I would like to get a mole removed surgically. How can I determine the cost? I have insurance with BCBS. Will this help? I would not mind paying out of pocket but would like to know the exact cost of this procedure!

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  1. DrJohnSilverton wrote on :

    My practice is strictly cosmetic. We do not work with insurance companies and have opted out of Medicare. Facial mole removal under local anesthesia in the office is $500. If the mole is large requiring reconstruction the cost could be different. Moles are usually sent for pathology diagnosis and this is an additional charge from the pathology department that perhaps could be covered by insurance.

  2. DrJulioGarcia wrote on :

    You should ask for a list of the plastic surgeons or dermatologists on your insurance company and then schedule a consultation with one or two of them to see what your options are. If there is a risk of cancer, it should be a covered expense. If not they can quote you a cash price to have it removed

  3. CurtisWongMD wrote on :

    As mentioned by Dr. Waldorf, you can go through insurance and you won’t know the exact out of pocket until the codes are put in. Or you can have it done cosmetically and in my practice, it would probably cost you $330 all inclusive for the 15 min procedure done in the office under local. Understand that you are trading your mole for a scar of some kind and that cosmetic fees vary considerably from place to place.

  4. DrKathleenWaldorf wrote on :

    There are a couple of options: 1) See a plastic surgeon or dermatologist to consult for the removal. At that time they can give you an out of pocket cost. 2) Once you’ve seen the doctor they can give you the codes for the removal and you can call your insurance company to find out how much they will bill you (Deductibles, out of pocket max, covered providers, etc). This can help give you an idea of how you want to proceed. Hopefully this helps! Best of luck!
    Kathleen Waldorf MD, FACS

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