Here’s to our health

I feel an attachment to NYU Hospital in Manhattan, now called NYU Langone Medical Center.  Both my children were born there. My nephew, Brian, had open-heart surgery at the hospital when he was eight months old (by the same doc who operated on Larry King, David Letterman and other “heart-broken” celebs.) Brian is now 36 and hasn’t had a problem since. My dad was treated for cancer at NYU (he graduated from NYU Dental School.) I had two lumpectomies and a hysterectomy there. NYU is a wonderful hospital.

So I was happy to be interviewed this morning about the FOF National Bone Challenge on Doctor Radio, a Sirius show hosted by top Langone specialists. Dr. Nieca Goldberg, Medical Director of the Women’s Heart Program, hosts the show, called “Beyond The Heart.”

I shared a cab uptown after the broadcast with Dr. Goldberg, who looks like she’s in her thirties, but is actually FOF. She excitedly told me that Langone is opening a Women’s Health Center next June, right in my uptown neighborhood, and it’s her brainchild. It will have a staff of about eight docs who will attend to all matters related to us, from heart to breast, colon to ovaries. A plastic surgeon will be on the team, too. NYU, located in midtown, is spreading its wings—and medial expertise—throughout the city.

“Wonderful news,” I said.  I know of only one other facility in New York that takes care of the whole woman. And now that we’re so tuned into our health and wellbeing, we need more places like this.

I intend to be first in line to make an appointment.

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  1. sharon segal says:

    Hi Geri, Dr. Goldberg is the Dr. I told you about at dinner! She sounds like my kind of Dr. I will make an appointment upon my return. Stay well. Sharon


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