Name: BJ Dudley [Health Supplements]

I’m 81 years old + and I’m PAIN FREE!
Would ‘you’ like to be? If so, LET’S TALK.

After experiencing a major health event in 2009, I, realized that if I wanted to continue living the active life I loved, I needed to make some changes. That’s when I started taking Nussentials, but I knew half measures (with anything) do nothing, so I was all in. The key would be CONSISTENCY!

My results were amazing and I realized I wanted to help others to be pain free, too, so I launched my Nussentials business in 2011 to share this incredible brand.

I’m by no means an authority on health, but at 81-years old, I have more energy than many friends who are 20-years younger. And… I’M PAIN FREE!

I’d love to meet for coffee or do a ‘virtual latte’ with you by phone. I can’t wait! xo

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