Brazil’s FOFs are fab

I received this email a couple of days ago:


I like very much the site!

Here in Brazil I am the first woman became a model with 50 years old, than I created a group with old models. Now, we work in publicity and fashion. All models have 50 and more. Know us

Maria Rosa

How cool is that, I thought.  Women in Brazil know about FOF and Maria Rosa took the time to compose an email in English. I wish I could write Portuguese as well as she writes English. I couldn’t wait to get home to check out her site.

Although I didn’t understand one word on it, the photos of the attractive Brazilian FOFs spoke volumes. I applaud Maria Rosa for giving FOFs the platform they deserve, in a business traditionally reserved for 19 year olds. It’s about time one of our fashion icons decided to hire FOF models. FOF Donna Karen would be a perfect candidate. Get cracking Donna.

Maria Rosa and a group of Brazilian FOF models, below



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