us in tip-top shape as we age.

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Let’s say you’re a 51-year-old woman who has never taken a single supplement in your entire life and have the standard American (anything-but perfect) diet. You’ve started to experience symptoms of menopause: You’re not sleeping well, you’ve gained weight and you’re getting dreadful hot flashes. The Persona questionnaire will ask you a number of questions related to these symptoms.

“These are signs that your hormones are imbalanced and you could use a supplement to help regulate your symptoms,” Angie said. “Persona’s Menopause Support supplement is a blend of three different root extracts that can help with many symptoms of menopause. It includes EstroG-100, which has been clinically proven to relieve hot flashes, help manage mood and energy swings, alleviate night sweats, promote restful sleep, and even improve vaginal dryness,” Angie told me.  And it doesn’t affect your weight.


Any woman would be wise to have a bone density test by the time she enters menopause because estrogen loss can seriously affect her bones. Other risk factors include smoking, drinking, and calcium and vitamin D deficiency. If you’re like I am and don’t eat enough foods like fatty fish, beef liver, cheese, egg yolks and orange juice, you probably need a vitamin D supplement. And, if your diet isn’t providing the recommended 1,000-1,200 mg of calcium every day, you’ll want to take a calcium supplement.

“A woman’s calcium needs generally go up as she gets older, but women need other nutrients, like vitamin K2,  to help ensure that the calcium gets to their bones, instead of building up in blood vessels and kidneys,” Angie explained. Green leafy vegetables, such as kale, spinach, turnip greens, collards, Swiss chard, mustard greens, parsley, romaine, and green leaf lettuce supply vitamin K, as do brussels sprouts, broccoli, cauliflower, and cabbage. I don’t know about you, but none of these are part of my regular lopsided diet.

Decreased grip strength, height loss, cramps, muscle aches, bone pain and lower overall fitness are signs of weakening bones.


Sore joints and ligaments are common as we age, especially if you’re not as active as you should be. I often become so engrossed in my interviewing and writing during the day that I’ll be sitting at my computer for hours on end. And when I get up, my entire body feels stiff, tight and sore until I start moving around.

The production of collagen, the primary structural protein in cartilage that gives it strength and toughness, slows down after we turn 30. Persona’s UC-II supplement is derived from chicken sternum cartilage and consists of Type II collagen to help support healthy joints and promote flexibility. Studies also have shown that prolonged use of collagen can increase the elasticity of our skin.   


Hair and nails are made of structural proteins known as keratin, which is why protein deficiency can be one of the main causes of thinning hair and brittle, splitting nails. If your diet doesn’t include foods packed with proteins such as fish, chicken, red meat, eggs or dairy, you may want to try Persona’s exclusive Hair, Skin & Nails Formula, Angie said. Besides protein, it contains collagen and horsetail plant extract, an herb that has been shown to support hair and nail health.

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We know pretty quickly when our digestive system is out of whack, because we experience gas, bloating, constipation, or indigestion, among other symptoms. “Perhaps you’re moving less than you used to, drinking less water, and exposed to numerous environmental stressors that are throwing off the balance of good and bad bacteria in your gut. Probiotics can aid your overall wellness and immunity by helping to stabilize your gut flora (that’s the complex community of microorganisms that live in our digestive tracts),” Angie explained.   

There’s a mind-boggling range of probiotics on the market. Persona recently added one called Culturelle with LGG, reportedly the world’s most studied probiotic strain since 1990, when it was first used in dietary supplements. Studied in hundreds of clinical trials, LGG has been shown to help get the gut flora back in balance and assist in immunity and digestive health.  “Probiotics also have been linked to brain health, so if you’re fatigued and not thinking as clearly as you used to, it could be linked to your gut health,” Angie said.


As we get older, our ability to digest certain nutrients might decrease. “If you’re no longer able to absorb the sugar (lactose) in milk, for example, your body can’t create lactase, the enzyme it needs to break down the sugar. Or you might not be able to digest certain types of vegetables and beans,” Angie explained. You’ll also experience gas, bloating and constipation. Digestive enzymes can help give your system what it needs to properly absorb foods.


If you’re fatigued and lack energy, you might not be eating enough animal products, which could give you a vitamin B12 deficiency. “An energy drink isn’t going to solve the problem, so you’ll want a B12 supplement. We recommend B12 for vegans and vegetarians, who should also take iron supplements because it’s common for them to be anemic,” Angie said.


The thyroid gland produces hormones that regulate the body’s metabolic rate as well as heart and digestive function, muscle control, brain development, mood and bone maintenance. Its correct functioning depends on having a good supply of nutrients such as zinc and iodine from the diet. “If your thyroid isn’t working properly you might gain weight, feel fatigued, become sensitive to cold and see your hair thinning, and you may just need a boost of these nutrients,” Angie said. Persona offers a Thyroid Support supplement with selenium, zinc, iodine and ashwagandha.  “It’s important to see your doctor if you’re experiencing these symptoms,” she stressed.

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Perhaps you can’t see as well as you did, have trouble driving at night because you can’t make out the road signs, or have been diagnosed with age-related macular degeneration (AMD). Supplements with the nutrients lutein and zeaxanthin can help reduce the risk or improve a range of vision-related problems, Angie said. “Americans also get an average of 11 hours of computer screen time each day, which exposes us to a lot of blue light. Lutein and zeaxanthin can help lessen the harmful effects of this light over time,” she added.


Acute inflammation, the body’s response to injury, works to heal wounds such as cuts. That’s good inflammation.  Chronic inflammation isn’t so good. It might happen when the immune system is trying to defend itself against a serious infection like Crohn’s Disease, but failing.  Or it can occur when the immune system senses that something isn’t right, such as the buildup of plaque in the lining of an artery, but can’t fix it and might even make the situation worse.

Symptoms of chronic inflammation include joint pain, skin rashes like psoriasis, low energy and poor digestion. If your body is sending you signals like these, get a blood workup and assess with your doctor whether you should change what you’re eating and how you’re exercising so you minimize inflammation. Probioticsturmeric, resveratrol and fish oil supplements are known to help fight inflammation.


“Many people think they just need a standard one-a-day multiple vitamin, but the nutrients in many of those aren’t very bioavailable. This means that not enough of their nutrients are absorbed by the body’s circulatory system to be actively effective,” Angie said. “Persona has developed its own multivitamin with bioavailable nutrients, many of which are hard to find in other multivitamins, such as methylated folate,” she added.  A form of vitamin B, folate is responsible for cell division, the conversion of carbohydrates into energy, and the formation of DNA and other genetic material, which makes it pretty important. But many women actually can’t absorb folate properly, so a common multivitamin with standard folic acid (a synthetic form of folate) won’t work for them.  Methylated folate, the natural, active form of folate, will work. It is especially important for the growth and development of fetuses.

“As a Registered Dietitian I firmly believe in getting your nutrients through whole foods, but it is often difficult to do that every day, unless you’re eating 10 different fruits and vegetables, whole grains, lots of green leafy vegetables and healthy fats. Multivitamins with highly bioavailable nutrients and other supplements based on lifestyle factors, age and medications provide reassurance you’re getting what you need,” Angie concluded.

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RejuvaliteMD uses state-of-the-art LED light therapy to safely and effectively stimulate skin healing and collagen production to improve skin elasticity and firmness and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It also improves skin tone by reducing inflammation, redness and the appearance of age spots and sun damage. $249 value!

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An At-Home Beauty Device That’s Garnering 5-Star Rave Reviews

This is a “sponsored post.” Trophy Skin compensated FabOverFifty with an advertising sponsorship to write it. Regardless, we only recommend products or services that we believe will be helpful for our readers. All insights and expressed opinions are our own.—Geri Brin

You’d jump at the chance to have those new skin treatments that will help get rid of the “age spots” on your cheeks and crow’s feet around your eyes, but you simply can’t afford them.  As it is, you’ve invested in costly creams and serums that include high-quality ingredients, like retinol and hyaluronic acid, to treat your skin concerns. But realistically you know they can just do so much!  Ladies, now you can get affordable skincare tools to use at home that operate on the identical technology as the expensive machines used by dermatologists, plastic surgeons and medi spas.

         Taking a RejuvaliteMD treatment

The man behind these innovative beauty devices is Imran Karim, who owned one of the most successful medi spas in Dallas, TX  “Our skin treatments transformed the way thousands of clients looked and how they felt, so I knew the technology worked, but only a limited portion of the population could afford them,” Imran told me. “So I thought, how can we take this very effective technology, scale it down and allow it to be affordable and convenient for more people?”

After a couple of years of research, development and rigorous testing with doctors, scientists and product engineers, Imran launched Trophy Skin. Each of its three professional-grade skin care tools-MicrodermMD, RejuvaliteMD and Jenu Plus–have been clinically proven to do exactly what they promise to do, including revitalizing our skin, reducing wrinkles and furrows, sun damage and age spots.  “We met with the same manufacturers who produced the equipment for my medi spa to determine how to create at-home products that didn’t have to be used by doctors and trained professionals,” Imran explained. “They may not be as powerful as the professional machines, but we work with doctors on our clinical studies to ensure that each device is correctly tested and is highly effective. We also have FDA clearance when it’s required.”

Today, I’m introducing you to RejuvaliteMD, one the company’s top sellers. Using state-of-the-art LED light therapy, it safely and effectively stimulates skin healing and collagen production to improve skin elasticity and firmness and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. RejuvaliteMD also improves skin tone by reducing inflammation, redness and the appearance of age spots and sun damage.

“Some devices use only red light, but RejuvaliteMD utilizes four UV-free wavelengths–red, yellow, amber, and infrared light–to treat multiple signs of aging on different levels of the skin,” Imran explained. It’s also hands-free, so it’s much easier to use than other devices.

All you have to do is put on the goggles that come with the device, push a button and get a five-minute, painless, full-face treatment. “The panel is large and powerful, so it basks the whole face in all four wavelengths of light at once for maximum results,” Imran added. RejuvaliteMD is ideal for thinner, sensitive skin since the light therapy works from four to six inches away from the skin, so nothing mechanical or abrasive touches it.

Look at these superb results from a 6-week Trophy Skin clinical study, not to mention the extraordinary before-and-after images.

Clinical Stats-6 weeks after starting RejuvaliteMD




The RejuvaliteMD reviews are phenomenal, from women of all ages.

We can already tell a difference in our skin

“My husband and I have been using the RejuvaliteMD for about three weeks. We have been very faithful in using it. We both can already tell a difference in our skin. The texture and tone just appear fresher. We consider the daily treatment time as a nice ‘quiet time’ to relax. 50-something Tamara R.

It’s Not Just About Vanity, It’s About Good Healthy Skin At Every Age!
“Healthy skin is beautiful skin and well worth this modest investment. I am 66 and have been using my RejuvaliteMD for the past month. It’s a simple to use device, and I am finding it effective in conjunction with my MicrodermMD, another Trophy skin product.  RejuvaliteMD has already given me results in fading mild hyperpigmentation, smoothing the texture, and increasing the tone of my skin. Thank you for helping me turn back the clock.” Elaine M.

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The Game-Changing At-Home Beauty Device That’s Racking Up 5-Star Rave Reviews

This is a “sponsored post.” Trophy Skin compensated FabOverFifty with an advertising sponsorship to write it. Regardless, we only recommend products or services that we believe will be helpful for our readers. All insights and expressed opinions are our own.—Geri Brin

You’d jump at the chance to have those new skin treatments that will help get rid of the “age spots” on your cheeks and crow’s feet around your eyes, but you simply can’t afford them.  As it is, you’ve invested in costly creams and serums that include high-quality ingredients, like retinol and hyaluronic acid, to treat your skin concerns. But realistically you know they can just do so much!  Ladies, now you can get affordable skincare tools to use at home that operate on the identical technology as the expensive machines used by dermatologists, plastic surgeons and medi spas.

I just did my third treatment at home with MicrodermMD

The man behind these innovative beauty devices is Imran Karim, who owned one of the most successful medi spas in Dallas, TX  “Our skin treatments transformed the way thousands of clients looked and how they felt, so I knew the technology worked, but only a limited portion of the population could afford them,” Imran told me. “So I thought, how can we take this very effective technology, scale it down and allow it to be affordable and convenient for more people?”

After a couple of years of research, development and rigorous testing with doctors, scientists and product engineers, Imran launched Trophy Skin. Each of its three professional-grade skin care tools-MicrodermMD, RejuvaliteMD and Jenu Plus–have been clinically proven to do exactly what they promise to do, including revitalizing our skin, reducing wrinkles and furrows, sun damage and age spots.  “We met with the same manufacturers who produced the equipment for my medi spa to determine how to create at-home products that didn’t have to be used by doctors and trained professionals,” Imran explained. “They may not be as powerful as the professional machines, but we work with doctors on our clinical studies to ensure that each device is correctly tested and is highly effective. We also have FDA clearance when it’s required.”

Today, I’m introducing you to MicrodermMD Home Microdermabrasion System, the company’s best seller.  A beautifully designed tool, it smoothes, brightens and revitalizes rough, crepey, dry skin as well as reduces pitting, pockmarks and light acne scarring.

A diamond particle encrusted tip and a pore extraction tip restore radiance to the skin by gently but deeply exfoliating dead skin cells and suctioning away the dirt, oil and makeup residue that cause the skin to look dull, aged and lifeless.  MicrodermMD also reduces or eliminates enlarged pores and buffs away fine lines and wrinkles around the mouth and eyes. It can be used on the neck and body too.

The device features Auto Mode that directs you through the process on an LCD screen and automatically adjusts the suction level for each section of your face. Sensitive Mode provides gentler suction levels, and Manual Mode lets you create a custom treatment. Skin can be treated up to twice a week. “You’ll immediately feel softer, smoother skin after the first five-minute treatment, but when you remove the filter you’ll be surprised to see the amount of dirt and oil that came off your face. You’ll be left with smooth, soft, perfectly clean and bright skin,” Imran explained.  

An infusion tip included with the MicrodermMD kit is designed to be used after your treatment to help gently push the active ingredients in your creams and serums deeper into the skin. The suction motor on the device opens your pores so products can more effectively be infused into the skin.

Trophy Skin has custom-developed Argan Stem Cell Serum especially for use after microdermabrasion because your skin will be a little pinkish red, which actually is the sign of a good treatment. Soothing and gentle, Argan has anti-aging and anti-inflammatory ingredients, including hyaluronic acid, algae and mugwort extracts to hydrate, protect, calm and renew skin from the inside out.  When used consistently, Argan Stem Cell Serum reduces fine lines and wrinkles, diminishes age spots, increases skin firmness, tightens and refines pores, and supports collagen and elastin production.

Look at these superb results from a 6-week Trophy Skin clinical study, not to mention the extraordinary before-and-after images:

6 weeks after starting MicroDermMD





The Trophy Skin reviews are phenomenal, from women of all ages.

The Best Skin Care Investment!!!

“Love Love the MicrodermMD!!!! The first two sessions I set the mode for sensitive skin, the 3rd session and after I stepped out of my comfort zone and set the mode on manual. I have sensitive skin and I could tolerate the suction. I am not saying that this would be a good idea for everyone but OMG my pores are starting to disappear, my skin is soft like a baby’s behind, and I’m slowly noticing the age spots fading and the wrinkles are not so prominent. Skin looks brighter as well. I use the MicrodermMD twice a week and I do not regret the purchase.”50-something Mary K.

Magic in a wand

“This has been quite the experience for me. I never realized what a filthy face I walked around with until I started using MicrodermMD…lol. I haven’t had it for very long but I can say I love how easy it is to use and how well it does, just like it’s advertised. I’ll be ordering a couple of other things as I’d like to do more than just my face. Thank you so much for selling a product that does what you say it does.” –50-something Tammy L


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Money Doesn’t Do You Much Good in Prison

Feliciity Huffman seen leaving court.
Photo credit: PG/Rachpoot/MEGA

I believe rich people fall into two distinct categories: Those who never flaunt their money or act like they’re better than the rest of us, and those who think their wealth really does separate them from us, and act accordingly. They figure they’re smarter, more attractive, and more “entitled,” as in automatically deserving of privileges and special treatment. They can slip a $100 bill to the maitre d at a fancy restaurant to get a table when the restaurant is booked.  They throw around their titles to get in to see hard-to-see doctors. They call their other rich and well-connected friends to get favors they may not be able to get themselves. They expect to be treated royally by everyone from salespeople to hair stylists and waiters.

A  rich woman most of us know took her wealth to new extremes.  Playing one of the Desperate Housewives on TV she actually became one in real life.  Well, maybe not quite a desperate housewife, but a desperate mother so intent on having her older daughter admitted to a top-notch university that she resorted to fraud to make it happen.  By now, you probably know that actress Felicity Huffman was one of 50 people charged in a sweeping national scandal involving admissions to some of the nation’s most elite colleges and universities. I’m talking about schools including Yale, Stanford, Georgetown and USC. Coaches took bribes to get students accepted who didn’t even participate in the sports they coached. SAT proctors took bribes to change incorrect answers to the right answers.

Sadly, money does often talk pretty loudly, and legally. Donate oodles to build a cardiac wing at a major hospital and you’ll be taken first at their ER, even if someone is dying of a heart attack who got there first.  Hire a high-priced lawyer to get your 17-year-old out of a DUI charge, and it likely will be dismissed, even if another less-privileged teen in the courtroom is being led to a holding cell for the same charge.

I get it. I may not always like it, but I get it!  That’s the way “the system” often works. But my tolerance stops at rich people who resort to lying, cheating and manipulating the system, in addition to throwing around their money to get what they want.  That’s clearly the case with the college scandal that just broke. If your child isn’t qualified enough to get into one of the country’s leading universities, and you bribe someone to doctor her SAT scores, what will you do when she’s about to flunk out of the school that accepted her? Besides robbing a deserving kid of a place at the university, your bribe actually hurts your daughter’s chance of success. Why didn’t Felicity instead give a handsome donation to a second-tier college, where her daughter may have had a better shot at being admitted, and succeeding?  Come to think of it, that’s a form of “bribe” too. But at least it doesn’t put you behind bars.

What’s more, your money likely won’t benefit the person who accepted it.  My son loves this quote from The Jungle, which says it best: “They must not give up what was right for a little money—if they did, the money would never do them any good.”

Lori Loughlin, the other actress caught up in this mess, did a video with her daughter in 2017 where she claimed she never wanted to push her “beyond her limits” and always told her to do the best she could. “We said ‘give it your all, that’s all you can do.’ We put so much stress on kids and a lot of it is unnecessary. I never overscheduled my kids. I gave them time to sit in their playroom and use their imagination,” Lori stressed. When you think about it, Lori wasn’t lying. Why put stress on your children to succeed when you can bribe someone to make them look good?

A man in a high government position often brags about the distinguished schools he attended half a century ago and how smart he is, but he reportedly had letters sent to his high school and college forbidding them from releasing his transcripts. Curious that he wouldn’t want anyone to see grades that affirm how brilliant he is. Perhaps his wealthy dad donated a hefty sum to the university he attended because sonny isn’t as smart as he now claims. Which leads to a whole other truism: You don’t have to be smart to succeed.

I sincerely believe that every one of us deserves to earn as much money as we can for our talents, hard work and smart ideas. Good for you if you live in a mansion, travel the oceans in your own yacht and wear Chanel from head to toe. But money should not qualify anyone to get the best education, health care or legal advice. A smart, driven person from a poor family,  a sick person with no insurance, and an uneducated person falsely accused of a crime deserve the same opportunities, protections and advantages as you and I.

Of course, that’s not the reality in which we live.  We’re not on a level playing field. Our society gives people like Felicity Huffman and Lori Loughlin huge advantages. The fact that they’d try to game the system on top of those advantages is just rotten. Shame on them.

The M Diaries

My long-time, 60-something, married friend (I’m calling her M, not her real name) met a new man about six years ago. Within two years, she left her emotionally abusive husband (she’d been married 37 years), found a full-time job (she hadn’t worked during most of her marriage, while she raised four children), and moved into a one-bedroom apartment (after living in a big, beautiful house for decades).

M was happy in her new life.  She loved her boyfriend, her work and her new home.  But, unexpectedly, she lost her job about seven weeks ago at the struggling company. Still unemployed, she feels like she’s losing the footing she’s worked hard to establish during the last few years.

         Julia Cameron

M was inspired by a New York Times article she recently read about author Julia Cameron, who wrote The Artist’s Way, A Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity in 1992, which has sold over 4 million copies. One of the seminal “self-help” books, The Artist’s Way proposes that absolutely everyone is creative and gives us the tools to release our “inner artist” in 12 weeks. That’s how long “it takes for people to cook,”  Julia told The New York Times.

An avid reader, M couldn’t wait to read the book and start following Julia’s central advice to write three pages, by hand, the first thing every morning about absolutely anything that pops into your mind. The exercise is called “Morning Pages,” and I asked M to share some of hers with me.  She generously agreed.

I admire M’s determination to put her intimate thoughts on paper, especially during this stressful period in her life. Too many of us are so busy running around we don’t take the time to think about what we’re really about.

M’s Morning Pages: Dreamy Sex at 60 Something

By the time you can have unprotected, carefree sex, you’re in a stale and unhappy marriage.  All the baggage you’ve been lugging around becomes so heavy, you don’t care about sex. Your menopausal body doesn’t want it.  You go through the motions to please a spouse you can’t stand. And, eventually the marriage becomes a quiet life of desperation.  With no sex. A convenience rather than a life. Stay married, financially secure, have a partner for those events that pop up and inwardly be miserable, unfulfilled and numb.  This, I wrote on the train yesterday because I had to write it as soon as I thought it. I was thinking about the exuberant sex I have with C. We go at it like teenagers, with mutual abandon and love.  We have fun, laugh, and try new ways of pleasing each other. It’s not an obligation or requirement.

We’re not trying to become pregnant or to avoid it.  It’s sex, purely to satisfy each other. Most women know sex goes hand in hand with emotions and mental state of mind.  If those two components aren’t in sync, the body doesn’t respond. Sex is dry and can be painful. But husbands want sex.  They need it. The guilt is heaped upon a wife for not being a willing partner. I’m not saying this is true for all married couples – most women won’t share their sexual lives with their friends.  My husband wanted sex all the time, even after not speaking to me for weeks. No apology, just move forward like nothing happened. I was a complacent wife and went along with his agenda to keep the peace. 

The first time I had sex with C, my head was screaming, What are you doing? And my vagina was singing.  This wasn’t young sex with a boyfriend who you wanted to please and hoped to marry, a one-night stand or, as the kids today say, “a hookup.”  The young people I worked with have “hookups.” They meet guys online or in bars, go home and have sex, never to meet again. The girls tell me they’re horny and need to get laid.  When I was in my twenties, I didn’t feel so horny that I’d have sex with anyone that came along. I had to have a connection and attraction. There had to be a relationship.

I love having sex with C more than I’ve ever enjoyed sex in my life.  I’m the one who wants it all the time. Just being near him gets me aroused. I’m on a bioidentical hormone pellet, which is implanted every four to six months. C calls the pellet a stick of dynamite!  I just turned 65. He’s 61. Men have physical sexual issues as much as women do. We have found ways, without drugs, to have great sex.  When there is no pressure to perform and an understanding of each other’s needs, beautiful lovemaking is the result. Frequently, I wonder where I would be if we hadn’t met.  I felt 100 percent sure I’d be stuck in my “mansion,” unhappy and waiting for the day I would be happy.

Patients In the Dark About a Proven Treatment For Their Chronic Pulmonary Diseases

This post is sponsored by the Live Better campaign, a project of the non-profit American Thoracic Society.  Opinions are my own.

My late mother-in-law Gerry was slender, ate super sensibly, and played tennis into her late 70s, but she never again picked up a racket when she began having breathing difficulties and was diagnosed with COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease). Although she was under the care of a prominent pulmonary specialist in New York, he failed to tell her about a proven treatment that would have reduced her symptoms and enhanced the quality of her life. Distressing!

The third-leading disease-related cause of death in the United States behind heart disease and cancer, chronic lower respiratory diseases, such as COPD, affect approximately 16 million people, reported the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. And, it’s the only cause of death that’s on the rise. Even more alarming, it’s estimated that as many as 14 million additional cases are undiagnosed because sufferers don’t speak up about their symptoms and don’t see health professionals.

Shockingly, 62 percent of those diagnosed with chronic pulmonary disorders don’t know about pulmonary rehabilitation, a safe exercise and education program that improves patients’ exercise capacity and decreases symptoms, revealed a survey commissioned by the American Thoracic Society (ATS). And, symptoms can be severe, often preventing patients from even walking from one side of their home to the other, preparing meals, or washing their own hair, said Dr. Carolyn L. Rochester, professor of medicine, pulmonary critical care and sleep medicine at the Yale University School of Medicine.

The 500 patients who participated in the survey of patient attitudes, conducted by Wakefield Research, suffered from either COPD or pulmonary hypertension, interstitial lung disease, and other chronic pulmonary disorders. Although almost two-thirds of them had never heard of pulmonary rehabilitation, 70 percent did know about oxygen therapy and 61 percent knew about medicinal interventions such as long-acting inhalers. While only 38 percent of patients know about pulmonary rehabilitation, a study of patient data reported that only 1.9 percent of those hospitalized for COPD actually received it within six months of their discharge.

How — And Why — Pulmonary Rehab Works

Although chronic respiratory diseases can’t be cured, they are manageable. Pulmonary rehab, a comprehensive six- to 12-week program, uses breathing techniques and gentle, supervised exercise that strengthens the muscles to ease the burden on the lungs and teaches patients how to manage their breathing. They not only feel better, but can resume many activities they’ve been avoiding. Fifty-seven percent of the survey respondents said they’d stopped climbing stairs, half didn’t carry anything when they walked, and 43 percent didn’t leave their homes to do errands such as grocery shopping. 

Shortness of breath causes COPD patients to become sedentary and out of shape, which only worsens their shortness of breath. Pulmonary rehabilitation gives people the tools to manage the disease themselves,” Dr. Rochester explained. 

Why Patients Don’t Know About This Proven Treatment

Ignorance isn’t bliss for COPD patients, and one of the primary reasons they’re uneducated about pulmonary rehabilitation as an effective treatment option is that many don’t talk about their disease to their families or healthcare providers. Some patients are or were smokers who suffer their symptoms in silence. Some are embarrassed by their habit or resigned that they’ll never be able to quit, let alone feel better. Even when patients are diagnosed with COPD, 40 percent don’t know that their condition is life-threatening, according to the ATS survey. In fact, participants ranked stroke, diabetes and Alzheimer’s over chronic respiratory diseases as leading causes of death.

Complicating the problem is the simple fact that doctors — like my mother-in-law’s — may not be familiar with the latest science on pulmonary rehab. Or perhaps they aren’t sure about reimbursement, the referral process or whether there are programs in their area.

Pulmonary rehabilitation is safe, effective, and often covered by Medicare or the patient’s insurance, emphasized Chris Garvey, a nurse practitioner at University of California in San Francisco who has been coordinating pulmonary rehabilitation programs for over 25 years. Patients often are treated with long-acting maintenance inhalers, yet pulmonary rehab is not recommended, Garvey added; however, rehabilitation is ultimately more helpful in terms of reversing both frailty and musculoskeletal dysfunction.

Pulmonary rehabilitation has been established as the standard of care “to improve shortness of breath, functional capacity, ability to exercise and be active, as well as quality of life and mood, including depression and anxiety in persons with chronic lung disease,” Garvey emphasized. Even patients with severe COPD can benefit from rehabilitation, she added.

“Living Your Life Again”

“It’s critical to raise awareness of pulmonary rehab, which is similar to cardiac rehabilitation for patients with chronic heart conditions, so that individuals can advocate for themselves,” said Dr. Rochester.  Consider the experience of Lynn Markwell, who completed pulmonary rehab a year after being diagnosed with interstitial lung disease. “I was told I didn’t have long to live, but if you do the exercises, learn to manage your breathing and know your medications, you can feel better and start living your life again.”

Although it saddens me that my mother-in-law didn’t know about pulmonary rehabilitation, I am pleased to get behind the ATS campaign to help spread the word.  Anyone with chronic lung disease deserves to access a treatment option that no one ever offered to my mother-in-law.

Learn more about pulmonary rehabilitation and find a program located near you at livebetter.org

PS And be sure to head to the FabOverFifty Facebook page next Wednesday, February 27th, at 1 pm ET, when we’ll be live at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York to show you, first-hand, pulmonary rehab at work!

A Transformational New Device For Intimate Wellness

FabOverFifty partnered with vFit to help educate you about menopausal issues.

                                     Bladder Weak,

                                     Leak, Leak, Leak!


                                     Vagina Dry,

                                     Sigh, Sigh, Sigh!


                                                                      –Geri Brin

I’m not sheepish to admit what’s happened to my body since menopause. While hot flashes didn’t torment me, incontinence and dehydrated vaginal tissue took the joy out of everything from shopping to sex. But since launching Faboverfifty.com in 2010, and interviewing urologists to gynecologists, I’ve discovered that millions of women share my problems. I’ve also learned about ways to deal with them, from estrogen therapies to pelvic floor exercises, aka kegels. If you’re like me, however, you don’t have the patience to do countless kegels every single day. And, not every woman is a fan of estrogen.

Now a new device, called vFit, is the first noninvasive, hormone-free solution that uses a combination of LED red light, gentle heat and sonic technology to promote intimate wellness. You can use it in the privacy and comfort of your bedroom, it takes no effort, and it’s a pleasant experience!

Dr. Sarah de la Torre

“Vaginal dryness is caused by lack of blood flow to the area from low estrogen, and it’s prevalent in women in their late 40s and 50s. That’s when they start to complain to me about lack of lubrication with intercourse, even if their libidos are still great,” said Dr. Sarah de la Torre, a board certified obstetrician-gynecologist with a busy practice in Seattle, WA. “The vaginal tissue also becomes thinner, sometimes leading to pain during sex. And stress incontinence, which often begins after childbirth, worsens during the next decade. I talk to women all day long about these health and pelvic floor issues, and I run down their options, including kegels, physical therapy, or surgery,” Dr. de la Torre explained. “I was excited to learn that a women’s wellness product was being developed that would use low-level light therapy on vaginal tissue to improve intimate wellness.”

How vFit Works Its Magic

Colette Courtion

vFit is the brainchild of high-tech beauty executive and mother Colette Courtion, who designed it in partnership with leading gynecologists and experts in the field of laser and light science. Following the birth of her son, Colette realized there were few options available to help women feel like themselves again after going through life’s milestones. “I’ve spent most of my career working in medical aesthetics, and I thought ‘if we’re using lasers on our facial skin, why aren’t we using the same scientific principles for our pelvic floor.’ It was my ‘aha’ moment,” said 46-year-old Colette. Using personal insights from over 2,300 women about their intimate health experiences, and what they’d like to see in an at-home product, vFit was born. “We’re committed to improving the quality of life for the millions of women who suffer from common changes to their intimate wellness,” Colette added.


The six UV-free red lights (LEDs) in vFit, powered to glow brightly, are completely safe and provide optimal results. While they are based on the same technology invented by NASA in the 1960s, and used in many aesthetic products today, vFit is the first to use red lights (LEDs) to help improve intimate wellness.


vFit emits a gentle heat intended to warm the vaginal tissue to encourage blood flow, as well as amplify the effectiveness of the LEDs. Most women report the heat is very pleasant and comfortable, but since every woman’s body is different, you should stop the session if you feel it’s too warm.

As we age our tissue loses plumpness and elasticity, and gets more and more thin, so you may be more sensitive to heat than someone whose tissue is not as thin,” noted Dr. de la Torre. vFit recommends that you start with a six-minute session and work your way up to 10 minutes when your body becomes comfortable with the gentle heat.


vFit offers six sonic vibration modes with different vibration patterns. You can rotate through the series of patterns while you’re using vFit to decide which you like best. The last mode that you used for over one minute will be stored, and your next session with vFit will start at that mode.

Vibration, often used in sports medicine, puts mechanical stress on the tissue and muscles. “It’s the combination of that, plus the heat and the light, that make the magic happen,” said Dr. de la Torre. vFit should be used from four to six weeks, at least every other day, after which time it can be used about once a week to maintain results.

The Impressive vFit Results

In a third-party study, women who used vFit reported the following results after 60 days:

     95% reported improved intimate wellness

     89% experienced increased confidence with intercourse

     89% felt increased sensation

     100% reported feeling more emotionally connected to their partner

An ultra-concentrated, water-based gel–created to be used specifically with the device–is infused with moisturizing hyaluronic acid and aloe to help enhance your vFit performance and comfort.

vFit costs $495. Yes, the brand acknowledges that it’s an investment, but it’s an “investment in your own wellness, and it’s crucial to prioritize ourselves and our health as women,” Dr. de la Torre emphasized.  “If you look at the cost of other items that women are buying, it far exceeds the cost of vFit,” she added. “ If you’re buying incontinence pads, for example, you’re probably spending about $1,000 a year. If you’re using hormone creams every month, you’re spending $80 a month on co-pay, which is average.  But these are masking the problems, not really solving them. So again, this is an important investment for your mental well-being and overall health and wellness.”

This offer is valid until Wednesday, October 31. Enter code FAB at checkout.  Both the vFit and the Photonic Gel must be in your cart before you enter the code.

Waking Up To Women

This post is sponsored by GNC

Whenever Shelley even glances at the supplement aisle at her local chain drugstore, the options overwhelm her. “It seems like I read a new article every week about the latest and greatest supplement, and why a product that was hot three months ago has become a no-no. I absolutely need supplements now that I’m in menopause, but I have no idea which ones to buy. It’s frustrating and upsetting!” Shelley said.

Shelley, and millions of other women, will be delighted to learn that a store we’ve known for years aims to become the go-to destination for superior health, wellness and beauty products for women 45+. When our backs were turned, GNC woke up and recognized that we’re a pretty darn important community of ladies! Firmly established as the leading resource for sports and fitness supplements, GNC is now determined to help boomer women feel and look the best we can, without a bit of frustration. “Lots of physiological changes take place in a woman’s body starting in perimenopause and then leading into menopause,” said Guru Ramanathan, Chief Innovation Officer, who has been with GNC for two decades. “It’s an important phase in the life of a woman, and we want to be there for her.”

Walk into a GNC today and you’ll see, front and center, four major sections of Women’s Health and Beauty products to help support your nutrition and health goals during perimenopause and menopause. You’ll find supplements for heart health to hormone balance; for bone health to digestion support; for eye health to urinary tract health. GNC also offers us an impressive selection of products for our skin, hair, and nails!

Experience The GNC Difference

No doubt, it’s a big challenge to win over smart and demanding women, but 82-year-old GNC is putting its money where its mouth is! Besides greatly expanding its selection of nutritional supplements and other merchandise women need, it’s committing major resources for research and development to create top-quality products for us. It’s also vigorously training employees, and offering exclusive online tools so we have the essential knowledge to buy the most effective products for each of our unique needs! GNC knows that knowledge is powerful to women.

Guru and his teams of scientists and product innovators constantly stay on top of developments in healthy aging, travel the world to find unparalleled raw materials, work tirelessly to develop the very best dietary supplements, and put many of them through clinical studies with real women to make certain they meet GNC’s stringent performance standards. “A lot of people shop only for price and don’t really understand there’s a definite difference in product quality between a big bottle of fish oil supplements for $5, and GNC fish oil, which properly supports healthy cholesterol levels, as well as joint, skin and brain health,” Guru explains.

“You should have the best, which is what we’re selling. After all, you’re ingesting these products,” said Ken Martindale, who joined GNC as chief executive officer after running Rite Aid for four years. “I decided to make the move because I was fascinated by the scope and quality of GNC’s products and the science and innovation behind them. We’re selling products that matter in people’s lives, and we’re focused on customers who want to put the highest-quality products into their bodies,” Ken emphasized.

Supplementing Your Knowledge

And, you won’t have to fend for yourself. Ask someone on the floor of a GNC store to explain what’s the big deal about probiotics, and they’ll give you the correct answer right off the bat (probiotics provide digestive and immune support), and help you pick out the most suitable probiotic for your lifestyle goals. Want to know which multivitamin will best support your bone health? Yep, they’ll know that too. GNC employees are educated about different topics each week on their own tablets, and they even get quizzes to test their knowledge. Whether you visit a GNC in New York or one in New Mexico, you’ll be sure to get consistent information.

Just as GNC helps us deal with our health concerns and objectives when we walk into its stores, it wants to do the same in the digital space. An ingenious tool recently launched on its website lets us enter our goals and learn which probiotics, proteins, and minerals are recommended.  “We must be far more than just an ecommerce site, and intend to position ourselves as an expert in the supplement category online,” Ken stressed.

GNC recently launched an Auto Deliver & Save Program, ensuring that your favorite products are automatically shipped for free right to your door, whenever you want. You’ll also get 10% off every order once you sign up for the convenient service.

A Gift Of Health

GNC is so excited to show us how much it cares about our health and wellbeing, it wants us to have one of its best-in-class supplements—valued up to $60—as a gift with any $40 purchase online or in store. No matter which one you choose, you’ll be on your way to a HEALTHIER YOU!

Here are some details on each to help you choose:


GNC probiotics provide digestive and immune support. Backed by extensive research from more than 10 published studies—and guaranteed potent through the expiration date without refrigeration—the benefits of GNC probiotics range from supporting your quality of life to satisfaction with bowel habit.


GNC Triple Strength Fish Oil can supply a key source of Omega-3 fatty acids in just one easy-to-swallow softgel a day. These omegas are associated with a wide range of health benefits, including support for healthy cholesterol levels as well as joint, skin and brain health. You’d have to eat four to six  meals of fatty fish each week to meet the 500-1,000 mg of Omega-3 fatty acids recommended by health organizations.


Dietary surveys show that many Americans may not take in an adequate amount of several vitamins, minerals and other nutrients that are essential to good health. The latest scientific research suggests that all adults can benefit from taking a multivitamin daily in conjunction with a healthy diet. GNC’s Mega Men® One Daily and Women’s Ultra Mega® One Daily deliver vitamins and minerals at their 100% daily value or more and include 39 important nutrients essential for overall wellness.


Look great at your next big event using an herb-based, core-slimming complex that’s proven to trigger weight loss when used with an 1,800 calorie diet and walking 30 minutes five days a week. Those on Slimvance® lost almost 10 more pounds in 16 weeks than those using diet and exercise alone, according to a clinical study. Plus, you can stop losing sleep over losing weight: the natural blend contains no stimulants.^◊*


to become the best you with the new GNC, and claim your valuable gift of health!


^A randomized clinical study of 140 healthy overweight people compared the use of Slimvance® in conjunction with a 1,800 calorie diet and walking plan to a placebo with the same diet and walking plan. Those on Slimvance® lost almost 10 more pounds (-11.81 pounds versus -1.91 pounds), lost over an inch more around the hips (-1.76 inches vs. -.48 inches), lost over an inch more around the waist (-2.12 inches versus – .68 inches) and lost more percent body fat (-1.05% versus 0.71%) than the placebo group after 16 weeks.

◊Use in conjunction with the diet and exercise plan available at www. slimvance.com/plan.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

A Derm Treatment in a Bottle

You’re trying on dresses for an important event. “That looks darling on you,” the saleswoman gushes about a style that makes your tummy and boobs look bigger than they are! Now, think about beauty products. Whether you have facial redness, uneven tone, or crow’s feet, saleswomen always seem to have just the products for you. Unfortunately, you trust them more than the woman in the dress department because you can’t tell what the moisturizer or serum are going to do for your skin. So you decide to give them a try.

  Dr. Karyn Grossman

Here’s the truth: Even if you buy high-priced skincare products from the ritziest stores in town, don’t kid yourself into thinking that you’re getting the best advice on which are best for your skincare concerns. Salespeople are trained to vigorously push the brands they represent, not to deal with each of our unique needs.

“Every day, my patients come to see me with arms full of products, trying to find solutions for their skincare issues. Considering the overwhelming number of creams and serums in the stores, it’s becoming more and more confusing for them know which ones will address their specific concerns. In our office, we use a scientifically-based system to select products for each patient,” said Dr. Karyn Grossman, an LA and New York-based, board-certified dermatologist who developed a passion for treating skin when she was a second year medical student at Boston University.

A Derm Treatment In a Bottle  

But, you don’t have to fly to Santa Monica, CA, or Park Avenue to personally consult with Dr. Grossman (Gwyneth Paltrow and models Linda Evangelista and Molly Sims are patients), because she’s created an eponymous skincare collection to deal with many of our most pressing skincare issues, she says confidently. KARYNG (“caring for yourself and the world,” Dr. Grossman notes) is a precisely curated collection of six products with “active, high-performance ingredients that target the key signs of aging–fine lines and wrinkles, sagging skin, uneven pigmentation, inflammation, and dullness–to help give us a fresh appearance,” the doctor explains.

Inspired to develop her own line after working with some of the biggest names in skin care, such as Estee Lauder, Dr. Grossman’s wanted to thwart “the long-term effects of skin inflammation” that she repeatedly saw as her patients aged. “Inflammation is the root of many skin concerns,” she explains. Produced with rich antioxidants that help repair and restructure our skin, each of the six KARYNG products features “Pro-Verte Technology,” a proprietary and patented formula designed to maximize anti-aging and anti-inflammatory results.

Responding also to her patients’ increasing concerns about the “safety of their skincare products,” Dr. Grossman wanted her own collection to be as natural as possible, without sacrificing anti-aging benefits. As a dermatologist offering comprehensive cosmetic treatments, from lasers to fillers, liposuction to thread lifts, she is known for her deep commitment to giving her patients natural-looking, refreshed results. The KARYNG line is produced with the same guiding principles.

Manufactured in the United States, and packed in sustainable cartons, KARYNG features 90 percent “safe and gentle, yet potent, natural ingredients,” with 10 percent bioengineered ingredients, such as peptides. “It’s the best of both worlds,”  Dr. Grossman says. “It’s super elegant and a super-easy program to follow to get results, as opposed to the 26 products you use or have sitting on your bathroom shelf.” A single, working mother of two, Dr. Grossman believes our skincare routines should be as effortless as possible.

The Cleanser

Healthy skin begins with clean skin, but you’ll want to gently deep clean, without stripping your skin, Dr.Grossman advises. KARYNG Replenishing Cleanser, fueled by the exclusive, anti-aging and anti-inflammatory Pro-Verte formula, includes super moisturizing coconut oil and coconut fatty acid, and glycerin, to help maintain the outer barrier of the skin and prevent dryness.  The cleanser can be used night and day on any skin type, removes makeup, and leaves your skin feeling soft and smooth.

The Morning Product

Wishing to formulate an “all-in-one morning product that provides antioxidants, hydration and sunblock proved difficult, but we finally got it,” Dr. Grossman reports. KARYNG Complete Broad Spectrum SPF50 contains protective echinacea to help prevent age spots and make skincells more resilient to stress and environmental aggressors that cause wrinkles and fine lines. It also has coconut oil, glycerin,and the patented Pro-Verte Complex, so it’s an emollient moisturizer, anti-aging powerhouse, makeup primer and SPF shield. Available in two shades, it “evens out your skin and reduces redness, and it’s effective on all skin types,” Dr. Grossman says.

“As a dermatologist, I must convince my patients that they need to wear sunscreen every single day, both from a health issue as well as to combat the redness, acne and pigmentation that come with aging. Statistically, one in three caucasians gets skin cancer; one in five people of all skin colors gets skin cancer; one person dies every hour from skin cancer. There are more skin cancers in a single year than all cancers combined in a three-year period,” Dr. Grossman reports.“You don’t die at 60 anymore, so you need to start taking care of your skin even if you didn’t in the past. Having healthy skin isn’t optional.  You want to hold down the risk of something happening.”

The American Academy of Dermatology recommends that we use a minimum of 30 SPF, but Dr. Grossman says that most people don’t apply enough sunscreen to get the proper protection, plus people often take medications or use skin products, like retinol, that make them sensitive to the sun. “It’s often difficult to get patients to use sunscreen because they don’t like the way it feels and smells, so my challenge was to find a sunscreen that people would actually wear every day,” Dr. Grossman adds. Complete Broad Spectrum SPF50 has become a “hero product,” she says. It works on light to dark skin tones.

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The Evening Product

We need hydration and correction at night, Dr. Grossman stresses. KARYNG Restructuring Night Cream is a “very rich, but light, moisturizer,” with ingredients including hyaluronic acid; coconut oil; shea butter; sunflower seed and olive oil; watermelon rind, lentil and apple extract, and the exclusive Pro-Verte complex. It helps repair the skin’s protective barrier, promote collagen production, boost energy production in the skin, increase cell turnover, reduce inflammation, and promote luminescence and noticeable firmness.  

The Eyes Have It

“For women who want to add eye cream to their morning skincare routine, KARYNG Revitalizing Eye Cream works on dark circles, lines and wrinkles, and puffiness. It firms, tones and contours the entire eye area, and absorbs really well into the skin so you can put your makeup over it,” Dr. Grossman says. The energizing cream is formulated with ingredients including antioxidant soybean extract, rich shea butter, glycerin, and the proprietary Pro-Verte Complex.

Anti-aging Gold Standard

Dermatologists consider retinol, also known as Vitamin A1, as the “gold standard” for anti-aging, because it can help speed skin renewal and reduce the appearance of wrinkles, fine line and age spots for firmer, smoother and more evenly-toned skin, Dr. Grossman explains. She decided not to include it her day or night cream, however, since “some people are sensitive to it.”

Dr. Grossman instead formulated a separate Retinol Renewing Serum with extra ingredients, including licorice, apple and lentil seed extract, plus coconut oil, so it’s not only effective, but can be tolerated by all skin types without causing redness and irritation. It reportedly reduces fine lines after two hours, and decreases pore size.

All six products in the premier KARYNG collection do not have parabens, petroleum, pesticides, propylene or butylene glycols, phthalates, BPA’s,PEG’s, TEA, DEA, GMO, glutens, or synthetic fragrances.

to order the exceptional KARYNG products. Enter code FABOVERFIFTY for an exclusive 20 percent discount off your first order. Offer expires Sunday, September 30, 2018.