How to Tighten Your Neck – Tools for Women

Katharine Hepburn was stunning, even into her 90s,  but I always wondered why she often wore turtlenecks or high necks as she aged. Rumor was that she hated her neck!

Now I get it. I really get it. I hate my neck, and I’d consider sticking to turtlenecks, too, but they sure are uncomfortable on humid, 90 degree days. I’ve actually been thinking seriously about having a facelift to get rid of that gobble-gobble-look. I used to be a big proponent of letting age take its course (lots of women call it “aging gracefully”), but now I’m not doing happy dances over the course it’s taken. Anything I can do, within reason, to slow down Mother Ager has my vote. I’m far from alone.

50% of almost 200 women
polled by FabOverFifty would consider having invasive surgery on their whole face and neck!

A facelift wouldn’t be a picnic, and it’s expensive, but I cringe whenever I spot the lax skin under my chin.  I’ve spent thousands of dollars on creams, lotions, serums and oils over the years, and I know that I could rub a $200 jar of product on my neck till the cows come home (and have!). They can only go so far to tighten my skin so it looks even half as good as it once did!

So, I was ready to talk to a plastic surgeon, to learn what I could do for my neck–from non-invasive treatments to maybe even plastic surgery– when a company named JeNu asked me if I’d test its new Ultrasonic Infuser. They claimed  it would make every one of my skincare products work better–and faster–and I wouldn’t have to change any product I used.  I could also use JeNu at home–quickly, easily and painlessly. They wanted my honest opinion.  I figured it was worth trying out one more thing.

Absorption: The secret behind the ‘magic wand’

It was a cinch to use JeNu, and it took NO extra time in my skincare routine. First, I applied my moisturizers and serums, as usual. Then I added a pearl-sized drop of exclusive “conducting gel” to the smooth metal head of the small, sleek wand, turned it on, and ran it over a section of my face, a minute at a time. Needless to say, I concentrated extra hard on my neck. Besides the JeNu unit itself, the gel is a critical part of the process because the ultrasound energy transfers through special microspheres (hollow miniscule spheres of protein) in the gel, helping my skin to absorb my  lotions, serums and creams better and faster.

I started seeing results within days, on my crows feet, under-eye droopiness, and nasolabial folds (those two lovely lines that run from beneath my nose, on both sides, to my lips.) It took longer for my neck skin to tighten, but  the results have  become more and more dramatic with each passing week. The key is to use JeNu consistently, pretty easy, since it’s  part of my normal morning beauty routine.

I’ve been using JeNu for almost seven months, and my before-and-after photos speak for themselves. I call the results pretty dramatic. Although my neck skin still is a little lax, it’s far tighter than it was, pre JeNu.  

If my word and photos haven’t convinced you, the results of a recent independent study just might: When 160 women used over 200 different products from 80 different brands, ranging from Olay to La Mer—81% reported their products worked better when using them with JeNu vs alone. Meanwhile, 84% of them reported a decrease in the look of fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes, forehead and mouth. What’s more, JeNu is getting rave reviews from magazines like Vogue, Elle and Forbes as well as from a renowned dermatologist, Dr, R. Sonia Batra, and a regular on the hit show, The Doctors.


Although today’s most beneficial anti-aging ingredients–retinoids, peptides, antioxidants–are backed by scientific studies, and really are the fountain of youth, these ingredients won’t perform very well if our skin can’t absorb them. And since one of the primary functions of our skin  is to act as a barrier– keeping the bad stuff out and the good stuff in–getting optimal results from any skin care product takes more than  simply slathering it  on a cleansed face with our fingers. This common approach pretty much guarantees that most of our products will stay on top of our  skin, where they eventually evaporate… much like the money we spent on them.

With the JeNu Ultrasonic Infuser, your products get an ultrasonic push, propelling 6X the formula into your skin, giving you the power of 6 jars from just one jar, which means you will be able to see better results, faster. So whether you pay $10 or $100 for a product, you’ll see an excellent return on your investment.


If you can’t wait to experience the powers of JeNu, as I have, you’re in luck. Right now, there’s a limited time offer, and it’s such a good one, we have a feeling it won’t last.

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  1. standing for something says:

    I’ve been using it for 5 weeks and it definitely has helped. My skin is overall pretty good since I’m only 41. I’m an esthetician and use Retin-A, Vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, serum and have regular laser treatments (along with Botox), but the biggest thing I noticed is my eyes. This thing really has made a difference in the dark circles, bags and crows feet! I had Belotero injections to help under my eyes and it didn’t improve them as much as this Jenu. And we all know that creams and serums can only do so much–so I was shocked to see that it actually worked. Looking forward to my 3 month result.

  2. Mary Vance Nasvik says:

    I’ve seen several reports from Dr Oz that if a product says anything about being promoted by him, to ignore it. He does NOT do product endorsements!

  3. Susan says:

    I just read the small print on the bottom of the advertisement. It says JeNu does not endorse any third party advertisement or JeNu . This makes no sense to me. Does JeNu not endorse the JeNu infusier

  4. travelmaven says:

    I think you should go with the facelift if you really want results.

  5. Patricia Glas says:

    I am not convinced. I agree with Marguerite McPherson that spoke about lighting in the before and after shots. All photos were taken with different lighting. And the neck in all 3 photos looks the same. I don’t see a significant improvement. In fact the lady’s second photo looks better than her third.

    I have learned through all my years, that creams and serums are worthless unless used on a very clean face. Why would anyone need this over priced facial tool “JeNu”?

    I am 69 years young and my face looks great. I do have a bit of a turkey neck, but using Dr. Perricone’s “Blue Plasma” is working wonders. Patricia Gail ~

  6. Learning64 says:

    Apparently the photos are used with other products too…

  7. Linda Lee says:

    So where are these before and after photos?

  8. Marguerite McPherson says:

    The photos should all be taken with the same lighting so we can really tell if this product works. I would not buy this because the photos are not consistent.

    • cori says:

      exactly. Because lighting can make you see what’s not real

    • Patricia Glas says:

      I totally agree! I really do not see an improvement in the neck area.

    • Kathryn Bulver says:

      My thoughts exactly. Lighting alone can make a difference. I can’t tell if there really is a difference, except for lighting (and hair style and color).

    • Gail Ash says:

      I was just about to share the same exact comment. Her hair is different, lighting is different. It makes me feel that it’s not legitimate because they seem afraid to show it as they should.

  9. froggy says:

    And the point is?


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