Just like a FOF to throw a New Year’s Day party with interesting people, home-made food and a warm mood.

Hostess Dale

Alan and Harriet

Former husband, Douglas, David and I went to writer friend Dale’s apartment tonight for her get together. Dale’s former husband, Richard, was there, too (FOFs can be pals with exes) and I was pleasantly surprised to see Alan Heller, who I hadn’t seen in a decade. Alan and I met in 1971, when he designed and manufactured chic plastic dinnerware, called Hellerware, and I was a reporter covering the housewares industry.

Alan introduced me to FOF Harriet, a jewelry designer, who told me she’s

Douglas and Richard

“getting her life in order.” She recently sold an apartment in Manhattan, moved to nearby Riverdale and is going to relocate to Florida with her Argentine boyfriend.

FOF Gail came with her husband Jim. Our sons started pre-K together when they were 4. That was almost 28 years ago. Hard to believe.

New Year. Old friends. New friends. Memories. The future.

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  1. Heather Chapple says:

    Hear hear! To the New Year!


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