Name: Cynthia English [Uniting Kids From Around The World]

“…it is people around this incredible world and their captivating cultures sculpting my life, inspiring me to be the best I may be, to seek out the best in others, and to give all that I am…”

Global Scribes™ is a web-based, media and real-world Cultural Knowledge-focused community for building friendships, respect and self-empowerment among global youth. Cultivating trust, integrity, grace, kindness, spirit, courage, creativity, gratitude, sharing, caring and–FUN!

What Makes Us Unique:

For kids by kids. Learning from one another by sharing their individual perspectives, cultural differences and surprising similarities in a safe haven free from any political or religious reference. Our global scribes hail from every socio-economic group from the poorest-of-the-poor to the wealthiest-of-the-wealthy–these young people enhance each other’s lives through shared life stories. Acceptance of both their differences and their likenesses, with understanding, is a key to our global future.

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