I had a nose job 5 years ago and it is leaning left. The top half is straight and then in the middle where the breaking was done is now leaning left.

Can a corrective surgery be down? Is the surgeon at fault?

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  1. Dr. James Wethe wrote on :

    Noses can pose some very difficult questions and even more difficult answers. Without a better history and photos of the nose both prior to the first surgery and afterwards at different intervals it would be almost impossible to “guess” at what happened and how it happened. The “middle” portion of the nose is based on cartilage structure and not bone (although it can be where the cartilage and bone meet) and as such can warp and do all sorts of interesting and odd things over time. Having said all this, the best thought I have is for you to be examined by a plastic surgeon… and hopefully, the surgeon who did the surgery initially is still in practice and I am sure would be interested in evaluating you as well. There is a very strong chance that further corrective surgery can be done but the examination is critical to make that determination. Hope this helps…
    J. Wethe, M.D.

  2. DrJulioGarcia wrote on :

    I do not think the surgeon is at fault. I think you likely need some work on your septum to straighten it out some more. The septum is made out of cartilage though, and cartilage has memory. What that means is that at times the cartilage will bend back into its prior shape. Not always, but sometimes.

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