Name: Terri Kirby Erickson [4 Collections of Acclaimed Poetry]

I am the author of four collections of poetry, including A Lake of Light and Clouds (Press 53, 2014). My work has appeared in numerous literary journals including storySouth, The Christian Science Monitor, North Carolina Literary Review, and many more; on Garrison Keillor’s The Writer’s Almanac and in Ted Kooser’s American Life in Poetry column, and has won multiple awards, including a Nautilus Silver Award for Poetry. I have taught poetry classes and workshops in libraries, universities, colleges, high schools, and other venues, and have spoken to women’s groups, book clubs, patients at our local Cancer Center and many other places, about the power of poetry to change lives and to connect us to our deepest selves and to each other. Folks who have endorsed my work include Peter Tork (formerly of the Monkees), Jill Conner Browne (#1 NY Times Best selling author), and Ron Powers, a Pulitzer Prize-wining journalist and author. My goal is to make poetry more popular than NASCAR!

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  1. Rindy G Russell says:

    Terri is a beautiful person inside and out! Her poetry brings back memories of a life full of difficulties that she has surpassed. She always brightens one’s day in reading her words of love, warmth in dealing with difficult situations, and strength to carry on in today’s harsh world of true reality. She knows what pain is, physically and emotionally. One can truly tell her path on earth has been paved with many trials and tribulations, which is seen in her written words. She has written articles in magazines that tell a tale of physical pain and how she has dealt with a disease that most people don’t go through in life. I love reading her work because I feel her pain too because I also have had a life full of trials, tribulations, death of a loved one at a young age, and a menagerie of autoimmune diseases. Bravo Terri for all your wonderful achievements in life. I also put my feelings, thoughts, emotions, and trials down in written form. It’s a positive way to express one’s gratitude for getting through life. She has traveled to many places reading her work for others to enjoy and know that they are not the only one going through the same situation. I applaud her for her many awards received for sharing her life. God gives special people talents and gifts for them to help others in this world who might just be going through the same trial or tribulation. God bless you Terri! Thank you for all you have done for so many of us traveling on the same narrow road. I truly believe in God’s Holy Angels helping us here on earth.


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