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as i turn fifty this year, i see my life is at the culmination of a complete downward spiral. I work for an overseas company (on the brink of imploding), yet my position is isolated as I work from home, and in sales, requiring a constant “happy face”.. and the business is so bad, clients are ignoring me and I have nothing to do all day…. I’ve been searching for a new position for a year, with no luck, I fear my skill set is outdated or irrelevant. I have no friends, live alone, no family, no religious faith. I’ve tried other, entrepreneurial endeavors, but everything seems to fall flat, it seems too much to manage on my own.

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  1. Catharine Ecton wrote on :

    Congratulations on reaching out for support and guidance. What is the impact of telling your story? You have a wonderful opportunity to work with a coach and take an inner journey of self-discovery. I work with people in transitions to take a leap and make changes to create a meaningful and productive life. What do you love? What do you have in mind for yourself? This may be the time to let go of some old, debilitating habits and move in new directions. As Ralph Waldo Emerson said, ” Nothing can bring you peace but yourself.” Are you ready to start now? I am here for you.

  2. Carolyn Hidalgo wrote on :

    When I think of turning 50, it feels like it will be an exciting beginning of a new place in my life – something I’m looking forward to! So much of our lives is the perspective we hold, and the choices you can make to create whatever you desire. I’m sensing a very strong need to connect…to people, to what resonates with you, to discovering who you are, and what you love. I know it may feel like there’s a lot of ‘lack’ in your life, but if you see that its just a perspective of where you are focusing — and that abundance is only a thought away, but must be one you decide to step into…I want to suggest a book called Simple Abundance by Sarah Ban Breathnach. Its structured in little essays for each day of the year. I used to just pick it up on that day and read its wisdom. The focus is on gratitude – a powerful shift to first being thankful for what you do have, and moving away from the perspective of what you don’t have. It helped get me into a practice of the energy of abundance – and energy attracts like energy. You have to begin to hold it within yourself first, and honestly, things will begin to appear in your life in magical ways. Just by shifting your attention, changing your state….I’d also recommend the daily free messages from tut.com — LOVE these for their humour, and power to live in the moment, and attract what you truly want : )

  3. Sue Bock wrote on :

    I hear a lot of despair in your comments and no hope for getting out of your current life position. I’m going to assume your “happy face” is hiding what you think you know is true. It sounds like you need support from someone, anyone that is willing to listen and help you get passed this lonely time. Working from home can be a very lonely and isolating. It also helps to continue that downward spiral you are feeling.

    What has made a difference in your life before? What moment in time did you stand out? How can you use that memory to help you now?

    What first step can you take to find your real happy face? Asking for help and putting your feelings out there shows you have courage to express your feelings. It also shows you know you deserve more but are unable to reach or be motivated to make a change.

    Just recently, a contest winner spoke with me and she immediately took her first step after our call. What happened? Offers for volunteering that weren’t there before showed up and she is now on her way to making a difference in her life.

    A 15 minute complimentary session with me has your name on it.

    Sue Bock

  4. David Kaiser wrote on :

    I hear what you are saying about “spiral,” that sounds rough. My first question for you is “what is working?” Identify that and build on that. Also, it sounds like you need a social network, to help create community and resiliency. Where can you meet people like yourself? Do you have hobbies / interests? Where could you volunteer? Lastly, I wonder about your level of physical and emotional energy. I would recommend joining and attending a gym, going to a regular class, meeting people, etc. It will jumpstart your energy and emotions and put you in touch with others who could be friends, might know of jobs, etc.

    If that sounds difficult or uncomfortable, ask yourself what might be the risk of doing that? What bad thing might happen? How real is that?

    Try that for a while, let me know how it goes.

    If you would be interested in a complimentary coaching session, please contact me at Dave@ConfidenceForWomenProfessionals.com

  5. Betsy Karp wrote on :

    I’m sorry to hear that you are going through so much turmoil. When things are in crisis in our lives, it is a good time to look with in and start to make postive changes, that is if you want too. You can change everything right this very second if you decide to change your thoughts and your attitude to becoming positive and focused on what it is you want.

    Write down 50 things you love about yourself, can be anything from your hair color to your baby toes… Find what you adore about yourself and let that be the goal you set to change your life. Hope this helps…

    Betsy Karp, http://www.iadoreme.com

  6. Linda Ratcliff wrote on :

    You are right!!! It IS too much for you to manage on your own. You are the perfect candidate for a coach. You will have a companion/friend/supporter and you will find all sorts of help in finding a new position that suits you. Turning 50 is no big deal and yet you mention it early on. Many women find their perfect job at this age so don’t dismay. I suspect you are not looking in the right places if you’ve looked for a year and not found a job, A good coach will help you by first looking at YOU and your uniqueness. I like to start with identifying your values and then matching them to the perfect employer.
    No more about the 50 stuff! You have many advantages for an employer. Start with, you are not immature and cell phone crazy. I’d love to work with you on identifying the right sort of job for you at your age. Sales may no longer be the spot. Good luck and try getting professional help. You sound so discouraged, I think you need it.


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