What I Revealed To William Shatner

As a professional journalist, I’ve been interviewing all kinds of people for the last 46 years, including the wonderful actress Lillian Gish, the brilliant designer Hubert de Givenchy, and the eccentric genius, Carl Sontheimer, who introduced the Cuisinart to the United States in the seventies. The tables were turned when I was interviewed, two years ago, by the charming, talented and oh-so-smart William Shatner for a book he was writing about becoming an entrepreneur after 50. I had the honor of being chosen, along with eight other FOF entrepreneurs across the country, to tell “my story,” so that someone else with an entrepreneurial spirit might be inspired.

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Bill’s book, called Catch Me Up, is coming out shortly, and the nine interviews, which were videotaped, have been posted. I tentatively listened to my interview last night, praying I didn’t say anything totally ridiculous. Aside from honest talk about two bosses from decades ago (one who I propositioned and the other who I disliked pretty intensely), the interview was just fine. I have always been blessed to love my work (even when I worked for the boss I didn’t love), and wish everyone could feel the same way.

Screen Shot 2015-04-28 at 12.11.17 PMWhile I don’t profess to be an expert about anything, I do believe my years of experience as an entrepreneur give me some authority to discuss the subject. If any of you take the time to listen to what I had to say to Bill, and want to talk to me about your own entrepreneurial aspirations, please email me (geri@faboverfifty.com).


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