A tribute to some husbands

Joel: Husband Numero Uno

When I asked Lina what she was doing this weekend, she told me her husband, Joel, was taking her to dinner tonight at a romantic, little Italian restaurant in Manhattan. “He came home yesterday and announced that he got a babysitter and made reservations ,” Lina said. “It was a wonderful surprise. He planned it all himself.”

Lina and Joel in 2008

Husband Numero Dos

Angela, my long-time manicurist, wanted to make sure I went to see her today because she’s going to Israel on Wednesday for a week.

“How come you didn’t mention you were going away?” I asked.

“We’re going for my niece’s bat mitzvah. My husband surprised me with the trip. I wasn’t planning to go,” Angela answered.

“Does your family know you’re going?”

“No. It will be a surprise for everyone,” she said.

How utterly wonderful that there are men who still surprise their wives like Lina and Angela’s husbands, even after years of marriage and kids. They actually think about what will give their wives true joy and pleasure. Women love gifts and gestures that show them how much their husbands adore and appreciate them.  Not just on Valentine’s Day.

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  1. Susan Olson says:

    I really appreciate that there are still happily married couples still thriving in this world of ours. On our twentieth anniversary my husband decided to surprise me with a trip. I had no idea what he was up to but he went out shopping and bought all new clothes for me and gave them to me the night before we were to leave, all packed in a suitcase. He even bought me a bathing suit! Needless to say, I was shocked. Leaving my five children a lone while we spent four days on the beach gave me concern for worry. But we had a wonderful time and memories that I’ll always remember. Now after almost thirty six years of marriage he’s still a wonderful blessing in my life.

  2. Karena says:

    It is very special indeed. My late husband did things like this. Surprising me with concert tickets, trips, etc!

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    Art by Karena

  3. Kate Line Snider says:

    It is nice to hear about such romantic doings, especially at Valentine’s Day, which I continue to believe should be abolished in the name of all unattached women. I spent many a Valentine’s day alone, with no tributes whatsoever, and I learned to loathe it!

    I am, and have been for some time now, happily married to a man who dutifully brings home flowers or other appropriate tributes on all the special days.(He has learned never to bring candy.) He is not overtly romantic. He never surprises me, and he’s not very original, but he’s THERE! He’s there every night. He’s sober, he pays the bills, and he knows what to answer when I ask him if my ass looks fat in these pants.

    I wouldn’t trade Jay Snider for a million romantic surprises.


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