A ‘new mom’ at FOF

“My mom mentioned how happy she is that my sister and I ‘need her again,’ said my 30-year-old colleague, Lina. “She was thrilled when we graduated college and found jobs. But our independence was bittersweet because we didn’t ask for her help anymore. She thought her time as a mom was over,” Lina explained.

Edie Rose. Did you ever see a face like this?

Now Lina has a new baby and Jo is starting a new business, baking and selling the best rugelach you’ve ever tastedFOF mom, Terry, is helping them both.  She watches her adorable eight-month old granddaughter, Edie, three days a week, while Lina is working on FOF.  And she’s a great support to 27-year-old Jo as she launches her own company.

“She’s so glad we’re at this new age and okay with needing her,” Lina said. “It’s her time again as a mom.”

I know that Terry was the best mom ever. Now she earn my vote as the best FOF mom.

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3 Responses to “A ‘new mom’ at FOF”

  1. Duchesse says:

    Because I had my children late I will likely be too old to be of such practical help. Still, hope to help in any way I can. Then time passes, the relationship changes again, and they are making sure we are OK. The wheel of life.

  2. Linda in AZ * says:

    **** *Just “FOUND” you, and am SOOOOO glad I did!!!

    I can’t wait til later tonight when I can’t sleep & come into my study to find something “new” to read~~~ you’ll “sorta be here” because of your writing!!!

    P.S. I like your thinking!!!

    Linda in AZ*

  3. Maureen@IslandRoar says:

    I look forward to this. After a nice “lull” in between being so needed, that is…


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