10 Top Yays and Nays


Restaurants that are so noisy, you have to shout at your dinner companion to be heard.

Aggressive salespeople who attack me the moment I enter a store.

Buying produce from fancy food stores, only to open packages of rancid strawberries, mealy tomatoes and tasteless, mushy  blueberries.

Politicians who are genuine clowns

Donald Trump, who is the Clown Prince of Clowns. He doesn’t only act like a clown. He looks like a clown.

Men who repeatedly deny allegations of sexual harassment and illicit affairs,  when they know every allegation is fact.

A culture that pays unlimited attention to Clowns like Trump, the Kardashians, Bethany Frankel, Herman Cain and Mario Batali


Pedestrians who push their way through the crowded streets of Manhattan.

Customer service reps who have no earthly idea what good service means.


The Antiques Roadshow

Meeting new FOFs who are doing exciting new things with their lives

A good night’s sleep

Seeing my kids being happy with themselves and their lives

My nephew Max’s passion for jazz

The friendships of my sisters

Really clever humor

Kind people

Relaxing at home after working 11 hours straight

Combinations of beautiful colors, no matter where they appear…in fabrics, bouquets, packages, paintings, the sky, jewelry

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  1. Helen says:

    I agree on all counts… if I may add my top 2:
    I’m tired of being subjected to peoples/strangers cell phone conversations in public places.
    I can’t get enough of our new granddaughter.


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