Deb the dynamo

FOFs really are amazing. Yesterday, I met Deb, who left her husband after 20 years of marriage and basically raised four kids on her own, with little financial aid from her ex.  She did everything she could to scrape up college tuitions, including managing coffee shop employees in Seattle who “came to work high.”

Emily is Deb's youngest and in college. You can see her personality.
Deb and Graham on their wedding day

Deb and her kids “did everything ourselves,” she told me.  Besides their hard work and the help of loans, “there was a lot of crying,” she said. Deb remarried, to a (adorable) bachelor Scotsman six years her junior, and they moved to Houston, where he designed oil platforms.  Now they’re talking of moving to Aberdeen, his hometown. “I don’t especially like the mindset in Houston,” she explained, referring to its conservative leaning. “When my daughter wore an Obama tee-shirt to school, her classmates booed her.”

Now that her Deb’s kids are out of the house, a move to Scotland wouldn’t be disruptive to anyone.  Although her youngest, a daughter in college, isn’t thrilled with the prospect of mom moving away, Deb would like to give Scotland a try.  Just like a FOF!

Deb decided to start blogging less than two years ago and she loves the chance it gives her to express herself. Check out her blog. It’s beautiful, funny, smart and real, just like its creator.