A “hot” shower

Katherine MacPherson is what you’d call “a find.”  She is a marvelous photographer, a talented graphic designer and a poised and classy young woman. Oh, she’s pretty and petite, too. She’s only 25, so you can imagine what she’ll be like when she’s FOF. We didn’t actually “find” Katherine. She was recommended to us by Joanna Goddard, another exceptional young woman who has created one of the most wildly successful blogs on the web. Anyway, Katherine designs our compelling FOF newsletters, photographs many of the women you see on the home page and on our stylish Style Blog and is one of the driving forces behind the look of the site.

FOF Shelley (sister and invaluable member of the FOF team) looks on as Katherine opens her gifts

FOF designer, Sharon, and our cupcake display (courtesy of FOF writer Sara)

We gave Katherine a little surprise party today for her upcoming marriage, which is March 26.  We asked about her honeymoon (Paris), her bridesmaids’ dresses (J. Crew), the drinks they’ll serve at the wedding (wine and beer), and how many guests will attend (about 250). As Katherine joyously opened our gifts from Williams Sonoma (a set of steak knives and a set of cheese knives), I couldn’t help but think about how much has happened to me, and the world, since I opened gifts at my own wedding shower, in 1968.

It is exciting for Katherine to have so much ahead of her. And while I sometimes wish I knew at 21 what I know now, that might have made for a pretty dull life.  I hope Katherine and her soon-to-be husband, Chad, have a many years of health, happiness and rich experiences.

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