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I weigh about 210 pounds and want to lose 50. How much would it be looking at for liposuction in my tummy?

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Hello I’ve had a dog bite to my face– who would be the best person to contact for reconstructive plastic surgery?

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Is there anybody I can send photos of my belly to? I need a consultation done…

Corliss McGinty

I love helping women get what they want. As a life and career coach, I help women get clear about what they truly desire. Then together we take one step at a time to get there. Please note that this is work and needs your commitment to manifest!

With 25 years in HR, I also facilitate workshops and retreats. My tool belt is full of assessments and programs that meet most objectives. If I’m not your girl, I will find someone who is!

I have a heart for entrepreneurs. Been there, done that many times. This is my final business and even within this entity, I am morphing into doing just speaking and retreats as I enter semi- retirement. I want to travel and help women everywhere to be all they can be. You are unique and my work is, too.


Teresa Fivek

TMC provides healthcare and dental providers with year-round compliance products, including employee training. We work online and in person.

OSHA HIPAA and infection control are our specialties. eCompliance for OSHA starts at $795 per year and includes unlimited questions by phone or email.

Candace Sams

Candace Sams (aka C.S. Chatterly) graduated from Texas A&M University with a BS in Agriculture, worked as a police officer with the State of Texas, did a brief stint with the Texas Department of Public Safety Undercover Narcotics Task force, and was also with the San Diego Police Department. She taught for the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department and worked in law enforcement in Alabama.

She currently trains as the senior woman on the US Kung Fu Team (working on her fourth black belt), and has been awarded the Medal of Putien from China and the Statue of Tao for her work in martial arts. She is the holder of several international martial arts titles. In 2000, she was one of a fifteen-member team – authorized by act of Senate – to represent this country as a martial art’s ambassador to mainland China. Experiences in law enforcement and martial arts (Shaolin Kung Fu) are frequently used in her career as an author.

After publishing over 50 titles in the fantasy, science fiction, paranormal and action-adventure genres, she’s received more than 30 awards, including five National Readers’ Choice Awards and a USA Today Best Book nomination. Her Tales of The Order™ series, as well as several other works, are now being vetted for movie options.

Candace  loves to hear from readers and can be contacted through her website.

Cynthia English

“…it is people around this incredible world and their captivating cultures sculpting my life, inspiring me to be the best I may be, to seek out the best in others, and to give all that I am…”

Global Scribes™ is a web-based, media and real-world Cultural Knowledge-focused community for building friendships, respect and self-empowerment among global youth. Cultivating trust, integrity, grace, kindness, spirit, courage, creativity, gratitude, sharing, caring and–FUN!

What Makes Us Unique:

For kids by kids. Learning from one another by sharing their individual perspectives, cultural differences and surprising similarities in a safe haven free from any political or religious reference. Our global scribes hail from every socio-economic group from the poorest-of-the-poor to the wealthiest-of-the-wealthy–these young people enhance each other’s lives through shared life stories. Acceptance of both their differences and their likenesses, with understanding, is a key to our global future.

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Birgit Capucille

I am a realtor in the greater Raleigh, NC area, serving Wake and Johnston County and would love to help you sell or buy a home.

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Terri Kirby Erickson

I am the author of four collections of poetry, including A Lake of Light and Clouds (Press 53, 2014). My work has appeared in numerous literary journals including storySouth, The Christian Science Monitor, North Carolina Literary Review, and many more; on Garrison Keillor’s The Writer’s Almanac and in Ted Kooser’s American Life in Poetry column, and has won multiple awards, including a Nautilus Silver Award for Poetry. I have taught poetry classes and workshops in libraries, universities, colleges, high schools, and other venues, and have spoken to women’s groups, book clubs, patients at our local Cancer Center and many other places, about the power of poetry to change lives and to connect us to our deepest selves and to each other. Folks who have endorsed my work include Peter Tork (formerly of the Monkees), Jill Conner Browne (#1 NY Times Best selling author), and Ron Powers, a Pulitzer Prize-wining journalist and author. My goal is to make poetry more popular than NASCAR!

Melanie Star Scot

If am an award-winning film director & producer (“Quitter” & “The Box”) who will make a film for you or your business, or help you make one. I focus on short and full-length feature films, as well as documentaries and public service announcements.  I can work on every subject, from a film about your parents’ lives for their 60th anniversary or your son’s career when he becomes president of the company, to a documentary on this history of hair color.

I have knowledge of filmmaking from the top down.  I was the Executive-in-Charge-of-Production on all three of my films and handled every area of production, including writing, producing, directing, casting, locations, wardrobe, props, and more.