Come On, Suck It Up!

I don’t like to load or unload the dishwasher. I’m not crazy about cleaning the stove. And if I never did another load of laundry again, I wouldn’t weep. But, I LOVE to vacuum. Yes, you read that right. Ever since my mother tasked me, in the early sixties, with “carpet sweeping” (a mechanical device that basically lifted the top layer of dust from carpets), I have enjoyed the process of sucking up dirt, lint and other small particles of whatnot from wall-to-wall carpeting, area rugs, and floors.

Believe it or not, I also wrote about the “floor care” business, when I was the editor and publisher of an influential home furnishings trade newspaper. I toured vacuum cleaner manufacturing plants; I dined with the presidents of Hoover and Eureka; I even knew how many vacuums Sears sold every year. And I could write a thesis on the relative merits of one style versus another.

As you’d suspect by now, I’ve owned all kinds of vacuums in my time, good, bad and horrible.

Heavy uprights that looked like they could suck up small trees, but could barely lift a twig; canisters with unwieldy cords and clunky bodies that knocked into every wall on their travels from room to room and were daring me to trip over them; handheld vacs that made lots of noise but labored trying to lift sand from the back seat of the car and ran out of charge quicker than the original iPhone. The vacuum I now own is a pre-owned European import that normally costs an arm and a leg. It looks a lot better than it performs.

Of course, I was game when Dyson asked if I’d try out their new cordless vac, the Dyson Digital Slim™ DC59 Motorhead. That’s like asking an 8-year-old if he wants to try a shiny new bicycle!

Dyson claims that DC59 Motorhead “Out-cleans the top 5 best-selling full-size vacuums across carpets and hard floors. Without the hassle of a cord.” Naturally, I was skeptical.

Turns out, they were right.

  • It’s light: Under five pounds, and its small motor is located in the handle, making it a cinch to lift—with one hand—for overhead cleaning and to carry around the apartment.
  • It’s powerful and versatile: It sucked out every bit of the dirt deep in the seams of our often-used living room chairs; picked up pieces of packing material off the hardwood floor in seconds; dusted in places I haven’t touched in ages, including the tippy top of the kitchen cabinets, and perked up the little silk rug in our bedroom.
  • It’s convertible: The light aluminum wand can be removed to convert the unit into a powerful handheld vacuum for cleaning car interiors, upholstery, and more.
  • It’s flexible: The cleanerhead maneuvers with a flick of the wrist to easily reach hard-to-reach places.
  • It’s compact: It can be hung, with its docking station, on a wall or inside a closet without taking much space.

I used the unit for about 15 minutes and the suction remained as forceful as it was when fully charged. The battery charge reportedly gives you 24 minutes of cleaning time with full power.

Whether you need a new vac, want to buy one for your daughter’s new apartment, or think it would make a great gift for an approaching bridal shower, I strongly recommend you buy this one.

To enter to win the Dyson Digital Slim™ DC59 Motorhead ($549.99 value), fill out the form below!

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1 FOF will win. (See official rules, here.) Contest closes September 30, 2014 at midnight E.S.T. Contest limited to residents of the continental U.S.

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  • Stephen Saunders

    pretty cool giveaway…

  • Rebecca Pierson

    Thank you for the chance!

  • Jenny Ham

    Thanks for the chance

  • Kathy Willis

    Would love to win this vac!

  • Guadalue Valdez

    Great website


  • I need this in my life!

  • raymond kimmell

    it will get good use in my house

  • jberry

    This would be an ideal replacement for my current vacuum, which is on it’s last leg. My small mother-in-law type apartment is a bit cramped, has plenty of nooks and crannies, the maneuverability is key.

  • Diana Hoover

    Thanks for the chance.

  • GL Long

    I want one!

  • With my 3 neck surgeries, shoulder and wrist surgeries and chronic back pain, my current vacuum weighs a ton to carry up and down my four story home. This light weight vacuum would make cleaning my home so so much easier and hopefully alleviate some if not all of my pain caused by my current canister vacuum. I wish you all good luck!

  • Don Roberts

    I need a new vacuum, badly.

  • Gwen B

    I’d love to win this because I have two very hairy cats, and I can’t keep up with the various messes they make – leaving fur everywhere, tracking litter, etc.

  • I am praying that I win. I want a vac that works so that I do not have too.

  • Rosemary Romito


  • I am thankful for this opportunity. I need a Dyson.

  • Crystal

    Thank you for your Blog I’m obviously over fifty and always looking for new products that are beneficial to my age group 🙂

  • rosemary


  • Rachel B.

    I have a labradoodle, who not wishing to be a stereotype, SHEDS! I would love a light-weight, nimble vacuum cleaner, would love to try a Dyson product, and my dog? Well, this might be the winner she doesn’t feel the needs to bark at. I just have a feeling about this one…

  • Pat Ransom

    love this clean machine and look forward to getting rid of my 20+ year old electrolux


    I, like too many others, suffer with disabilities of chronic pain from back issues, arthritis, and osteoporosis. I own a regular size Dyson and it is touch to maneuver and many times I pay a price with each use. This small lightweight version would
    be fab for my once fab back!

  • I have had 2 back surgeries and need both knees replaced. It would be great to be able to vacuum without being in pain, as this is so lightweight.

  • Jan

    Dyson rules in innovation and quality products. I have one of their Air Multiplier fans and it is soo awesome. My poor ole back and I would love to try this!

  • Kim

    I never left my email on the other form either- so sorry, I’m the zip code that ends in 027.

  • Marla

    I would love to win the Dyson DC59 Motorhead. My son and I had the most horrific year. Lost my husband/best friend to prostate cancer and nothing has been easy since. Cleaning the house shouldn’t be such a chore. I need a good vacuum that works and just something to make it easier on me right now. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  • % 5 cats need bad

  • Eric

    My wife would be the happiest woman on earth if I won this vacuum cleaner! The kids are always spilling something on the floor, and ours is not too efficient, so it misses stuff that we have to pick up with our fingers. So, I am praying hard to win this Dyson!

  • DLori27

    I never, in my wildest dreams, ever thought I pray to win a vacuum cleaner, Jewelry, definitely, Cash, absolutely, Beauty Products, without a doubt, but a vacuum cleaner? Well, this machine isn’t simply a vacuum cleaner.

    What makes this vacuum cleaner so exciting is how light it is, all of 5 pounds. What a pleasure it would be to go from room to room without banging into every piece of furniture you pass by, tripping over the unit and ending up with bruises up and down your arms and legs.

    This unit is cordless so there are no pesky wires that you trip over constantly or wrap around the unit making it impossible to get to the areas you want to vacuum.

    Because the unit has a small, light motor located in the handle, it makes it a cinch to lift with one hand, reaching the ceiling and other ares in a room you normally wouldn’t be able to reach.

    The suction power is so strong that every last piece of dust gets sucked into the unit.

    The wand can be removed turning the unit into a handheld device capable of using just as much force vacuuming your car or truck as it uses to vacuum your home

    The cleaner head is so maneuverable that every space in your home or car can be cleaned with minimal effort.

    And since this vacuum cleaner is small and light, it’s easy to store.

    Since I always seem to be in pain, this would be the perfect unit to clean my apartment. Cleaning can actually be fun. I won’t have to dread vacuuming anymore.

    Thank you for doing this giveaway and Good Luck To All.

    kleimanlaw at aol dot com

  • Theresa Beason

    need this!!!!!!!!

  • Felecia Elliott

    This is an interesting and awesome giveaway from FOF…and quite unexpected. Would love to win. Thanks for the opportunity!! 🙂

  • Baby oh baby, this Ozark Farm Chick is one twisted cleanin’ machine. I’ve even dedicated a day for it…”Deep Clean Friday”. My personal favorite day of the week!!!

    My old, old Panasonic has it’s handle broken off and the canister duct taped on. It’s a sad, sad sight. I’d love to replace it with this beauty. I’d be in Type~A Heaven for sure…’just sayin’……..

    From the wild and wacky hills and hollers of the beautiful Missouri Ponderosa, ya’ll have yourselves a gloriously blessed day!!! :o)

  • cynthia minter

    Good luck everyone

  • Theresa Anderson

    Who wants a clean house? I do!!!

  • Terry Fetzek

    My vacuum cleaner is old and held together with duct tape. I would love to have a new Dyson!

  • Ok… I’m probably in, even if I don’t win, discounts or coupons? for the non-winners?
    It sure would be nice… Dyson, are you in for the rest of us?
    Thank you!!
    Becky Beer

  • Joyce McDaniel

    Winning this vacuum would allow me to be able to clean my house again. I am disabled and cannot pick up heavy vacuums to clean so I have had to pay someone to come clean. This would be a dream come true for I know that it is a great product for my mom has won. I would give anything to win this great vacuum.


    Because I have an older house with lots of nooks & crannies that are hard to clean. This vacuum would help cut down on my cleaning time & give me more me time!

  • KIM D

    I really need this Dyson – my vacuum “died”.

  • I am tired of my heavy vacuum

  • cause we would love to add it to our arsenal of vacuums including a 6 yo Dyson All Floors. This would make it much easier for me who is vertically challenged, to reach high places w/out fighting with the flexible wand and various attachments which fly off at will…..I’d love to use this, especially since we both have horrible allergies. and my husband cannot stand my craft herpes aka glitter!!!

    it won’t let me enter using the form

  • valerie brooks

    This may be the answer I have been looking for. A great way to clean high valances and chandeliers in our house without having a second person hold up the vacuum canister or tripping over the cord…

  • Please replace my dead Dyson DC 40. He was a great little worker during his short life. The new model Dyson seems like just the perfect little powerhouse that we need and a battery powered model too! WoW

    Thank you Dyson

  • I loved my Dyson DC40, well he died on his 5th birthday; I would so much love to have another great Dyson. I promise that Florence will be careful, and I will keep a closer eye on her when she housecleans.

  • Bella T.

    Thank you for the chance to win this amazing vacuum!

  • Mary McCormack

    I have a shoulder problem and my old vacuum is heavy and hard to manage. Forget about trying to do the stairs. This would make it so much easier.

  • Connie

    Sure hope to win!

  • Glen Pollard

    who doesn’t need one here in Arizona it gets so dusty

  • Jacqueline

    My current vacuum cleaner works just fine…but, this Dyson would be sooo much nicer to use!

  • Would love to win this lightweight cordless Dyson DC59 Motorhead sounds like a great vacuum cleaner which is ahead of it’s time.

  • heather

    I want to win this one for mom.

  • Naheed

    Seems like a good vacuum cleaner.Mine don’t last very long.

  • Cynthia Knisley

    I would absolutely love this vacuum. I could do a lot of cleaning

  • Sherri Thomas

    Sorry I tried to enter this without totally waking up. This one has my email address. Thanks.

  • Amanda Williamson

    With two sons and five cats and a dog, I seem to always be unclogging the pitiful vacuum cleaner I have now. I’ve always heard dyson is a good brand soI would love to win and give it a try.

  • Mary Ann

    Love, love, love the Dyson products and hope to win this one.

  • Carolyn Barnett

    My vac does not suck up and smells like it is about to catch on fire!

  • Merrill Dellas

    Yes! I would LOVE to win this! Why not? Heck…It’s a Dyson! I just love having clean, spotless carpets and this would get a LOT of use in my home…that’s for SURE!

  • velder dixon

    this is neat-i can really use this.fingers crossed.

  • Merrill

    You just BET I’d love to win this! Why not? Heck…It’s a Dyson!!!! I just love having a clean spotless carpet and the Dyson has sooo much suction! This would get a LOT of use in my home…that’s for sure!!!

  • anna satta

    I don’t like lugging the vacuum up and down the stairs. I would love to own the Dyson.

  • jill

    too good to be true!

  • Cynthia Weaver

    One of the best pries ever. My old Dyson still works well, but the light weight model would make stairs, and upholstery a breeze.

  • Mary Caliendo

    I like the design, It appears light and easy to handle and as we age we know that is difficult to complete simple chores without help.

  • Paula

    I didn’t fill the form out correctly………
    This one has my email.
    So sorry!

  • Margaret P.

    Leave it to Dyson to make my dream vac! Thanks for the chance to win one.

  • Barbara Dalu

    Had a Dyson several years ago, great vacuum, would love to have another one.

  • Sure wouldn’t mind cleaning with this jewel,get the job done…in less time

  • I need a new vacuum and I have 2 cats that shed so I would seriously love winning this!!!

  • Soledad

    I don’t mind vacuuming too much and this would make it so much easier since it’s lightweight.

    Pick me!! 🙂

  • Debra S

    It is funny, isn’t it, how we do not mind one chore, yet loathe another? I LOVE doing laundry. I’ll do anyone’s laundry- but what I hate doing is washing floors….and dusting. Well that is my fault, the hating dusting for I have too many knick knacks.. which I am learning to just get rid of…..

  • I ran a cleaning business for years, and would love to try this out.

  • Karen Beckett

    I DESPERATELY need the Dyson Digital Slim™ DC59 Motorhead Vacuum because my old vac no longer “sucks”!

  • Patty

    Oh my gosh, if I won, I’d give it to my 80-year-old mother. She’s a clean freak, but she’s an itty bitty clean freak without much strength living in a split-level house. If I won, she could have this for her upstairs so she wouldn’t have to try to hoist her old vacuum up the steps or wait for me to come do it. Then she could clobber all those wayward dust bunnies.

  • karen spector

    Could use this to SUCK IT ALL UP! I’ve heard that the DYSON DC59 Motorhead is a wonderful tool to clean up the floors.I’d certainly love to be the proud owner of this vacuum.

  • Vicki Hancock

    Being disabled, vacuuming is more of a chore than it should be. My vacuum is continually getting clogged and I have to try and unclog it. Overhead cleaning? In my house it is unheard of as I can’t get up high enough to do it. And besides, who DOESN’T want a Dyson?

  • I’m way over 50 & need to look Fab!!!


  • Paula

    I need it! I have arthritis in both thumbs and carpal tunnel I clean for a living putting my daughter through college. My hands hurt so back when I vac if this is light weight I’d like to have it. 🙂 Paula from Westerly RI

  • Cynthia San Antonio

    Would love to have this to pick up all the hair my dog sheds. That is a full job all on its own. Thanks

  • Alice Amason

    I heard really good things about these vacuum cleaners and would love to check it out for myself.

  • Thelma Rodriguez

    I am in need of a replacement and what great timing! Winning this Dyson would definitely be a blessing!

  • janice joyner

    I Too love to vacuum!My parents gave me the chore also to vacuum in the 60’s and I have been hooked every since! I love to hear all the junk being sucked up! My sisters love for me to visit because they know I am going to vacuum!

  • Sherry Ann Abrams

    This would give me a reason to want to vacuum!

  • Mick

    Save my back, Dyson…you are all I have between me and the ancient Kirby stalking me from the broom closet.

  • Audrey

    Anyone with a family needs one of these!!

  • Diana

    Winning this would make my day and bring a smile to my face like nothing else could at the moment.