A fall afternoon with FOF friends, new and old

Nancy, left, and Joan

“I have to learn to accept my limitations,” FOF Nancy told me yesterday, during an outdoor fall chili party at the gorgeous home of our mutual friend and entertaining genius, Catherine.

“Like what?” I asked. Nancy is smart, slim and seems to be in great shape. She’s 63.

“I used to be able to dig up trees,” she laughed. She’s still an avid gardener and rides horses, which impress me, since I could never do either, at any age. Even if Nancy can’t unearth an oak, she refuses to “get old,” she said. Judging by her energy, I don’t think that’s likely, no matter what the year on the calendar says.

FOF Joan joined our chat. A recent widow, she relocated to New York from Florida when her husband was ill so they could be near their daughter and her family.  Joan and her husband moved into the converted carriage house on their daughter’s property.

Many of Joan’s friends are in Florida, where she still has a home,  but she’s going to  stay up north. She enjoys living near her seven-year-old twin grandchildren and is close to her lawyer daughter. She also visits a son in Switzerland and another in Tennessee. “The winter is only time I’m not crazy about it (in New York),” she told me and Nancy. “I’m especially afraid of falling then.”

This was a perfect lead-in to discussing broken hips and osteoporosis, a subject close to my heart because a.) I have osteopenia (low bone density) and  b.) FOF is starting a Bone Health Challenge this Wednesday (but more on that in my blog on Tuesday and on the site.)

What do you get when you put two or more FOFs together? Good conversation, good fun and further confirmation that we are a great generation of women. I am proud to be in their company.

PS Thank you, my dear Catherine, for a wonderful afternoon.  My only regret was that I didn’t play Scrabble with you.  But you’re gonna beat me, anyway!

Catherine talks to pals Nancy (left) and Andrea, a lawyer

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