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I have heard and been reading about Thermi Smooth and Thermi Lift. The results look to be amazing! I am looking for a non-invasive type surgery to tighten up my jowls/chin area as well as getting some help with wrinkles on my neck/ chest. I have had laser b4 for under my eyes and around my mouth 20 yrs ago. What are your thoughts on these procedures?

Lynette Barbieri & Vanessa Coppes

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I am a 62 year old female with thighs that look lumpy. What can I do to get firm thighs?

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I will be getting cataract surgery soon. I have worn glasses most of my life. What procedures or injectables are available to improve the “owl look” under my eyes when I won’t need glasses any more?

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I’m 55y/o. Have had my tummy cut open four times during my lifetime, I’ve been cut horizontally and vertically. 2 c-sections, one for endometriosis and the 4th for a partial hysterectomy. There is mesh on the lower left quadrant for endometriosis that grew into my abdominal wall. But it was over corrected and there is a duvet there.
I was up to 270lbs mostly for meds from a medical conditions. I now weigh 192. And am still working on it.

Is there an opinion as to if my enquiry for a tummy tuck is viable? THANK YOU

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People tell me I kook years younger than I am.However, My neck is getting long lines of wrinkles(Turkey Neck).I am not a sun worshipper.What treatment sre there for me?

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Hello I’m a 32 year old female. I would like to know what procedure(s) is recommended for eyes like mine. My under eyes appear to either be puffy or just have extra skin that wrinkles when I smile and I HATE it. Makeup cannot cover it up. If anything makeup makes it look worse. I am attaching a picture of my eyes resting and one smiling.


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I’m 36 and had breast aug. Since then, I’ve had 2 children and I feel one boob is smaller then the other. I have saline and would like to know if there is a way to fill them so they look even once again? In office procedure?

Joan Regen-Ramirez

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Joan is a member of the National Association of Professional Organizers and has 20 years of project management expertise.

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Leesa Hagen

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