A hairy story

I love people who don’t take advantage of me, even if I’m inviting them to do it.

Here’s my story:

I went to the beauty salon for a cut and color this afternoon. When I was seated in Yuseff’s chair, he said: “I thought you were letting your hair grow.”

“I am,” I answered, “but I thought I needed to have it shaped.”

“My haircuts last eight weeks” he said. “You were here five weeks ago.”

When Sharie looked at the color, she also said, “you can wait two or three more weeks to do it. I don’t like to overlap new and old color. We love you, but we don’t have to take your money.”

I still asked Yuseff to trim my hair a bit, which he did. “Now you don’t need to come back until May,” he emphasized.

“Perfect, I said.”My nephew is getting married on May 22, so I’ll do have the cut and color right before that.”

Would your hair stylist and colorist do this, too?

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4 Responses to “A hairy story”

  1. Sandra says:

    Well…..I love that salon….go there myself and I love all the people that work there. I get the best attention and every detail is to perfection Yuseff cut my hair a few weeks ago and it’s the best haircut ever! It’s like he does some kind of magic with the snappy little scissors! The nice cup of hot tea just adds to the experience.

  2. Geri says:

    Hi Sharon,

    does she do any of your friend’s hair when she’s in town?


    • Sharon Nord says:

      Actually yesterday she did my two nieces, but she probably would!!

  3. Sharon Nord says:

    Yes for sure, I am so attached to my hair stylist that I fly her up to NYC from ATL every 3 months for my cut and color. We have known each other for years so it’s a nice visit too! (and still cheaper than NY)


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