Deux amies à Paris

FOFriend, Kara, has been divorced for years.  A lawyer, she has a 31-year-old married daughter, who lives across the country.  I ran into her at the nail salon yesterday, where we quickly caught up, as FOFs do so well. Kara’s daughter is expecting a child in the spring; she’s worked harder in the last year than she’s worked since she graduated law school (“we don’t have enough employees”), and she’s leaving in a few days on a two-week trip to Cambodia and Thailand, with a gay friend. When I asked if she’s seeing anyone, Kara shook her head and said: “I have no interest in meeting anyone. My life is full and I’d rather go away and do things with my friend.”

This is an oft-repeated FOF declaration. Many of us don’t need  a man constantly in our lives. Even when we have a partner, it’s energizing to go out with our friends, sans a man. My close FOFriend, Mary Ann, and I are going to Paris together in two weeks and can’t wait to return. The last time we visited, it was in March 1997, to celebrate my 50th birthday. I treated her and my aunt Sylvia for a long weekend. The weather was glorious.

Life can be so much fun when we “change it up.” No one does it better than FOFs. We thrive on it!

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  1. Vera J says:

    Geri, hope you have a great time in Paris. Question? Just what will we do without our daily dose of “Geri’s Blog”?????? I will have withdrawals!!!

    • Geri says:

      Oh Vera, you are a gem!

      I will send them to the office and they will post them oxo

  2. sharon Segal says:

    Dear Geri, Have a great time in Paris. Stay safe. Sharon


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