An arty kind of day

I wanted to see the Alexander McQueen exhibit at The Met today, but when David and I got there, the line just to buy tickets was oh so long. Since we live a few blocks from the museum, we decided to come back another time. As we left, a guard was putting up a sign that said the wait to see the McQueen exhibit was 1 1/2 hours. I had no idea that so many people were so fashion conscious.


We went to the Neue Galerie near The Met, instead, which is featuring an exhibit called Vienna 1900: Style and Identity. We saw magnificent paintings by Gustav Klimt, furniture by Josef Hoffmann and the reconstructed chaise that Sigmund Freud’s patients reclined on during their psychoanalysis. We were even allowed to sit on it!

Josef Hoffman "Blueberry" wallpaper


Spotted this FOF at Fairway, a popular food purveyor on the Upper West Side. It’s hard to tell from the photo I took, but her vintage dress (at least it looked vintage) had a set of round plastic buttons down the back, each a different color. Her hair was different colors, too–a little blue, a little pink, a little gray–and it was decorated with two big orange bows. She was quite a character, even by New York standards.

My Fair(way) Lady


Debating whether to go to the gym for a boring session on the treadmill.

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