I’m 55y/o. Have had my tummy cut open four times during my lifetime, I’ve been cut horizontally and vertically. 2 c-sections, one for endometriosis and the 4th for a partial hysterectomy. There is mesh on the lower left quadrant for endometriosis that grew into my abdominal wall. But it was over corrected and there is a duvet there.
I was up to 270lbs mostly for meds from a medical conditions. I now weigh 192. And am still working on it.

Is there an opinion as to if my enquiry for a tummy tuck is viable? THANK YOU

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  1. Dr. Kevin Tehrani wrote on :

    What an excellent job you have done with your weight loss! Keep up the good work. There are options for you, including the possibility of a tummy tuck. We encourage you to keep working towards your weight goals and to consult with a reputable Plastic Surgeon to discuss your specific desires. We wish you well.

  2. Dr. Stephen Greenberg wrote on :

    Thank you for your inquiry regarding Abdominoplasty (tummy tuck). As you may know, Dr. Greenberg performs many of this procedure and often combines it with liposuction for better contouring. He takes pride in obtaining the most natural and best results possible. He performs the majority of the procedures in our fully accredited ambulatory center.
    Abdominoplasty can range anywhere between $8500-13,000, including anesthesia and facility fees. This is a vast range due to the many variations for abdominoplasty and the amount of excess skin and fat that will be removed.
    If you would like a complimentary consultation or just would like to ask some questions please don’t hesitate to give us a call or email us with the time that you will need to schedule a consultation. We have two locations: Woodbury, Long Island and Manhattan. We have several financing plans available which we will set up for you at the time of your consultation. We look forward to meeting you soon and providing the best in cosmetic surgery for you.
    Long Island (516) 364-4200 or Manhattan (212) 319-4999.

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    Ally Brown
    Cosmetic Consultant
    The Office of Stephen T. Greenberg, MD

  3. Dr. William Rosenblatt wrote on :

    Yes there is an option. Look at a BMI chart and get yours below 30 – best to be closer to 25. See a plastic surgeon for their opinion — but you can have things done depending on the physical exam. You have done well with weight loss — continue it and we should be able to help you with the excess skin.

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