A Super Affordable, Live TV Streaming Service Created Exclusively & Lovingly For Our Great Families

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One of my friend Alice’s treasured Thanksgiving traditions is gathering around the TV with her daughter and daughter in law to watch a heart-warming movie after savoring her bountiful holiday dinner. The men are usually off in another room, eyes glued to a football game no doubt, and Alice’s grandchildren are occupied with new toys or games. But ever since she and her husband finally cut off their preposterously expensive cable service a few months ago, Alice has been searching for the perfect family oriented entertainment she can stream. She’s not getting what she wants on the channels she’s now streaming, and Thanksgiving is almost here! 

“Even when I’m alone, I adore curling up with a blanket and a mug of hot chocolate (or a glass of wine!) to see an uplifting love story or intriguing drama,” Alice told me.  Once in a while, she even convinces her hubby Jeff to cuddle with her to watch a chick flick! “I think I have the perfect streaming service for you,” I told Alice. I’ve been using something called Frndly TV for the past few weeks and have already seen a bunch of movies I know you’d love.” 

Programming for Your Big ‘Kids’ To Your Itsy Bitsy Grandchildren

When the folks at Frndly TV asked if I’d review their new service for my FabOverFifty friends, I was game. It’s always great to learn about new platforms, especially now that people all over the country are saying goodbye to cable and turning to streaming services for their viewing needs.  But after hearing about the low (really low) Frndly TV monthly fee, I wondered how it could possibly offer worthwhile shows for pals like Alice, whether they’re watching solo after a hectic day, or with their families at holiday time. 

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       Everyone’s favorite Golden Girls

I was completely sold after spending a week with Frndly TV. And I knew it had the perfect name. What could be more welcoming to the whole family than The Golden Girls, which I can watch for hours on end?  Wisecracking Sophia makes me laugh out loud at least twice during each episode, even if I’ve heard her dialogue many times before. My now-grown son has also loved the show since he was a little boy. Thinks it’s one of the best ever!

Alice and her daughters can chose their post-turkey entertainment from a rich selection of inspiring, entertaining and soul-stirring original movies. I highly recommend It Had To Be You with Corbin Bernsen (I had a crush on him when he was on LA Law!), who plays a high-powered ad exec competing with his renegade daughter who has launched her own agency.  Even little kids are welcomed into the Frndly TV family.  When Alice babysits for her two-year-old grandson on a rainy fall day, she can turn on the BabyFirst channel to help introduce him to colors, numbers, letters and animals.  

>>Start watching Frndly TV today!

Over 1,000 Titles Across 12 Top-Rated Channels

The first live and on-demand streaming service for the American Family, Frndly TV offers over 1,000 titles across 12 top-rated channels, including Hallmark Channel, Game Show Network, The Weather Channel, Hallmark Movies & Mysteries, Outdoor and Sportsman Channels, PIxL, and QVC. It’s also designed using the familiar linear grid guide so it’s a breeze to browse shows. You can record your favorite shows and movies; go back 72 hours to view any programming that aired during the three days, and start a program from the beginning if you tuned in late. You can stream at home on Roku, Amazon, Chromecast, and soon Apple TV, or on-the-go with iOS and Android. I love crawling into bed and meeting up with Dorothy, Blanche, Rose and Sophia before I fall asleep. All pretty cool and worry free, right? 

There’s more cool: a $5.99 monthly fee for the core service. This super-affordable price makes Frndly TV the ideal add-on for people like Alice and Jeff, who have cut the cord and are missing out on some of the programming they’ve long enjoyed.  Subscribers also can customize their packages to include features like unlimited Cloud DVR that stores all recordings for 90 days, and streaming on four devices at the same time! 

I can’t think of a single reason not to try family-Frndly TV, especially now that you can enjoy its wonderful shows for FREE for 7 days. And just in time for the holidays! My friend Alice is excited.

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