Does This Duchess Have “Princess Syndrome”?

Like it or not, you’ve got to “take the good with the bad,’ as the old adage goes. So, when a whole lot of good is happening in your life, don’t get your “nose out of joint” if you’re confronted with something you don’t like. Read my letter to Duchess Meghan and then answer three simple multiple choice questions.

Dear Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex,

By most anyone’s standards, you have a pretty cool life. You’re smart, beautiful, successful, look great in clothes,  recently gave birth to a healthy baby, live on a gigantic estate, and married into a high profile family, etc. All that makes you intriguing.  People want to see you. Take your photo. Blow you kisses. You’re in the UK, dear. That’s how people react to the royal family. Problem is, you don’t get to decide when you’ll have their adoration. If you don’t like regular people fawning over you, stop going to public places where regular people go.  Like tennis matches. Stay home and watch them on your big TV set. Or go to a friend’s house. 

If you do venture out in public, let the regular people take your photo, just like you let the media take your photo for their magazines, newspapers, and TV shows.  Don’t instruct your security guards that you have a “no photo policy,” like you reportedly did at Wimbledon this week, when you were watching your pal Serena Williams play a tennis match. Even if you didn’t come up with the policy (I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt), you should have told your security guy to back off when you saw him telling “fans” to stop taking photos. Besides, that only attracts more attention to you.  He said you were attending “in a private capacity.” Come on, now. When a very public person goes into the public–at a global event, no less–that’s not private. No one was harassing you. They just wanted a picture of your beautiful face. 

Who do you think you are, anyway?  Royalty? 




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  1. Joan Bernstein says:

    Social climber. Trapped Harry.

    • surfzen says:

      When I saw the Prince on leave in San Diego and see him now, me thinks the Duchess has made him a better man. I’ll be 80 next birthday and I am proud of my accomplishments but most of them would never have happened had it not been for my beautiful “Duchess.” She is the light of his life. And best to you Joan, I am a amateur chef and appreciate your contributions.

  2. Pat Pierce says:

    Geri – beautifully put. Ms. Markle thinks she’s a great deal more important than she is. Take Harry out of the picture and she can become great friends with Fergie – remember her? Thank you!


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