My Convincing Case for Collagen Supplements As We Age

An avid golfer for decades, 63-year-old Linda endured increasing stiffness and achiness in her right wrist because she couldn’t bear to quit playing. Agreeing to try a collagen supplement her son was planning to market, she never dreamed it would help to relieve her discomfort. But a couple of months later, Linda was swinging her clubs with ease once again. “I’ve been stirring the collagen powder into my coffee every single morning since then,” she said, “and haven’t had pain for over four years.” 

Linda is one of legions of fans for Collagen For Her, the brand co-founded by Kaitlyn Rackens and business partner Dave Carlson  in 2018. Ever increasing Amazon five-star reviews are packed with details about how well it works on issues from arthritis and flagging energy to brittle nails and thinning hair: 

“Based on a recommendation from a friend, I started using Collagen for Her to hopefully help with peeling, weak nails. It has proven to be so much more. My hair is healthier and my nails no longer peel and split! I also have basal arthritis in my thumb joints, and the stiffness in my hands seems to have subsided since I started using it,” commented Lorrie C.

This is an amazing product! I put a scoop in my coffee every morning, and my skin, hair and nails have never been this healthy! My stylist is amazed how fast my hair is growing and my skin is absolutely glowing!” enthused Mandy H. 


A naturally occurring protein in your body, collagen accounts for almost one third of its thousands of distinct proteins (no one knows the exact number). Representing 70 percent of the protein in your skin, and a whopping 90 percent in your connective tissues and bone mass, collagen plays a crucial role in their health. 

A major structural protein – think of a building’s foundation – collagen keeps joints strong, gives skin elasticity, helps protect organs, and more. Often called “the glue that holds the body together,” collagen is responsible for many essential bodily functions. 

Unfortunately, we produce about 1 percent less collagen each year starting in our mid-20s. Menopause – the average age is 52 – accelerates the loss, often triggering wrinkles, stiff joints, worn-down cartilage and decreased muscle mass.

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The skincare industry introduced us to collagen when it began marketing topical formulas with ingredients it claimed would stimulate collagen production and return our skin to its former glory – sans sagging. But even the highest-quality ”anti-aging” moisturizers and serums can’t penetrate the skin deep enough to provide more than a quick fix.

Scientists today, however, are armed with vast knowledge they’ve gained over the last few decades about collagen sources (including pigs, cows, chickens and fish), extraction methods, structure and properties. And, they’re using their expertise to develop collagen-based products that aren’t only skin deep. 

These products include the powder and pill supplements that Kaitlyn and David diligently resourced for Collagen For Her.

As fitness enthusiasts the duo first associated collagen with building muscle mass. When they learned how it might benefit aging skin, reduce bone loss and alleviate joint pain, they were eager to create a brand specifically for women like their mothers. 

“No one was marketing collagen to women, and we wanted to make it crystal clear that women are our top priority.” Kaitlyn emphasized. 

Her and David’s mission was to eliminate the confusion over choosing supplements, and to avoid unrealistic promises like saying “you’ll look 30 years younger” or “drop 10 pounds in a week.” Besides, everyone can react differently to the same thing, Kaitlyn added.

“We set out to source the best collagen we could find in terms of texture, taste, and dissolvability. We tested about 20 different types of collagen, and we asked suppliers for their studies on how well their collagens are absorbed by the body.” 


Since we’re unable to absorb collagen in its whole form, collagen powder is formulated with amino acids – aka collagen peptides – molecules our bodies use to make proteins. These peptides are subsequently absorbed through our gastrointestinal tracts. 

We need 20 different amino acids to function correctly, according to the Cleveland Clinic website, one of the most reputable sources for accurate medical information. Amino Acids break down the food we eat; grow and repair body tissue; maintain healthy skin, hair and nails; boost the immune system; help maintain a normal digestive system, and more.

Nine amino acids are called “essential amino acids” and must be consumed through the food we eat, such as beef, chicken, beans, leafy greens, whole grains, eggs and dairy products. 

But many of us (I for one) either don’t consume many of these foods, or a sufficient quantity, so “taking a collagen supplement is the easiest way to replenish the collagen our bodies are naturally losing,” Kaitlyn stressed. “The essential amino acids in our Collagen Peptide Powder are quickly absorbed into the bloodstream and go to work at repairing and rebuilding the connective tissue lacking the collagen it needs!” 

Consider Kaitlyn’s experience: “As a long-time runner, I went to physical therapy when I started getting pain in my knees, but it didn’t help. I couldn’t run over two miles without my knees pounding. The pain actually went away after two months on our Collagen Peptide Powder. And, if I go on vacation and don’t take it for a couple of weeks, I start to feel my knees crack.” 

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In 2018, scientists published the results of a trial involving 120 people, half of whom took oral supplements containing collagen and other substances for 90 days, while the others took a placebo. Joint pain fell by 43 percent, and joint mobility improved by 39 percent in those who took collagen. 

Another study – of  102 postmenopausal women with reduced bone mineral density (BMD) – found a daily five-gram dose of collagen peptides for one year significantly increased BMD of the femoral neck and spine. The results signified a reduced bone breakdown and increased bone formation, according to the website. 

Kaitlyn and David also introduced Beauty Blend, which includes biotin, hyaluronic acid and Vitamin C, essential beauty ingredients to benefit our hair, skin and nails. 

A review of 11 studies found that taking a daily oral dose of 2.5 to 10 grams of collagen for up to six months improved hydration, elasticity, and collagen content of the skin, reported 


After talking to Kaitlyn and David, I decided to try Beauty Blend. I mix a 10-gram scoop of powder into my coffee every morning. It dissolves in seconds and can also can be added to cold liquids after first mixing it in a small amount of hot water so it doesn’t clump up. Or I can incorporate it into recipes.  

Collagen For Her powders are completely tasteless and odorless. Completely! I dislike dietary supplements that taste and smell horrible, or have gag-inducing textures and consistency. 

There’s another cool benefit: Beauty Blend suppresses my appetite a bit. 

If I make sure to take Beauty Blend every day – and am patient – I should see results in two to three months, Kaityn explained. 

If you want to give Collagen For Her a try with me, you can save 10% on your first order. Enter code “FABOVERFIFTY” at checkout on their website.

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