A bird and a brain

My Heart Belonged To Daddy

As a young girl, whenever I’d walk past my parents’ bedroom, I’d stop to check if my father’s chest was moving up and down. If anything happened to him, I’d be sunk. Dad died when I was 41 and I was old enough to know life didn’t end without a dad. Five-year-old Savannah is a lot smarter and cooler than I was at her age. Watch every bit of this video to see just what I mean. Thanks to Sharon, David’s sister, for sending it to me.

Puck-er Up

This is my sister and brother- in-law’s conure, Puck.  He’s obnoxiously noisy sometimes, and he will nip off your finger if you go near him, but he is beautiful. I took a photo of him on Thanksgiving, which turned out pretty nice. Meet Puck.

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  1. sharon segal says:

    Geri, Hi ! I knew you would like it. Savannah is one cool kid. When I was teaching second grade I always made sure my students knew what to do in an emergency,if in the classroom or at home. By the way Puck is one cute conure . Stay well. Sharon


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