Count Your Blessings!

I am embarrassed when I contrast the minutiae that often consume many of us with the gigantic problems others face throughout the world.  While applying makeup this morning I listened to news about the flash floods in the southern Philippines that have killed 1,000 so far.  The victims didn’t exactly live luxuriously in the first place.  When fires swept through Topanga Canyon in Malibu, CA. years ago, many residents lost their multi-million dollar homes, but not their lives. They also were blessed with friends and neighbors who could take them in, as well as funds to rent new homes while they built even bigger residences to replace those that disappeared. I am not saying I didn’t feel awful for the Malibu victims  (one of my oldest friends being one of them), but I am saying that hardship is relative, don’t you think?


Coffins for the dead in the Philippines

Sharon, one of FOF’s two talented designers, saw a “homeless” man huddled outside this morning and quickly decided to buy him a bagel and orange juice at the nearby bagel shop. “I felt sorry for him, so I also gave him $5 when I handed over the bag of food,” Sharon recounted.  After walking across the street, she turned around to see the man throw the bag into the garbage.  “He didn’t care about eating.  He probably wanted the money to buy alcohol or drugs,” Sharon surmised. “I felt so used.” The man is clearly in need of help, whether or not he devoured the bagel. I still admire Sharon for lending a hand, rather than buying herself a bagel and studiously avoiding him. Hardship is relative, don’t you think?


Peace, safety, good health and joy to all my FOFriends and their families during this holiday season!












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3 Responses to “Count Your Blessings!”

  1. says:

    Just what genuinely encouraged u to write “Count Your Blessings!
    | Fab Over Fifty Blog”? Ihonestly appreciated the blog post!

    Many thanks ,Augusta

  2. Barbara says:

    Regarding Sharon’s experience in trying to help a homeless man… unfortunately, many homeless people will throw away the food they are given, to avoid the possibility of eating something that has been intentionally poisoned, or altered to make them violently sick. It’s so sad to think that some people would actually do such a thing, under the guise of being generous, but it has happened, and word gets out to the street community.

    Better to just give money… perhaps coupled with a “fast food” coupon to make the donation go a little further. And if they “just” buy alcohol with it… well, sometimes people will not or cannot figure out how to make their situation even incrementally better, and only want to forget their woes and keep warm. To have a little money and the opportunity to buy something for himself was undoubtedly a welcomed gift. Regardless of how he spent his money, you did a good thing Sharon. We must all count our blessings and share what we can, leaving judgement behind.


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