What We Do When We Wake At 2 AM And Can’t Get Back To Sleep!

My friend, Alice, and I were both up at 2 am one day last week, she in Coral Springs, FL, and I in New York City. Avid fans of the app Words With Friends (Scrabble with slightly different rules), we started playing, and texting each other. WWF is an ideal middle-of-the-night activity because you don’t have to move from your bed. While we were playing, Alice and I came up with a list of other excellent diversions to occupy us when we can’t sleep. (You’ll have to get out of bed for some of them, unless you have a refrigerator next to it.)

1. Play Words With Friends

2. Google former boyfriends; the bosses you disliked; the pals you haven’t seen in yearsgoogle

3. Sneak a snackdog

4. “Read” Peoplepeople

5. Think about your kids, your grandchildren, your next vacationsgrandparents

6. Send a few emails to friends and family about how much you appreciate thememail

7. Window shop on the Internet

8. Buy something you saw and couldn’t resist while you were doing #7business_set

9. Pay a bill or two

10. Organize a messy drawer or closetcloset

11. Work on your latest knitting (or other hobby) project.knitting

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