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What is the best filler product for upper lips? I don’t need it any other place but to fill out that area!

Kendra Novick

Using professional but easy-to-understand language, we offer a nurturing, safe and un-intimidating environment to assist with your sexual health and wellness needs.

We are committed to sexual wellness by helping people maintain fulfilling and pleasurable love lives. We have created a safe and discreet place that offers access to information and products that represent the very highest in standards and quality to be the most beneficial to meet their needs.

We can help with information and products for issues such as, but not limited to:

Decreased Libido
Erectile Dysfunction
Menopause Pelvic Floor Health
Post Cancer Care
Post Trauma Care
Post-Pregnancy Pelvic Floor Health
Prolapsing Uterus
Vaginal and Clitoral Atrophy
Finally, there is a safe place for people to find information and purchase physician-approved products to assist with their sexual health and wellness needs.

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I have DDD breasts, would I benefit more from a breast lift or a D implant job?

Kim Pinzini

Ruby Ribbon is apparel with a modern fit; foundational pieces and clothing designed to smooth, shape and support. Intomi technology allows a woman to say “Bye, Bye Bra” and lose an inch off her waist. Ruby Ribbon “gives you Hugs, not Spanks” for a polished, more confident appearance. Avoiding shapewear is a thing of the Past. Ruby Ribbon invites you to
“Look and feel beautiful…inside and out!”

We have three lines in our collection: Foundational shapewear pieces; Shaping Essentials (pieces with built-in shapewear), and our Fashion Layering Tops!

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Sandra Dos Santos Smith

Hello, Lovely People! I’m Sandra, I offer skin care, massage, body wraps and waxing, as well as organic herbs and essential oils. I also have a jewelry business with the prettiest bling you can imagine!

I have been a skin and massage therapist for a total of 20 years, and my training never ends.  I am very dedicated to helping my clients improve their health and achieve a balanced and tranquil lifestyle. I offer my services in Indiana and Arizona.

Please check out my website.

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I’m a nearly 64 year old, though I do not look my age. I have had lots of stress the last 6 or so years and want to shrink my stomach as well as do away with my lines around my mouth & maybe improve on a reconstructive plastic surgery scar of 30+ year ago. Would a mini lift work for me or would I need more work? Please give me average cost of each (stomach & face). TY in advance

Terese Wenninger-Santos

Let’s Have Some Coffee Talk…

If you drink coffee, or even tea, why not try a delicious gourmet coffee with 100% certified organic ganoderma from the red reishi mushroom.

This coffee is non-acidic, more alkaline, anti-inflammatory, and anti-aging. It will give you more energy, without the caffeine crash or jitters, and it’s much better for you than decaf coffee.

This coffee will sharpen your mental focus, provide your body with 150 natural antioxidants and 200 nutrients. It also will detoxify your body and reduce inflammation.

This coffee is pre-brewed, and convenient, so you can take it with you anywhere. K-cups also are available

Coffee may NOT be a NEW idea!  But what If you could distribute a NEWER brand of coffee with all these health & wellness benefits, plus build a healthy, global gourmet coffee business, with PROVEN results?

To explore more about the Coffee Business, visit  Please contact me for a FREE cup of coffee or tea, and visit our website, listed above.

Karen Spector

It’ll be love at first bite. Homemade gluten-free peanut butter cookies, creamy smooth or chunky. $24.00 per dozen, shipping additional.

Amy Wolff

Interior Design & Decorating Consultations • Kitchen & Bath Materials Selections • Home Furnishings & Accessories • Outdoor “Room” Decorating • All Inclusive, Flat Fee System

Yes! We “Do” Windows! Specializing in Custom Window Treatments and “anything” fabric!

We serve the Scottsdale, AZ area.

Victoria Vacala

Working in many stressful management positions throughout the years, I often dreamed I’d someday own my own business.

While living in Nepal, where my husband’s career took us, I loved shopping for unique pieces.  Before leaving the country in 2005, it occurred to me that I could import Nepalese jewelry and cashmere, which would also help some of the people. My company is called KVS Pasal; the initials represent me and my two daughters, and Pasal  means store in Nepali.

Much of the sterling silver, handcrafted jewelry is one-of-a-kind, and the cashmere is handwoven.