Do You Lead A GLAM Life?

I’ve got a bunch of things going on with my body, inside and out, and it’s not all delightful. Thankfully, much of it can be addressed: Calcium and Vitamin D for my bones; exercise and good diet for my heart; a few nips and tucks for my jowls and sags; hearing aids for my ears; lotions, serums and creams for my skin; and glasses and drops for my eyes.

During the last few years, another exasperating change in my body made a surprise appearance: Dryness in places other than my skin, eyes, and hair. Aside from using gobs of lubricant for it, I assumed there was nothing else to be done. So gobs of lubricant it is. But once the lubricant is gone, the problem remains. I never brought it up during my annual visit with my gynecologist and he never brought it up with me.

3 out of 4 women who’ve gone through menopause (that’s a whopping 75 percent) experience some sort of vaginal dryness.

Serendipitously, I recently received an invitation from a pharmaceutical company, called Novo Nordisk, to join its new initiative called GLAM™ (Great Life After Menopause), which is an alliance of five FOFriends. (Clever!) I gladly accepted the invite, and quickly learned one astounding fact: 3 out of 4 women who’ve gone through menopause (that’s a whopping 75 percent) experience some sort of vaginal dryness. I always like to be different from everyone else ;), but in this case, I was comforted to know that I’m not. But how would I have known, since no one ever talks about vaginal discomfort.

Our declining levels of estrogen account for the dryness, as well as for other unwelcome symptoms, including pain with urination or during intercourse, discomfort, itching, urinary tract infections, even bleeding during intercourse.

GLAM™ is here to tell all our FOFriends who are experiencing any of these feelings that it’s time to start talking about vaginal discomfort, because there’s no reason to suffer in silence. As a matter of fact, there’s no reason to suffer at all, since our symptoms are treatable. Talk to your partner. Talk to your health care provider. To help you to feel comfortable about bringing up the subject, and to learn about your treatment options, visit This is the best time of our lives. Don’t let vaginal discomfort get in the way of the life you deserve.

I am a member of GLAM™ (Great Life After Menopause), a women’s health initiative sponsored by Novo Nordisk.

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  1. janet webb says:

    Since undergoing a total hysterectomy in 2009, I have tried all of the compound and non compound replacements. Some improve the dryness. However nothing has solved the issue of reigniting my sex drive. It is not present. I suffer from fibronyalgia and a myriad of health problems. I am beyond sad and feel horrible a once dynamic sex life with my husband is gone. All and any suggestions are appreciated. Newly 52. Blessings Janet Webb.

  2. lisa says:

    Try adding some Maca powder to morning smoothies or juices, and I agree with one of the other posters: Coconut oil works great and is a better holistic remedy than adding more prescriptions. as we age, we also need to make sure we are not adding estrogen donating products to our body, such as parabens, pthalates, and other chemicals with our body lotions, soaps, shampoos and cosmetics. I use Arbonne products almost exclusively, See your Arbonne consultant for more info or contact me to find out more about balancing hormones naturally. I recommend Sexy Forever by Suzanne Somers and Dr. Christiane Northrup’s books on menopause and dealign with the imbalances that cause the dryness and other fun issues. Another great way to ease some symptoms is through Earthing, which is basically reconnecting to the electrons that the ground itself can provide, either with grounding sheets, pads, electrodes or just by going and standing in the grass or your garden with bare feet. Improves your health, energy and sleep plus helps create an anti-inflammatory effect on our blood and body. As a health coach who is in the midst of the age of personal summers, of course I try as many various ways holistically to help friends and clients who have the same problems. Why Suffer!!??!

  3. Happy,happy,happy says:

    I know estrogens are controversial, but I urge you to do some research on a body/face cream containing 0.3% ESTRIOL USP as the only estrogen compound!! This is known as “bioidentical” HRT. Estriol is our body’s weakest estrogen hormone. It is known as the “safe” estrogen. I have done extensive research on the internet, and I believe that it is indeed safe for most women, it even has breast cancer “protective” qualities as well as helping to protect heart health. It is used largely in Europe, and women there refuse to be without it. There are no reported side effects from it’s use that I can find.

    I suggest you contact a gynecologist who prescribes bioidentical hormones after you have done your research on estriol. It is also a good idea to find a pharmacy who compounds this in cream form for the body/face. As a side note, the effects on wrinkles are amazing. Again, I am just offering this as an option, as it is quite effective against vaginal dryness for me. Read the reviews for Smoky Mountain Naturals Estriol Cream on Amazon.

    Just check into it as an option. Women in Europe swear by it, and so do I.

    Good luck and happy GLAM!

    • lisa says:

      Read the reviews. I just ordered it.

      • lisa says:

        IT”S WORKING! Ladies order this!

    • Marilyn Scher says:

      I just read about the Smokey Mountain Naturals Estriol Cream and ordered it on their website. Do you use this one on your face? Thank you for the good info.

      • Geri Brin says:

        Hi Marilyn,

        I’m confused by your question. Do you use what on your face? The blog is talking about vaginal dryness and the need to address it.


  4. Donna Hart says:

    My friends and I discuss dryness on a regular basis! The over the counter vaginal moisturizers work very well for me. I am happy to see GLAM though, sounds like a good thing!

  5. Penelope More says:

    Coconut oil is the best lubricant. It’s inexpensive, anti bacterial, natural, smells lovely and retains its moisturizing quality better than other such products I have tried.

  6. KatieQ says:

    It is a subject that isn’t commonly discussed. I have been working with my gynecologist to find a remedy that works for me. So far, we have been unsuccessful finding a long term solution. I wish I could describe it as discomfort, but is is beyond that, sometimes it is very painful.


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