Consuela SAID:

I, like Paulette, have sarcoidosis and it has definitely hit me hard. I’ve struggled with it for over 29 years. Huge doses of Prednisone has done horrible things to my bones and has caused me to have a shoulder replacement and a cataract replaced. It also has caused me to thing differently about myself since I became a widow. I call myself a functional depressed person because I work hard everyday and put on that “happy” face. This disease has robbed me and while my heart says take it in stride, my head says something else. How do you overcome it when no one can help you heal?

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  1. David Kaiser wrote on :

    1> let yourself grieve. let yourself be angry, too. Depression often results when we repress our feelings. Let them out in a healthy way it may seem overwhelming at first, but you can handle it.
    2> look for the opportunities. what good can you make of this? How can you use your struggles to help others? Life is often painful, but we can find ways to rework that pain into something of beauty or something of service to others.

  2. Susan Tolles wrote on :

    It sounds like you have had some real challenges, and with all you have been through, the natural tendency is to shut down. But you have so much life still ahead of you, and you have the power to make positive changes beginning today that will bring you greater happiness in the future.

    Every person was created with a unique calling, and equipped for life’s journey with unique gifts to fulfill that purpose. It is when we are living in accordance with that calling that we feel most alive. Take a close look at your unique gifts, skills and character traits that make you so valuable, and find ways to use them to experience a greater sense of purpose in every day.

    Consider the legacy you want to leave for those you love–what do you want them to say about the last decades of your life? Surround yourself with people who can help you achieve those things, so you will be personally fulfilled and a blessing to others.

    Create your own “advisory board” of friends, family members, a mentore or coach, and others whom you respect, and ask them for guidance and support. We cannot go through life alone, and having a group like this will motivate you and boost your spirits.

    Above all, embrace your immense worth—the beautiful person you are on the inside—and let your brilliance shine for the world!

    Thank you for sharing your challenges here so I could have the privilege of giving you some guidance. I wish you much happiness! Please let me know if I can help you further.

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