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Awesome nephew Max and I went to the Blue Note Jazz Club and Restaurant again last night for the 85th birthday celebration of drummer Roy Haynes. We were squeezed between two couples…FOF women and their husbands. The couple on my left held hands and the couple on my right was celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary. They told us they lived in Cranford, New Jersey.

Although the anniversary couple looked like an unlikely pair–he was a big, burly guy who probably plays a mean hand of poker, and she appeared prim and proper–they obviously have something serious going on after four decades together. I admire relationship longevity. They didn’t say much to each other, but they probably didn’t need to. The fact that they came into town to celebrate on the eve of their anniversary was enough. Then again, he might be sitting in front of the TV today, watching March Madness, so he figured he’d better do something nice beforehand.

On another note (excuse the pun), here’s the thing about jazz that I love as a newcomer to the genre: band members have an electric synergy as they improvise. Orchestras are wonderful to hear in person; jazz bands are wonderful to hear and watch. Not only are they engrossed in their instruments and the sounds they’re creating; they’re engrossed in each other. It reminds me of sex when I was in my forties.

P.S. Jazz pianist Chick Corea, who has been playing with Roy Haynes since 1968, joined Roy’s birthday celebration last night. Max is a Chick fanatic. It’s easy to hear why.


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  1. Maravonda says:

    Geri, I have to say that what I regret about parting with my first husband is that, no matter what, after 20+ years together, we had history…and synergy. There isn’t a lot of need for chatter because, if you care about each other, you just “know”…I miss that, every day. But life moves on, and I am glad to hear that you have discovered jazz! What fun…and nothing beats a live performance. The historical mansion I am involved with here had it’s annual MardiGras party some weeks back, with a great little combo…so comfortable, so much fun to sing along, improvise, play! Nothing like it!

    • Geri says:

      Hi Maravonda,

      Which historical mansion?



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