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If I had eyelid surgery what should I expect it to cost?

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I got Fraxel and now I’m scarred. What treatment can I get to remove the dark spots on my face?

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What is the best approach to remove lines around the mouth?

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Help please!
49 year old, 2 kids no previous surgeries. Just had a tummy tuck 1 week ago and worried about results. PS state was unable to do muscle tightening due to really loose fascia, also my bowels being too close to fascia and lots of scar tissue in abdominal area. He also fixed an undiagnosed umbilical hernis at the time of the tummy tuck. I see muscle tightening is needed especially for loose fascia, will my results not be good? Will I have to have a revision to get a mesh to tighten the fascia? Please shed some light?

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I am 43 YO. I am a 32 F. I am having a hard time having clothes fit, I am really active nd seeking a reduction/lift with an excellent result. I am getting confused by what two surgeon consults have been so far. On said Reduction/lift and the other said reduction with augmentation small implant. I am having a hard time choosing a surgeon based on this …What do u suggest I need?

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I had a nose job 5 years ago and it is leaning left. The top half is straight and then in the middle where the breaking was done is now leaning left.

Can a corrective surgery be down? Is the surgeon at fault?

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I’m a 24 year old that has always been unhappy with my breasts. I also have a fair amount of breast cancer in my family. Is it advisable to have my breast tissue removed and replaced with an implant?

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I would like to get a mole removed surgically. How can I determine the cost? I have insurance with BCBS. Will this help? I would not mind paying out of pocket but would like to know the exact cost of this procedure!

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How much fat is required to go up one cup size?

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During a hysterectomy my colon was perforated and I went septic my stomach had to be opened up and cleaned out, it looks horrible now. Am I a candidate for a tummy tuck?