{Giveaway} Signed Dorothy Parker Mystery Novel Set

FOF Agata Stanford is giving away a signed set of five of her Dorothy Parker Mystery novels (Retail value: $105). Enter to win by answering this question in the comments below: What’s your favorite novel?

The Algonquin Hotel became a part of Agata Stanford’s life at a young age. “I went to the High School of Performing Arts in New York City when it was on 46th street,” says Agata. “I used to pass the hotel often.” Being a drama major, Agata knew about all the members of the Algonquin Round Table, a group of celebrated writers, critics, actors and wits from the 1920s. “They met every day for lunch at one o’clock,” says Agata, “and their conversations were published in newspaper columns across the country. Everyone knew what they said at lunch.”

Agata went on to enjoy a career in the arts. She performed in and directed equity plays, toured as an actress, and appeared in over fifty films. After her kids were grown, Agata found herself in need of a new project.  “I thought about doing a one woman show on [poet] Dorothy Parker,” says Agata. “I started to read intensely about her life.” About four years ago, Agata decided she wanted to do something fun with her love of mystery novels.  “I wanted to do a series, something humorous and fun to read, something that I would want to read, and it just popped into my head: Dorothy Parker and the Algonquin Round Table.”

The Dorothy Parker Mystery series features real characters from the Algonquin Round Table. Set in the 1920s, Dorothy Parker is the amatuer sleuth. “I wrote these books in first person so Dorothy Parker is telling the story,” says Agata. “I combine the famous lines that she said within the text of the books.”

Since she published her first book in 2010, Agata has sold over 2,000 copies. Her novels are sold online on Amazon and iTunes, worldwide, and in major brick and mortar stores such as Barnes & Noble.  There are currently five novels in the series, but Agata doesn’t plan on stopping there. “When I run out of ideas or things to say, I’ll stop writing,” says Agata. “Right now, it’s a journey. It has been so much fun.”

Enter to win a signed copy of the Dorothy Parker Mystery Novels Collection by answering this question in the comments below: What’s your favorite novel?

One FOF will win. (See all our past winners, here.) (See official rules, here.) Contest closes November 1st, 2012 at midnight E.S.T. Contest limited to residents of the continental U.S.

  • Cece

    Her Fearful Symmetry by Audrey Niffenegger a very lovely novel of secrets and love.. also The House of Sand and fog by Andre Dubus 111.

  • Sunn ymay

    My favorite romantic novel is It’s All Steamy by Louisa Edwards which also involves a chef, so there’s food – always a plus in my book.

  • Susan

    Probably my favorite novel of all time was Harper Lee’s “To Kill a Mockingbird”. Having grown up in the South during the Jim Crow era…I had a great appreciation for the truth of the story. I am only sorry that I did not see more novels by Harper Lee. Look forward to reading your series! Thanks for the opportunity to read them.

  • Betty

    Contest CLOSED November 2012 then WHY is this still on the web site???????????????

  • nancy dockry

    atlas shrugged

  • hananghaddar

    Pride and Prejedous.

  • Mimi

    It would be like picking my favorite child! I have so many. My latest favorite was The Help.

  • Catherine K

    My favourite (this week) is The Handmaid’s Tale.

  • lisa mcfarland

    agatha christie novels

  • Maci Berkeley

    Any Agatha Christie or Jane Austen! Love mysteries unless they get too creepy – like the puzzle, not the gore!

  • Nancy M

    I do like the Harry Potter series of books, along with Mary Higgins Clark books.

  • Michelle

    The next one. I think I have hit the jackpot with a book, then I read another and that becomes my favorite. Reading has been my passion for 50 years.

  • Lori

    I can’t pick a favorite so I’ll mention just one of my favorites – Doomsday Book by Connie Willlis. I re-read it every other year or so. It’s wonderful to read at Christmas!

  • Mary A.

    Lord of the Rings!!!!

  • Diana

    I love too many books to list them. Essentially, the books that I am reading are always, at the time, my favorite books. Since I am always reading one on my Kindle, one in my hand and listening to one in the car it means I read a LOT of books. TIME AND AGAIN is one that stands out in my mind. Perhaps because I love to read about time travel and believe in love….even love that seems impossible.

  • suerae01

    So many books so little time. This is a toughie. “The Eyre Affair” by Jasper FForde –

  • mmimilinda

    Since I love to read, especially novels, it is difficult to choose just oe favorite. But in the blur of titles, one surfaces always-Gone with the Wind.

  • karin

    Poisonwood Bible. Very powerful.

  • Patricia Maher

    My favorite novel is “The Last Convertible” by Anton Myrer. It had it all: interesting characters, a romantic sense of time and place, and compelling stories that took me away. Can’t wait to start reading your books!

  • Carol

    My favourite book is gone with the wind.

  • Sonja Turetsky

    A ny book that has a hero in it, aka, a JD Robb book featuring the handsome face of Roarke. Also Ann rice’s “the Mummy”. Love a good looking hero. Must be my age as I have reached 70 and a six pack is what i find in the fridge, not on a man……………….LOL

  • grammarista

    How about favorite novel(s)? I’ve been reading since I was 4 or 5, and I’m now 58 – my favorites change over the years. When I was a kid, though, my favorite novels were mysteries: Agatha Christie, Nancy Drew, Trixie Belden, and as I got older, Dorothy Sayers. At the age of 55 I discovered J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series, and right now I have to say that those are some of my all-time favorites. I also enjoyed her new book, “The Casual Vacancy.”

  • Barb Puhala

    My favorite novel is The Forgotten Garden

  • smfsprout

    My favorite book is The Penny by Joyce Meyer.

  • mary branham

    Forever Amber

  • AJB

    It’s hard to pick one but “The Fountainhead” was very good.

  • hofken

    My favorite novel is Lonesome Dove


    • Tha

      It is rather funny, I never was a reader, really tried to avoid it when at all possible. In the last few years I have taken to it like a fish to water. I have started reading about anything I can get my hands on at this point! Just another thing turning 50 has done to me! 🙂

  • glorious

    What an awesome collection!

  • ACeeKayWa

    The Hunt for Red October! A classic.

  • Neen

    Without question, Persuasion.

  • Connie Williamson

    A Prayer for Owen Meany by John Irving

  • Patricia Hachey

    The Cube People

  • Elaine

    The Sunday Philosophy Club by Alexander McCall Smith

  • Annette McKinnon

    My favourite novel is High Stakes by Dick Francis

  • Audrey

    I really couldn’t pick just one book…. it’s like asking to pick your favorite child!

  • christy r.


    My favorite novel is Jane Eyre.

    Thanks for the Giveaway !

  • Patricia Hight

    I really love to read, and a whole set of books is awesome!

  • Francie

    It is my complete collection of Agatha Christie novels. I love the way mystery novels take you to another dimension. Pair a great mystery novel with a good cup of coffee, a comfy chair and you’ve got the makings for a fabulous “excursion”.

  • jennifer t. schultz

    My favorite novel is to kill a mockingbird
    I am an avid reader and would love these books. I am a huge mstery fan, patricia cornwall, the series that the tv show rizzoli and isles is based on jonathon kellerman
    also bloody be my thoughts a historical true story about john wilkes booth and his brother.

  • ida

    Harry Potter series – J.K. Rowling

  • Barb

    Mists of Avalon is my favorite novel.

  • Patricia

    All the Jane Austen’s novels

  • jhendon60

    “Paris Never Leaves You” by Adreana Robbins

  • Carol

    “Wild Seed” by Octavia Butler. I am not generally a fan of the sci-fi genre, but I loved/love this book and she was the first Black female science fiction author!

  • Toni

    I could never pick a favorite…never

  • Diane

    The Catcher in the Rye.

  • fancynancygordon@yahoo.com

    This is such a hard question! I love almost any mystery novel and I love the mystery set in almost any age. I guess I have to go with any Agatha Christie that has Hercule Poirot!

  • Maureen O’Neal

    Gone with The Wind!!

  • Ashlea H

    Today my favorite novel is Jane Eyre. It changes daily.

  • Rebecca Pint

    My favorite novel is “Mystic Mah Jong”.

  • Patricia Nicklas

    Difficult to pick just one, but The Poisonwood Bible is a favorite.

  • Kai W.

    The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

  • Beth Lowe

    Love books period, but Mystery books are my favorite. I loved The Girl With the Dragon Tatoo books.



    • Agata Stanford

      Your post is amazing! I don’t know whether to laugh or cry! Good luck, Karenlee. I hope my books give you joy and make you laugh.


  • susan beamon

    my favorite novel is the one that I am reading right now. Since I read, on average, 50 books a year, that is a lot of favorites. But the one that I would read again, on purpose, is “Through The Looking Glass” by Lewis Carroll.

  • Pearl

    I love all sorts of mysteries by women authors. I started off with Nancy Drew then Agatha Christie and many other authors, my latest is Laurie R. King. I would love to read Agata Stanford’s Dorothy Parker mysteries.

  • Laura McDonald

    The Mater of All Desires, it is funny, historical, and very unique.

  • Grace Scott


  • Mia

    ‘The secret history’ by Donna Tartt

  • Melissa B. Tubbs

    While mysteries are what I read the most and love, I also love to read books that make me laugh out loud. Right this minute that would have to be “Raney” by Clyde Edgerton. The first time I read it I was on an airplane and I am sure that everyone around me thought I had a screw loose. I’ve been laughing every time read it ever since.

  • kls_sea

    O boy. It is difficult to choose, since I love to read. But recently and surprisingly I am a huge fan of my kids favorite
    Twilight series – Stephenie Meyer

  • Larisa Khodorkovskaya

    Daniel Silva’s Gabriel Allon series

  • kls_sea

    O, boy. It is impossible to choose. Right now I am a surprisingly huge fan of Twilight series – Stephenie Meyer

  • carol s

    I enjoy most mysteries novels and that includes
    the Mystery Book Club at the local library.

  • Pamela Moresby

    I like the idea of these Bat Wing novels, and I really enjoy any novel that interests me from start to finish. There are so many great books it is hard to chose, but I like one that is a good read without too much fluff.

  • jean

    To Kill A Mockingbird

  • Min

    These days, I’m enjoying Daniel Silva’s latest.

  • Brenda

    Love to read mysteries as there are so many fantastic authors to choose from. My favorite is Janet Evanovitch because she makes me laugh. Stephanie Plum is a character I love.

  • Debra Hall

    i really dont have a favorite

  • kls_sea

    O boy, if is difficult to choose. Surprisingly I am a big fun of my kids favorite Twilight books.

  • eddyrobey

    The Magic Mountain by Mann

  • Faith Moeller

    The Agatha Christie novels are gems that are timeless. I love Sherlock Holmes, the Spencer series, and the Michael Connelly series, too!

  • Susan Krich

    The Good Earth

  • Cassi

    I’m fond of the Portable Dorothy Parker.

  • cathylwood

    The novel I reread every other year or so is “The Fountain Overflows” by Rebecca West. It’s a never-fail blend of political and social history, family bonds & family dysfunction and that shadowy fifth dimension that lurks just out of sight.

  • kath

    The Tender Bar, which showed some of the softer sides of men, which is rare.


    I used to re-read the Hobbit and all the Tolkien books every summer during college… I love to be transported! Heck, I would love to read a book again. Period! Haven’t had time or dedication to sitting still, but these books would definitely keep my attention.

  • AnnaLeaf

    The Black Stallion, I still remember rereading it several times as a child & it pulled me into reading more & more.

  • beth

    any John Irving, wierd, I know.

  • Linda White

    A Walk to Remember

  • Ruth Sklar

    My all time fav novel is Madame Bovary. Since I taught French, I find it especially wonderful in French with the sound and rhythm of the language adding a whole new dimension to the novel.

    I also love mystery novels, especially by women writers. They seem to have an instinct about how things work the best and again, add a dimension not seen in books by me.

  • Margarida

    My favourite novel is the one I wrote this year, “My Edelweiss Boys.” It is a gripping adventure of resistance, survival and adventure set dramatically aginst WW II Germany. This engaging novel is available as an ebook.

  • mandradany

    Gone with the Wind is a forever classic to read and revisit. Most of all, it transcends to different generation and a common bond of Reading conversation shared with my family.

  • jo.godfrey

    The Harry Potter series, by J.K. Rowling

  • Sandy

    I LOVE mysteries. I’m reading several right now. I’d love to try these out. As to favorite book: Terry Pratchett’s books are all good. But I still come back to “Perfume: Story of a Murderer” by Patrick Suskind.

  • Sheila Chaffins

    Queen of the Damned by Anne Rice.

  • Valorie Davis

    I like mysteries, and I like series where the characters are developed with each book. If I can identify with the main character that is a bonus. I just finished reading ‘Lover’s Knot’ by Clare O’Donohue and really enjoyed it.

  • Suzanne B

    Main Street by Sinclair Lewis

  • Nancy Luebke

    Haven’t had a chance to read one of her books yet but sounds like one of my favorite types of reads. Thanks for this great giveaway.

  • sandy haber

    Oultander by Diana Gabaldon — got me totally hooked on the series.

  • RED

    Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil

    This set looks lovely … thanks for letting us know about it! I especially love the covers (and, yes, I admit I sometimes do judge a book by its cover!)

  • sussexr

    My favorite novel is A Tree Grows in Brooklyn. The story is timeless, family, heartbreak, struggle. I read it every 5 or so years and watch the DVD.

  • nancy dockry

    lithium for medea

  • Merna

    Pride and Prejudice

  • Karen Cunningham

    The Madonnas of Leningrad by Debra Dean

  • edith greene

    Please include me in the giveaway for a Dorothy Parker mystery.

  • ticki566

    Any Agatha Christie novel and “Gone With The Wind”

  • Debbie Chaney

    The Help

  • Sharron

    Little Women ~ LOVE that era. There were good times and there were hard times, but they had each other! It’s wonderful, especially seeing the different personalities between the sisters. LOVE the clothes from the movie too!

  • Dorothy Campbell

    To Kill A Mockingbird

  • carol donnermeyer

    It is my collection of Agatha Christie novels. All of them including the plays. And my love affair with the mystery genre has not abated since I have many more authors I love.

  • sandram

    The Help–a southern jewel.

  • Phoenix

    Lord of the Rings

  • Debra Simning-Chapman

    The 1920’s is my favorite era! The book that is my favorite is Gracie by George Burns. I love the way it is written because I feel like George and I are friends and he is telling me about the love of his life.

  • kmariem18

    Lost Horizon

  • Toni Haffey

    Andrea Kane The line between here and gone