Dave’s a real cool dude

My FOF friend, Jill, and her daughter, Devon, are fans of Dave Matthews. He’s a South African vocalist, songwriter and guitarist. Mother and daughter are actually fanatic about Matthews. They will travel from NY to Chicago to see him.

Dave Matthews

Yesterday Devon, a beautiful, outgoing, young lawyer, was walking downtown, when she suddenly realized Dave Matthews had just passed her on the street. She turned around and shouted “Dave.” He and the woman with him stopped and Devon told him how much she and her mother loved him and his music and that they’ve been to almost 30 of his concerts. “Will you call my mom now?” Devon asked.

Guess what? Dave said he would. He dialed Jill’s number and when he introduced himself, Jill thought one of Devon’s friends was playing a practical joke. Once she realized it was no joke, Jill swooned.

I love how Devon thought of her mom and I love that Dave stopped and agreed to call. The story made me happy.



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  1. Andrea says:

    I happen to work with Jill….We ALL know she’s a D.Matthews fan.

  2. Suzanne Zwerle says:

    He continues to bring joy…wherever he is!

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  4. Jeanne Molloy says:

    What a refreshing story of humanity for a musical icon! Love Dave!

    • Geri says:

      thanks jeanne.

  5. sirrot (b) says:

    I have discovered that artists and musicians are very receptive to personal attention if it is done in an appropriate way. Dave Mathews is very cool….and he just proved it.



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