Name: Terese Wenninger-Santos [A Healthy New Coffee]
Phone: (949) 421-8071

Let’s Have Some Coffee Talk…

If you drink coffee, or even tea, why not try a delicious gourmet coffee with 100% certified organic ganoderma from the red reishi mushroom.

This coffee is non-acidic, more alkaline, anti-inflammatory, and anti-aging. It will give you more energy, without the caffeine crash or jitters, and it’s much better for you than decaf coffee.

This coffee will sharpen your mental focus, provide your body with 150 natural antioxidants and 200 nutrients. It also will detoxify your body and reduce inflammation.

This coffee is pre-brewed, and convenient, so you can take it with you anywhere. K-cups also are available

Coffee may NOT be a NEW idea!  But what If you could distribute a NEWER brand of coffee with all these health & wellness benefits, plus build a healthy, global gourmet coffee business, with PROVEN results?

To explore more about the Coffee Business, visit  Please contact me for a FREE cup of coffee or tea, and visit our website, listed above.

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