{Giveaway} Win a chic e-reader case or beautiful bookmarks!

Two bookish & beautiful giveaways this week, FOFs. Take the poll below AND comment to enter.

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More about what you could win:

FOF Robin K. Blum is giving away these beautiful greeting card-bookmarks from her brilliant biz, In My Book. Robin, a publisher’s associate for seven years at Kane/Miller, wanted to create a greeting card that outlived the occasion it was sent for. She thought up the idea of a bookmark-greeting card.

Robin linked up with graphic designer Meredith Hamilton to help execute the idea and In My Book was born. “Meredith’s sophisticated pen-and-ink drawings were the perfect match for the double-entendre greetings on my bookmarks (“In my book…you’re in between the covers.”) Does Robin think bookmarks will survive the e-book craze? “I am positive that physical books and bookmarks will live on,” says Robin. “Greeting cards haven’t gone out of style since the emergence of the e-card, have they?”

FabOverFifty is giving away this leather e-reader case from the FabOverFifty shop, designed by Graphic Image. It conveniently holds both the Amazon Kindle and the Barnes and Noble Nook. The winner can choose between four different styles and colors, gold, silver, brown or blue python.

Enter to win an e-reader case or bookmark set by taking our poll AND commenting below with which item you’d prefer.

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(See all our past winners, here.)

Contest closes December 9, 2010.

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117 Responses to “{Giveaway} Win a chic e-reader case or beautiful bookmarks!”

  1. Debby says:

    I prefer an e-reader…I have small hands and it’s much easier to hold my Kindle than a book. Also…please don’t laugh….sometimes the smell of the paper in a book really gets to me!!

  2. Tigger says:

    Use ipad to read because it’s easier to store and keep track of but really like the gift card/book marks (I still use a desk calendar so can keep track of the date)

  3. carolyn says:

    I love my Kindle, it so easy to download books, but I still have my books.

  4. Perri Applegate says:

    Although I do still love the feel, the smell, the weight of an actual book, my Kindle allows me to take a whole stack of new works with me when I travel. I can read it anywhere, and I never have to worry about my luggage being over the allowable weight (okay, unless I travel to a place with a fabulous bookstore!).

  5. Ka'Saundra/kaysay says:

    I prefer my books. I find it easier to deal with a book and not have to worry about any electronic glitches. The only glitch would be if I lose my page I was on.

  6. Robyn Ely says:

    I fell in love with reading when so young, and litterally lived at the local library. I do love holding that book in my hand lying in the bathtub, but the Kindle is the way to go, since my eyes are bad. Being able to adjust the size for my preference enables me to be able to keep reading. I am trying to do all the reading I can because I was diagnosed with Glaucomia. So I would take the e-reader case. ~Thanks~

  7. Something about paper says:

    I have an iPad but cannot get into reading a book on it. Something about getting cozy with a nice book, turning pages, sipping tea, the senses seem more stimulated, maybe the connection with our past. Give me a good old fashion book any day over my iPad.

  8. Belle Baxter says:

    I’m very happy with my nook — so easy to take with me with a number of reading choices in a small space. It’s a wonderful companion in dr’s offices.

  9. renee says:

    Love the kindle and would love a new cover.

  10. Susan says:

    I don’t own an e reader yet but hope to. Two of my children have them and love them. They down load lot’s of their favorite books and new ones too. I think it’s the way of the future. But I still read my old fashioned hard and soft cover books too. There’s just something about holding and reading a nice book.

  11. Kathy says:

    I do love an old fashioned book and I would also love to have a kindle but cannot afford one at this time.

  12. DawnMarie says:

    I just love the feel and smell of a new page turning book. Here’s my thoughts of a book:

    Even though he could hardly bear to have his pages turned
    (he knew that the effort could cause part of his story to crumble away)
    he ached with the anticipation that his tales would be told.

    Would the reader feel the brittle years
    or smell the musty traces of thoughts buried deep?

    Could he count on loving hands caressing his leather
    and feeling the strong sinew of binding that holds in the passion of his poetry?

    This time the hands were loving
    Gently parting his pages as a lover would
    exploring the creamy inside

    with tenderness


    • carolyn says:

      I know how you feel, my was a gift from my son and I was so happy to get it,I could have never brought it on my own.Money is tight. The one he got me was for only 139.99.It GREAT!

  13. Charlotte Ranalli says:

    I look at the new E-books and I-Pad but I sill love the feel of turning pages and holding a paper book, sigh…the site of a library filled with books still excites me and it did when I was young and learned to first read. Consider me sentimental (:

  14. mommy1 says:

    Nothing can replace the smell, the feel, the coiness of sitting in your favorite chair with a good book, and a glass of wine!!!!

    • mommy1 says:


  15. Leslie W says:

    I am a book fanatic, I buy a at least 2 or 3 books a week! But when traveling, I must say a Kindle is a delight.

  16. Rose says:

    I’ve used a friend’s Kindle, & am looking forward to getting my own for Christmas. It’ll have its uses esp. when travelling, but in the long-run for me it won’t completely replace the tactile, esthetic pleasures of a book. You can have a very personal relationship with a physical book, too, and I’d miss that.

  17. Patti says:

    I love new technology – I’m not a Luddite…..

    But nothing will replace the “printed”word for me.

    Plus…..my eyes, my eyes, my eyes – I work on the computer, but the constant staring at the screen is taking a toll on my eyes – I’m in the process of getting glasses, etc.

    Can’t imagine having another screen to stare at….

    • carolyn says:

      The Kindle does not glare and you can adjust it size on the page to read. go to Amanzon and check out the Kindle for yourself. If you just want something to read the Kindle is the best.

  18. JunieB says:

    I’m getting a Nook for Christmas, but love, love, love, to read…..looking forward to stepping up my technology….

  19. robin c says:

    I love the feel of a real book HOWEVER for traveling there is nothing like the ereader.. so light and compact!

  20. Faith says:

    I don’t have the comparison. I read all the time, paper books. I think it would be great to have the e-reader though.

  21. Susan Siceloff says:

    Even though I received a Kindle for Mother’s Day, I still prefer to read everything the old-fashioned way. At least, my kids are getting good use from the Kindle. They have grown up much more technologically centered then we were.

  22. M Webster says:

    Can’t beat a beautiful hardback book with soft creamy pages to turn. Greeting card bookmarks please

  23. Kris P says:

    I enjoy “real books” but as an avid traveler for work the ereader is the only way to go. Would love the case.

  24. beckielboo says:

    I don’t have a reader but think I would like one. However, I know I would miss that smell from a new book. Sometimes I just hold the book to my face and enjoy!

  25. Patricia High says:

    I love my books, but my house is becoming over run with them. I donate some, but I am now more aware of the need to help the environment. So, I am in the marker for an e-reader. This case will make it feel more like my “old fashioned” books!

  26. Jessica says:

    I love my nook, it comes everywhere with me. I think I would choose the covers.

  27. Libbie says:

    I left my Kindle on a flight to Baltimore this past week. I spent 4 hours tracking it down! I love my Kindle!

  28. Lynn says:

    I am a true traditionalist, So what more could a true book lover need …. bookmarks!
    Books have personality, the cover alone can draw me to it like a bee to a flower….then the font used continues to add character. There is something cozy and peaceful about having my books all around me.

  29. Heather Parker says:

    Still like books better! Have an ipad, choose the paper.

  30. Erin says:

    Nook is the way to go – love those free books from the library!! 🙂

  31. Valerie Schaeffer says:

    I would love the bookmarks. I haven’t yet bought an e-reader, but no matter how great they can be, nothing is like holding a book in your hand.

  32. hofken says:

    I really enjoy reading books on my iPod Touch, but they do cost money. So, I end up with library books more often.


  33. Nancy Mattoon says:

    Love the paper, the cover, the typeface, the illustrations–real books all the way for this librarian.

  34. Kathleen Kanarski says:

    While i prefer paper books, I am not unwilling to use an electronic device. As long as I have books in some format to read, and a light to see by, I will be content.

  35. annette says:

    I have shelves of books no more space, so I have invested in an e-reader. Easier to store and carry
    Especially so light to hold and read.
    would live a beautiful case for my kindle to cover my beautiful books

  36. Tricia N. says:

    I am a heavy reader–2 or 3 books per month. I might buy an eReader one of these daysas they are very nice, but I will still turn the pages on “real” books. Nothing beats the feel and smell of real books in your hand. I was very sad when I had to get rid of my 500+ books when I moved into a much smaller place. (I sold a few, but most went as donations to our local library or the library at the hospital.) I kept a few of my very best favorites (mostly classics) that I read again every few years. Now, I mostly borrow from our local library. This takes up a lot less room in my limited space and is really more economical. But I do kind of miss my trips to the book store to browse for new books to buy. Maybe I should just go there and browse for a while without buying more books, but I might be too tempted!

  37. Kari Garman says:

    Although my Nook is nice and sometimes handy, nothing can beat the feel, smell, portability, and lend-ability of a regular book. I love to browse, and e-readers still don’t furnish that in a meaningful way. Nor can my Nook compete with the back-catalogue of books that my library owns or, better yet, can request for me.

  38. Denise says:

    I am a huge fan of e-readers. I can take it anywhere and it keeps me from being bored when I have to wait for something. I would choose the bookmarks though because I am a huge fan of sending cards and could use them.

  39. Shoshana Brody says:

    I love the bookmarks!!

  40. Emilie says:

    Love books. I like to have my library and expose what I read and like.

  41. angel says:

    I would love an iPad. I have a Kindle and love it! I do still read the page turning books too.

  42. Nina says:

    To me NOTHING, ebooks included, replaces the feel of an old-fashioned book! Sitting on the couch with a blanket, a cup of tea, and a terrific book simply would not feel the same with an ebook. Call me “last century” if you want to, but I’ll take the bookmarks… for sure!

  43. Linda Theriault says:

    Hoping to get an e-reader for Christmas. Love the cases you have for them

  44. June Smith says:

    I’m hitting 59 in two weeks, and still somewhat ‘old school’! I have always preferred to hold written work in my hands to read, whether it be a book, work documents, or news articles. I use 3 different computers all day long, so at the end of the day and on weekends, I enjoy reading good books with my feet up and cup of good coffee or tea. That’s how I relax and wind down.

  45. Patricia Assanowicz says:

    AH, Books, Books, and more Books. I love the e-reader, I try every Saturday to go to my favorite Book hide-a-way. In East Lyme CT there is a place right off the road that the owner converted his property into his favorite past time. In old barns, sheds and out in the open on picnic tables, there are books everywhere. What is so great to an avid reader such as myself, there are an endless choice from the oldest to what is new. You can spend hours here, You are basically walking around this family’s property, meeting great people, talking about the books you have read. There are animals running around birds in cages, in short you want to stay there and explore and find that one book you want to take home and kick back and read. I would LOVE to win the e-reader, I am not choosy so I leave the bookmark or case to your discretion. I think this is an awesome idea, I will take a photo of my favorite reading place and ad to faves. Hard to call it a store, it is more like being home, walk around and talk to the owner sipping his coffee, or grabbing one of the lounge chairs to kick back and read. O.K. the case would be my first choice.Without a doubt Blue Python, awesome color. Thank you for this great opportunity, Happy Holidays to all @ Fab-Over-Fifty !!

  46. Tricia says:

    I like the solitity of a book. If I’m going on a trip I’ll take my kindle though.

  47. Robin says:

    I will always prefer turning the pages of a book. I work for a company that prints books, so there is my allegiance!

  48. Kathleen Edillor says:

    I love my Kindle, it was a gift from my brother, it has become my constant companion and I never leave home without it. I have a variety of books on it (only 145 so far) including histories, romance, reference and lots of biographies.
    I haven’t given up on “real” books, I love the feel and smell of old books. I prefer to pick up selections at yard sales, estate sales, thrift stores and library sales.

  49. sherie says:

    i love my books! love to sit down and turn the pages! but…i am running out of room for them all. i think i must be the woman for both! both would be nice! but the bookmarks an be used for hand written notes too! the kindle cover is sooo beautiful! wow! you would just have to choose for me!

  50. Adrian Humphreys says:

    I have always enjoyed a good read no matter where I am. As a young kid I use to hate reading but as an adult I can’t wait to get my favorite novels such as Lisa Scottoline, John Grisham, Nancy Taylor Rosenberg, Harlan Coban, etc. To open up a new book and smell the print and imagine the characters popping up and transferring you into their lives doesn’t get any better with a book.

  51. Marcia Robinson says:

    I just love reading books. Maybe I’m just old-fashioned and right now, I have a great supply to get me through the winter

  52. Celeste says:

    I love my nook,it’s great that you can finish a book look at your wish list and download another book in minutes! A new cover would be wonderful!

  53. Stephanie Vollick says:

    Part of why I became a librarian is that I love being surrounded by books. I love the way hardcovers feel, and being a children’s librarian I need the big vibrant pictures e-readers can’t provide yet. I do want a Sony reader for traveling but most the time I prefer old fashioned books.

  54. Ann N. says:

    I find comfort in a book where you can turn the pages. Also, if you need to recheck or reread something, you sort of know where it was and just flip back to it. This said, it might be easier to carry an e-book without fear of tearing pages, etc.

  55. iclaudius says:

    Don’t get me wrong … I’m a techno-holic.

    But nothing beats the tactile pleasure of holding, feeding from and becoming a better person with a book.

    Also, they smell better and they aren’t cold.

  56. carol says:

    I love my kindle!

  57. Barbara Foster says:

    I try my hand at writing poetry and short stories. Being creative I long to write a book. Being creative is almost a curse, it’s frustrating to a degree because you don’t yet have the skills, the know-how to achieve your dream. The great writers say to write well you have to read a lot. I have a suspicion that my husband is going to get me a kindle for Christmas. I would love to have the blue python cover. The cover would be like a beautiful trunk to put my dream into, my kindle, my road to becoming a published writer.

  58. Sandy says:

    While printed books are nice, and I have many, I would choose the Kindle cover. Hoping to get one either for birthday or Christmas since it holds several books electronically at one time. Good luck to all who enter! And Happy Holidays.

  59. Theresa Buchle says:

    I love my iPad. It is so convenient and I can carry literally hundreds of books. But I still buy the occasional book because there is nothing like the smell of the paper and the feel of a page under your fingertip and your turn to the next!

  60. Diane Jennings says:

    For choice I like paper, but travelling is easier with ebooks

  61. Liz Glasgow says:

    I am a recent convert to the Kindle after some resistance. Now my husband can say “I told you so.” I always love going to a bookstore or library. So many stories. So little time. The Kindle is my little private library right there whenever I want it.

  62. Julie says:

    My retirement consists of reading good, old fashioned books. Love to have the bookmarks.

  63. karen s says:

    I’d love to have a Kindle, Nook or iPad. However, this is not an option at this time financially. I will get my finances together once I am working again and then will purchase one.

  64. MJ says:

    I really really need a case for my nook, so I’d prefer that. I love my nook for most e-books, but that doesn’t stop me from reading old-school paperbacks and hard covers…

  65. Deb says:

    I still like reading paper books but I love my kindle! Now I can travel with one Kindle instead of a suitcase full of books.

  66. Susan says:

    I’ve been an avid reader since I first learned to read and usually have at least a half dozen books going at any time! Though I love my collection of leather bound books and continue to look for special volumes, I depend more and more on my wonderful nook. It saves me money and shelf space (big advantage!!!), so I can have more of my favorites literally at my finger tips at all times — even when traveling or just running around town. Because the font size can be adjusted, I don’t even need my readers. And, when I fall asleep reading on my nook, there are no pages to get torn or crumpled in bed, and it turns itself off!

  67. Joanne says:

    I love curling up with a good book and spending an afternoon disappearing into another world! I haven’t tried it with an e-reader, but it is hard to imagine it as being as cozy.

  68. Sue Birkenseer says:

    I love reading, and I love reading actual books. That being said, I also own an iPad, which I see as a multi-task tool, which would be very useful for travel. I’d have hundreds of books to read while traveling! Marvelous!

    Reading is an active experience– and the book is something to hold while going on the ride. I love reading a good book curled up in my comfy chair, with hot tea at the ready.

  69. Vera Vickrey says:

    Would LOVE the bookmarks ! Love Handmade things ! Thanks for the contest – Have a Beautiful Holiday Season !!!!! V

  70. Joanne says:

    There’s something about the feel and weight of a “real” book that can’t be replaced. Turning the pages is part of the experience I’d hate to miss. I know e-readers can be convenient and the literally thousands of volumes in my house could be diminished to one small appliance, but the whole experience matters to me. I carry whatever I’m reading with me everywhere I go, and I can’t look at that as making traditional books inconvenient. New books even have an enchanting smell!

  71. Renee Rollins says:

    Love my Sony Reader for travel, but I can’t give up “real” books. Love to turn the page and I am one of those terrible people who has to read the end before I finish the book. I would choose the cover.

  72. Genifer says:

    I use an ereader for convenience’s sake but I’ll take a regular book any day. Plus, ereader bookmarks are nowhere near as cool as print ones like the ones shown.

  73. bonnie says:

    while I love my books, I love my kindle more, so easy to take with me and it leaves lots of free space on my shelves

  74. Jody says:

    I still like books, they smell great, but I could use a cover, maybe then the kindle will smell good too.

  75. Bettie Claxton says:

    I love the Kindle cover. I started using the Kindle and I will never go back to paper books. I love taht I can store hundreds of books on the device. That means: 1) They aren’t taking up shelf room and 2) I can access them anywhere I want to.
    I find I don’t miss the paper or the smell of books like some people say. I love that I can adjust the font size up or down a little to make it easier to read. Try that with a paper book!

  76. marf shopmyer says:

    I love REAL books, but also love my Kindle for other reasons, such as travel. I can take hundreds of books with me in one container – and get more if I’m bored with what I have. I used to come home from trips with more books (and therefore more weight) than when I left.
    Oooo, I’d like a nice case for my Kindle!

  77. Tracey says:

    There’s just something about the smell, the feel and the tangible quality of reading a book that doesn’t compare with an ebook. However, I can see the practical purpose for school texts. But pleasure reading and every day… paper is the way to go…

  78. Fabulous Mimi says:

    It depends…..my Kindle is so convenient for travel but there is nothing like a good old fashioned book to hold in my hands!

  79. Judie Cooper says:

    I prefer an old-fashioned, page-turning book. Part of the experience of reading is all of the sensations, the physical holding of the book and touching the pages, the smell and sound of turning pages. It brings on memories all of its own. Each book feels, smells, sounds and looks different.
    E-readers all feel of plastic, have a humming sound and smell like plastic and electricity. And every e-book looks, smells, smells and feels the same and produces really no new sense memories. It just isn’t the same. And yes I would like the bookmarks, I don’t own and e-reader.

  80. Allison says:

    I’m a reader from long back but the Kindle won me over the very first time I could increase the size of the text and now that sometimes it will even read to me I may never go back to paper.

  81. Connie says:

    Nothing beats a real book.

  82. Christi Moore says:

    I carry my Kindle everywhere…just wish I had a little more time to read. My husband bought me the Kindle, but thought I could carry it in a zip-lock bag. I’d rather have a cover.

  83. Karin says:

    LOVE,LOVE, LOVE THE E-READER!!!!!!! So many books right at your fingertips!

  84. Ruth says:

    I still read the old fashioned way with a book because at this time I cannot afford an e-reader but I definitely would like to try one. I like to read on my side in bed while my husband is sleeping and it’s hard to turn the pages and keep the small light on each page although a book is still an important staple in my life.

  85. Tristan says:

    I thoroughly enjoy reading at all times and in all places. At this point I only borrow my son’s Kindle, and have him load it, when we travel. What a relief not to have to pack books and worry about their weight with the new price structure on baggage. Since I use both hard cover and kindle either prize would work for me.

  86. Kevin Symonds says:

    For me it’s different depending on the situation. The time I get to read most novels these days is on the train, and however much I love gadgets a paperback is a better fit for that.

  87. Leigh Anne says:

    Let us give thanks and praise for that most blessed of inventions, the printed book! The last bastion of slow, measured sanity in a shiny-speedy crazy-ass world. You will wrench my paper treasures from my cold dead hands. Kindle? Bah! Fie!

    (PS: I am 37. Don’t make assumptions or be hatin’.



  88. Jane R says:

    I love snuggling up with a real “old fashioned” book. E-readers are convenient and are great for traveling, but I will always choose a physical book.

  89. DOTTI says:


  90. Cathy B says:

    At least it’s heartening to see, so far, a majority of women preferring an “old-fashioned, page-turning book”…a book you can smell and feel, write comments and notes in, carry with one more tightly than one’s wallet, haunt antique and used-book stores for those special treasures of knowledge, and especially collect and share with, and pass down to those children, grandchildren, spouses, and friends who share one’s passion for knowledge, reading, and that euphoria when purchasing a book. It’s way much better to decorate one’s walls with books one has read or to be read, than to have weird abstract art on one’s walls that match one’s furniture…yes, yes, I know lots of people who have that kind of decoration and the inside of their heads matches the junk on their walls!

  91. katie says:

    I can see the advantages of an ereader but I love the feel and look of a book.

  92. Julie says:

    Love my Kindle, but find myself still buying some books. No question that my Kindle goes with me when I travel.

  93. Jodelle Brohard says:

    I would love to win the blue python ereader case.
    My nook would look so stylish in this!

  94. Cheryl54m says:

    Nothing like the feel of those pages and quickly turning the pages as you read!

  95. Susan says:

    I enjoy setting down with a paper book. It seems so much more relaxing than an electronic book. It’s easier to go back and find a passage. I’d rather have bookmarks!

  96. shari says:

    Since I still “do it” the old fashioned way… I best choose the bookmarks! *wink, wink*… Possibly I’ll consider the techie way some time soon! Really would hate to see everything that we read in print-on-paper go electronic…. I still read a newspaper-on-paper, and mags that are sent to my home via snail mail. And, I LOVE IT!!

  97. Dee says:

    I love both — books and my Kindle. Kindles are great for vacations and always having a book available whenever and wherever you are. Books still have a great feeling and some books you just want to own.

  98. Patricia says:

    Since I have not been fortunate enough to purchase a e-reader I would appreciate and use the bookmark set.

  99. Holly says:

    I love my Nook! There’s something about carrying 50+ books in my bag that makes me feel wonderful … so many options! And no more wasted time waiting in doctors, dentists, veterinarians, etc., offices, I just pull out the Nook and let my mind wander. I would love a Nook cover, it seems only fitting that an e-reader should have as wonderful a cover as a print book!

  100. Chantile says:

    I’m such a bookie, but my husband wants to buy me a Kindle (we’re running out of shelf space; guess it’s time to start giving away books!), so I’d love a chic case to go with it!

  101. Faith says:

    Well, I hope to have the Kindle for Christmas. I do love the covers of some books though, but not storing them!

  102. Laura McLendon says:

    Well, I voted for good, old-fashioned, page-turning book but I am home 24/7. If I wasn’t, I would be on the e-reader bandwagon for sure!! Having said that, I do use my ipod touch quite a bit and I want an iPad too. So as you can see, I’m headed in that direction anyway!!

  103. Rose says:

    I say old fashion book because that is what I have right now

  104. Phyllis says:

    Although an e-reader is tempting, I prefer good old fashioned books because I give them away after reading them. I understand that there is a “library” for e-readers where you pay a fee, but am not sure how that works, so I will keep reading my paperbacks or hard covers! LOVE to have a new bookmark!!!!!

  105. Ashley says:

    I much prefer physical books. I find them more personable, easier on the eyes, and much easier to take notes in/on as well as find things later. I am glad others like e-readers, but I prefer to own a physical book I can put on a bookshelf and have forever with no worries about proprietary software or future technology changes. And I really like those bookmarks.

  106. Megan says:

    Definitely the bookmarks! While I’m sure ereaders work wonders for some people, I’m still partial to my physical books–don’t require power, I can write in them, and I can have multiple books open at once if I want to compare passages, among other good qualities. Bookmarks please!

  107. Maryellen says:

    I love, love, love my Kindle, too. But I still read “real” books occasionally. Honestly, they both involve reading the printed word. I just love to read, period. I think I’ll choose the cover. Cheers!

  108. Anna says:

    I could definitely use a Kindle cover. I got the Kindle as a gift but nice covers aren’t in my holiday season budget!

  109. Sharon says:

    I love the concept of carrying all the books I want to read on my Kindle and not have to worry about finding a bookstore when I’m traveling!

  110. Toni says:

    Nothing can ever take the place of the smell, and feeling of a book. I wouldn’t mind a Kindle, but I still love books.

  111. Diana Verner says:

    Love, love, love the Kindle cover. Very nice…..

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  113. Judy says:

    I just gave in and got in iPad. BUT… I love that you can use the bookmarks as not only a bookmark, but also a greeting card. I still love to send hand-written notes so I would choose the witty bookmarks. Fingers crossed!

  114. admin says:

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE my Kindle, but I do miss buying paper books. Still, I’d choose that lovely cover, please.


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