Enough about you, let’s talk about me

Do you ever do things for others, even if it inconveniences you?

To wit:

Do you ever stay late at the office to help finish something that’s important to your boss, even though your husband expects you home to make dinner?

Do you ever accept a friend’s dinner invitation, even though you ‘re bone tired and would rather veg out at home alone?

Do you ever stop an important task to comfort a co-worker who is feeling low?

Do you ever travel out of your way, physically or mentally, to visit a  friend who is laid up?

Do you ever let someone have something you really wanted?

Do you ever give someone something you cherish because it will give them great pleasure?

Do you ever let someone else take the credit for something you did because they need the credit more than you do?

Do you ever accept a job from an employee that you consider mediocre because you know how hard he worked on it?

Do you ever help someone get on her feet financially, even though you’re a bit strapped yourself?

Do you ever offer to help finish a big project, even though it’s not part of your job description?

Do you really know yourself?  Do you ever stop to think about your actions, or inactions, and how they affect others, or do you spend most of your time thinking how everything and everyone affects you?




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  1. Cecile says:

    Good morning my FOF friends,

    Yes, I have done all of the above or at least 90%. I have become a bit more selective as I have entered my third age.

    I will definitely help a friend in financial need and a co-worker that needs to go hone on account of her children’s havong to get picked up, and so on. I will let you have something I really want if I know it will make your day when you are going through a rough time; I will pitch in to work on a project even if I am not part of the “team”, and I will let you take the credit. God knows and that is enough for me.

    Having said that, I will take a rain check if you invite me and I am dead tired…I will not be a gracious guest; I will not swap my spinning spot, just because you are flirting with someone; I will not compromise my career just bacuse you went out of your way (I will take you to dinner, though.) And if I am ever in a relationship like a marriage…. sorry, but my lover/husband comes first. I have done the opposite, and let me tell you: the ROI is just not there! lol.

    Have great day you all!



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