I’m With Forbes: This Device Will Change Your Beauty Routine Forever


An Open Letter to All Women Approaching 50:

Maybe you’re five years away from the big birthday, or maybe it’s months away. Turning 50 is a psychological big deal for most women. But you’re luckier today than any other women in history, because you’ve got an arsenal of tools I didn’t have that will help make your 50s the most beautiful years of your life.

Before I get into details about that, let me give you the straight facts, without any euphemisms: Lots of stuff is going to happen to your body in the next decade. Your once perky breasts will likely start to sag. Your once nearly flat belly will likely start to pooch out. One morning you’ll wake up, look at yourself in the mirror, and be astonished to see the start of jowls, or a cluster of fine lines on your upper lip. It’s all perfectly natural, if not perfectly unnerving.

Yes, it will happen to YOU. My best friend for decades was 20 years older. Not an ounce of fat on her petite frame. I’ll never forget the evening I saw her changing her clothes–she was in her early 60s at the time–and noticed she had a flabby belly. I was flabbergasted!

While you’re not going to stop time from marching on, you’ll have three distinct choices about how you’ll want to deal with your changing body and face. First, the two extremes:


You’ve decided that until a pill is invented to turn back the clock, plastic surgery is pretty much the only approach that will shave a decade off your appearance. Even though it involves oodles of money and the risks associated with anesthesia, this is the route for you.


You believe that you’ve “earned” every single wrinkle, gray hair, and belly bulge, and you’re happy as can be with how you look, no matter how you feel. You’re a firm believer that the outside doesn’t define the inside. And you don’t touch a thing.


You’re not going to wait to “see what happens.” You’re going to make sure that, starting today, you’re leading a wise lifestyle, so you’ll look and feel the best you can.




1. Exercise right, which involves cardio as well as strength training

2. Eat smart, to ensure that your weight is just where it should be

3. Quit drinking or smoking (OK, you can have a glass of wine now and again!)

4. Get adequate sleep

5. Make sure your bras, not to mention your clothes, fit well for your shape

6. Have a makeup lesson from a pro

7. Use skin care products with sunscreen and quality ingredients such as hyaluronic acid.

Although #7 is critical, it’s not enough to simply use your fingers to rub in great ingredients. I’ve made a really important discovery in my research: Our skin works so well as an effective barrier against external materials that it absorbs only between 1% and 10% of the good stuff in skin care products.Jenu Plus The rest is wasted! No matter how many “active” ingredients go into creating our serums, moisturizers and creams, and no matter how much the products cost, the majority of them are not absorbed quick enough into the skin to live up to their promises to abolish crows feet, fine lines, and more. The vast majority of them just sit on our skin’s surface, before evaporating into thin air, and while we may see some improvement, it’s invariably short term.

So you’ll certainly want to make sure your skin care products DO DELIVER everything they promise. A neat little device I’ve found, called the JeNu Plus, does just that, helping our skin absorb quality ingredients in ways our fingers just can’t. JeNu Plus is the most powerful ultrasonic infuser on the market, proven to increase the absorption of leading skin care ingredients by 6 times, giving them the power to work 6 times better. I wish JeNu had been around when I turned 50, but I’m thrilled at what it’s done for my 60+ year old skin.

JeNu has produced dramatic results for me, including reduced crows feet, under-eye droopiness and nasolabial folds (those two lovely lines that run from beneath my nose, on both sides, to my lips).


But don’t rely only on my photosjenuplus-ba-final and word to convince you. The results of a recent independent study also showed remarkable results: When 160 women used over 200 different products from 80 different brands, ranging from Olay to La Mer—81% reported their products worked better when using them with JeNu vs alone. Meanwhile, 84% of the women reported a decrease in the look of fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes, forehead and mouth.

JeNu Plus is as easy and safe to use and it takes NO extra time in your skincare routine. First, you apply your moisturizers and serums, as usual. Then, you add a pearl-sized drop of the JeNu Essential MicroSphere Gel to the smooth metal head of the small, sleek wand, turn it on, and run it over a section of your face, a minute at a time. The ultrasound energy transfers through special microspheres (hollow miniscule spheres of protein) in the gel, helping your skin to absorb your skin care products better and faster.

The kudos don’t stop coming. Vogue and Forbes hailed JeNu as a “game changer” for your skin care. People Stylewatch said it’s “like a magic wand for your beauty products.” SheFinds hailed it as “a high tech beauty product that needs to be on your radar,” and InStyle praised how this one gadget brings together “beauty and technology.” Dr. R. Sonia Batra, a renowned dermatologist, uses it herself and says her skin has “never looked better.”

Make the JeNu Plus your magic wand in 2016!

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