You Can’t Mask Mindlessness

A 40-something mother I know sent me a photo of her daughter’s three teachers, who had come for a visit. They were standing around the child, inches away from her and each other. None of them was wearing a mask. When I commented on these two obvious facts, the woman texted that “masks are not required anymore. Not a law. You don’t even need to wear a mask in a store.” 

I wasn’t quite sure why the woman was defending these careless teachers. I don’t think they’re smart. It’s also not a law to cover your mouth when you have a bad cold and sneeze or cough on a crowded bus. But, any fairly intelligent person would agree that shielding your mouth is a mighty wise way to avoid passing your cold to fellow bus passengers. 

Four facts about COVID-19 are incontrovertible, at least to those who don’t think it’s a ‘hoax’:

⇒ It’s highly contagious.

⇒ It can kill you.

⇒ There’s no vaccine to help prevent it.

⇒ Wearing masks and social distancing have helped prevent millions of us from contacting it.

Oh, there’s a fifth fact: COVID cases are rising  in over 20 states that opened too early and where people no longer social distance or wear masks. (BTW, the woman to whom I referred at the beginning thinks these reports are “fake.”)

People like these teachers frighten and distress me. This virus is not going away until we have something to help protect us. Wearing a mask and social distancing are the least we can do to help curb the spread.  

It may not be “a law” to wear a mask, but disdaining the health and safety of others is inexcusable and unconscionable. Ignorance may be bliss to some. When it has the power to harm me and you, it can be living hell. 

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