Dressed up and ready to be sad

The compassionate J. Lo

It was nauseating to see Larry King and Jennifer Lopez last night, patting each other on the back during their Haiti fund-raising efforts. Not the world’s greatest actress in the first place, J. Lo sounded like she was reading a script when she told Larry about her profound sadness.

Why didn’t she announce that she was personally donating $1,000,000 to the relief efforts? Angelina and Brad did. Oh, I guess J. Lo feels her time is worth that much, so she’s covered.

We don’t need celebrities telling us how to donate money.  We need them to donate their own money, part of the money they earn because we pay through the nose to watch them entertain.

FOF women are not disingenuous. Politics aside, I think Hillary Clinton cares about the Haitian people. I also think Princess Diana would have cared.

I’m not sure why someone like Jennifer Lopez bothers me so much. Is it because I’ve heard she’s a diva, in more ways than one? The juxtaposition of homeless, injured children and Jennifer Lopez is just a bit more than I can quietly absorb.

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  1. DivaDebbi says:

    The lovely, deeply human Sandra Bullock, also donated one million dollars, quickly and quietly.
    I always love hearing that she is respectful, kind and thoughtful to everyone when she is filming, cast and crew. Definitely FOForty…She will be interesting to continue to watch. I think she makes a difference.



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