10 Things We Wish We Knew When We Were 30

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Today, I bring you a guest post from fellow boomer blogger and brilliant sports marketing executive, Brandon Steiner, on the 10 things he wishes he knew when he was 30.

I wrote my own list for Brandon’s blog, which I’ve previewed below Brandon’s list. (You can see my full list on his blog.) It’s interesting to see where we think alike.

Chances are the men in your life know Brandon. He’s the founder and CEO of Steiner Sports Marketing, the largest holder of autographed memorabilia in the world, and marketing representative to big-name athletes, including Derek Jeter, Peyton and Eli Manning, and Mariano Rivera.

Brandon grew up in Brooklyn and graduated from Syracuse University. He lives in Scarsdale.

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1. I would have learned more about how my body works—and treated it a lot better. I would have eaten smarter. Growing up, I wish I had listened to the older kid in my neighborhood who snacked on carrots and celery when I was eating all that candy and cake!

2. I would have gotten a lot more sleep.

3. I would have gone home for dinner more when my kids were real young—or at least left work a little earlier, some nights.

4. I would have learned how to play a musical instrument and, hopefully, played in a band. (Having hobbies is really important as you grow older.)

5. I would have visited my mom more, taken her out to dinner more, etc.

6. I would have learned to dress better, much sooner. (How you look really matters sometimes and there were many occasions when I didn’t look my best.)

7. I would have continued taking classes after college. By taking one class a semester during the last 25 years, I could have earned a second degree and been a lot more knowledgeable on many more subjects.

8. I would have taken more vacations in my thirties. I was so driven to build my company that some years I barely took any time off at all.  Very foolish.

9. I would have continued cooking and baking, instead of stopping when I was 22. My family has never really seen that creative side of me.

10. I would have learned the financial side of business better so that I could have understood the benefits of borrowing money and using loans to build your business. The lack of cash flow in the early days put a tremendous amount of pressure on me and probably held back some company growth.


1. Angry people are unhappy people.  Trying to assuage or please them won’t lessen their anger. It’ll only increase yours. Steer clear of them whenever possible.

2. Lying in the sun for hours, with baby oil (mixed with iodine) slatered all over your body, could lead to incurable—and fatal—skin cancer.

3. Your family is your biggest advocate.

Please visit Brandon’s Blog for the rest of Geri’s List

What’s on YOUR retrospective wish list?

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