Name: Shelby Myers [Author of An Important Memoir]


My name is Shelby McGrath Myers and my memoir, “Out of the Bubble” has recently been published. The book recounts the life-altering hospitalization of my son, Clayton; how the tragedy affected our family dynamics; Clayton’s transition home to a new “normalcy” and, ultimately, the heartache of losing my son.

I hope “Out of the Bubble” raises the public’s awareness of epilepsy; reveals what families endure during extended hospital stays; enlightens medical professionals about the patient/family world after the hospital, and comforts families going through similar experiences.

Please take a look at the book and help me to spread awareness.

Have a wonderful day!

Warm Regards,
Shelby McGrath Myers

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  1. Rebecca Barker says:

    To be undaunted and be able to put your story down on paper after all you’ve gone through and, I’m sure, continue to take on, makes you intrepid, resilient, a champion of love – enduring and unconditional: A Mom, of the highest order. I haven’t read the book – yet – but I will. Congratulations on your achievement(s)!


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