Caitlyn Jenner: Over Fifty And Pretty Fab

Darn it, Caitlyn Jenner is my age and she has a far more beautiful body than I do!  If you’ve been living under the proverbial rock, Caitlyn is not another member of the overexposed, underdressed Kardashian clan;  she’s the former sports star and family patriarch, Bruce Jenner, who has publicly become a woman.

Caitlyn is on the cover of  the July issue of Vanity Fair. Annie Leibovitz took the photo, of course! I haven’t yet read the article, but I was captivated by Diane Sawyer’s recent no-holds-barred interview with Bruce, before HE officially became a SHE.

And I say: Hats off to Bruce, and on with the corseted body suit that Caitlyn wore for the Leibovitz cover session. She looks lovely, if not still a tad manly looking, despite the 10-hour plastic surgery that changed his face, even if not his genitals.

While I’ve never religiously watched the Kardashian reality show,  I’ve been fascinated by the Bruce-Caitlyn story because it appears to be the only honest move the whole lot of them has made since they started generating media madness.  While the reality show producers are (understandably) milking the transformation for all its worth, I’m not terribly interested in the reactions of former wife Kris or stepdaughters Kim, and whatever the others are named. Surely, they all knew what was what long before Bruce decided to go public.  He didn’t just pop out of a birthday cake one evening and announce that he’s wanted to be a woman his whole life.

It’s really is never too late to change, although it takes a great deal of determination and stamina to put yourself on a different life path, no less alter your sexuality. Bruce’s decision is brave and bold.  He surely wasn’t oblivious to the fans of Keeping Up With The Kardashians,  who have gossiped  about his sexual proclivities for years. I guess he watched enough episodes of himself on TV to help him make the decision to transition official.

Having grown up at a time when men and women had to hide or bury their feelings about their sexuality, I  am thrilled by the freedom we now have to express ourselves for what we are, not for whom the rest of the world thinks we should be.

If Ellen DeGeneres helped lead the way for gay women to “come out,” and Neil Patrick Harris did the same for men,  hopefully Caitlyn Jenner will  set the pace for the transgender population. Bruce sure did on the track.

Caitlyn Jenner.  You are truly FABOVERFIFTY.

PS  I’m thrilled that Vanity Fair got the Caitlyn scoop.  It’s a classy magazine. Classy photos and superior content. Vogue would have shown us what Caitlyn is wearing. VF tells us what she’s thinking. Big difference.


  • Patti Vlasak

    IF this is a choice he made because his mind wanted something else, it’s his choice. God will decide whether it’s acceptable to Him or not. My revulsion is his going public with the exclusive desire to make money off of it. This is NOT something that should be thrust at the public as Normal. It is not normal. I am not judging that it is morally correct, just that it does not need to be thrust into the news and tabloids to make it appear “normal and something children should have thrown at them.” Kids don’t need to see these alternative lifestyles as part of the norm, because they arent. As it may come up, it could be explained to children, but not marketed as “normal”. The only places it is truly acceptable as normal is by Hollywood and large city minority groups, who have been trying to dictate their morals as acceptable to the rest of the world for years.Their living standards overall….drugs, easy, free sex, and low morals are not what the rest of the country espouses. But they turn it around and make immoral living look normal. We need to take a stand, stop letting our children watch Hollywood’s ideas of normal and teach our children what is truly right. Teaching acceptance and tolerance of alternative life styles should be part of it. But we don’t ever have to teach or believe that what is seen on TV is normal or OK.

  • jaci66

    Personally I choose to TRY to not live MY life in a judgemental way. Because I wish to not be judged. It is not for me to say what is right or what is wrong with another’s choices. Because, you see, I do not have to partake in their business. If it’s on television, I can CHOOSE to change the channel. If it’s in a magazine, I can CHOOSE to not read it much less buy it. And if a person brings it up in a conversation I can, you got it, CHOOSE to not partake in the conversation. Everyone has their own right to choose what they let in. That is why it is amazing that so many get their panties in a bunch over some other person’s life. I will say this…. at the end of the day what has happened in the Jenner family is that a cause has become more spotlighted. And if it saves one young person from not committing suicide or becoming a drug addict from self medication then “Bravo!”. I would hope that more people understand that this whole comments thread revolves around a simple fact. A person has he right to CHOOSE.

  • Lady in red

    Bruce Jenner aka Caitlyn has turned him/herself into a 3-ring circus. And the world is going to hell in a hand basket.

  • TammyT

    A 65-year-old man castrate himself and he is a HERO?

    Dr. Paul McHugh (LOOK HIM UP), was the psychiatrist-in-chief at Johns Hopkins Hospital and is currently practicing professor of psychiatry said that “transgenderism is a ‘mental disorder’ that merits treatment, that sex change is ‘biologically impossible,’ and that people who promote sexual reassignment surgery are collaborating with and promoting a mental disorder.”

    NOW politicians, diversity counselors, leftist physicians, elitists and ignorant activists presume to know more about psychological disorders than trained psychiatrists and psychologists. The lesbian and gay (LGBTQ) community have done themselves a disservice by aligning themselves with transsexual sufferers in order to promote social acceptance. Fighting for a group of people of which 70-80 percent “spontaneously lose their feelings” of gender dysphoria seems hardly worth the effort if your claim is “I was born this way.”

  • BuckingBronco

    As a man I just don’t get it. And I would normally say what ever floats your boat if HE wasn’t throwing it in my face with this ENDLESS parade. His whole family is a bunch if sick minded individuals. HE KNEW HE WAS GOING TO GET HIS OWN SHOW! Come on! These people are hogs for publicity. What’s next, Kim will turn into a man? Hey I would like it if her husband would turn into an Alien and fly away, maybe just take the whole freaken family.

  • Mireya

    Everyone must learn to respect other peoples decisions. You must live and let live. What ever people want to make of themselves and their lives is completely up to them, as long as it does not interfere with our lives, we have to respect them and their decisions. Don’t remember where I read this but it goes like this, “Live, Love, Give, Receive” I totally agree.

  • Doreen Olson

    I find it rather offensive that so much money was spent on outward beauty just because someone was having an identity crisis. Can you imagine how many dozens, maybe hundreds, of children’s lives could have been improved if Jenner had spent that amount of time and money promoting Smile
    Train’s cleft palate surgeries instead? Jenner could have inspired others to give and the original amount would have been quadrupled.

    • Soledad

      Good point Doreen. What Smile Train does is heartwarming and valuable.

  • Bessheit

    If you missed it, watch this u-tube clip from Jon Stewart on how the media lost no time on treating Caitlin Jenner as a woman – hilarious and so true

    • Geri Brin

      Loved this, Bess! Stewart is as sharp as they come.

  • Janice Reese

    While I have grown more than weary of the Kardashians, I am happy that Caitlyn has found her joy. Life is short and no one left me in charge to pronounce judgement on how others choose to live it. “Do what you feel in your heart to be right, for you’ll be criticized anyway” ~Eleanor Roosevelt

    • Stephanie

      What about what God says❔ In the scriptures, God says to not act out homosexuality or to cross dress. when we choose to obey God, we should do it with love… not harsh words. pray for those who are pained with these emotional conflicts… We do not choose our “feelings”… only our “actions” there are 2 Kingdoms… the one we live in now… and Gods heavenly Kingdom. To which do YOU belong ❔?

  • Marie Doyle

    I totally disagree with this writer. Men are and were created by God as MEN. As were women created to be women. Jenner is a SICK MAN. To promote this agenda is disgusting. Frankly, he is just another Kardashian publicity hound.

    • Diana Kay Hoskins

      You are an idiot.

      • Marie Doyle

        No, sorry to report – I AM A WOMAN!!!!!!!

        • Geri Brin

          We’d appreciate if this didn’t become a forum for nastiness.

          • Stephanie

            Yes. opinions without harsh words.

      • BuckingBronco

        Why do liberals ALWAYS feel the need to name call like this? DIANA, you don’t even know Marie, you have a lot of nerve! MR. Jenner put him self in the public eye and that makes him fair game for this scrutiny. Marie as a thinking person has a right to voice her opinion WITHOUT some liberal that really doesn’t have an opinion, but is just here to call people names.

        • TammyT

          I have noticed that liberals are more interested in beating you down than in making an intellectual point.

          Name calling is a means to try to end a debate when they are losing or don’t know anything about. It is formally called resorting to the fallacy of a hominoid.

          The best defense is an offense. When they call you sexist, racist, or idiot and a threat to all that is good in America. The more you exaggerate, the better.

    • Merri Merrill

      I concur.

    • Soledad

      I agree with you. I think it is sad what he has done. He is confused.