Before My vShape Treatments

Anyone who’s seen The Graduate, the 1967 movie with Dustin Hoffman as 23-year-old Benjamin Braddock, surely will remember one of the first scenes, when a friend of Benjamin’s parents pulls him aside at a party and says: “I just want to say one word to you. Just one word. Are you listening? PLASTICS.”

If the movie was produced today, the neighbor might tell Benjamin “I just want to say one word to you.  Just one word. Are you listening? LASERS.”

Lasers in 2017 are what plastics were half a century ago: A booming industry. They’re used in your home printers, when you checkout at the supermarket, and to noticeably change the texture of the skin all over your body, from your face to your tummies, from your butt to your legs. Alma Lasers makes many of the high-tech devices used by dermatologists and plastic surgeons to perform these treatments.

One device, called vShape, transmits concentrated radio frequency energy directly to the fibrous tissue under your skin, which causes water molecules to rapidly rotate at a frequency of 40.68 MHz. The heat and friction that are generated by the process bring the tissue back to its original shape so that the skin is renewed, revitalized, and refreshed. “That means less sagging and less pronounced lines and wrinkles,” said Kevin Mendell, Alma Strategic Marketing Director. “There’s also minimal discomfort and no downtime,” he added.

I was fortunate to be treated to a series of six vShape treatments at the JUVA Skin & Laser Center in New York, founded by Dr. Bruce Katz, who also is Director of the Cosmetic Surgery & Laser Clinic at the renowned Mount Sinai Hospital. I preferred this treatment because I didn’t like the sagging skin on the bottom third of my face, including the jowls and neck area.

I’d have a lower facelift were it not for the a.) cost and b.) anesthesia. Plus, the bottom half of my face might not match the top half, which wouldn’t be lovely! “vShape isn’t plastic surgery, but you’ll get a nice result, including more definition by your jowl area. You should see a dramatic difference in the overall texture of your skin,” Kevin Mendell added.

The vShape Experience

I adored every moment of the six hour-long sessions with Sage, a master technician who has been with the JUVA Skin & Laser Center for 16 years.  Before starting each vShape treatment, Sage would rub baby oil over the lower portion of my face. The wand that delivered the concentrated radio frequency energy to my neck and jowl areas (Sage worked on each side of my face for 30 minutes) felt soothing and warm as she expertly glided it over my skin. It’s almost like having a heated massage on your face!  


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Sage applied a lovely, soothing serum with SPF following each bi-weekly treatment. My skin would become a tad red, but not the least bit uncomfortable.  The redness disappeared within 20 minutes.

Alma recommends from four to six vShape treatments, depending on the texture and elasticity of your skin.  Besides improving the skin on your face, vShape can go to work on other parts of your body, including your tummy and muffin top. I needed the maximum number of treatments because I’m 70 and have less elasticity in my skin than someone 10 and 20 years younger.  The younger you are when you have them done, the more effective they’ll be.

I’m delighted with the results. I started noticing improvements in my lax neck skin after the third treatment, which is typical, Sage told me. When I gently tug at the skin on my neck, I can see it bounce back, which is didn’t do before I experienced vShape.My skin also is brighter and clearer.

The positive effects of vShape should last about one year, Sage said, after which I would need to go back for one or two refresher treatments. Each treatment at JUVA Skin & Laser Center is $800; they should be less outside of New York City.

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