Every breath you take…

Think about the numerous objectives we have as we move through life: Get good grades. Get into a good college. Get a good job. Do a good job. Make a good impression. Look good. Have a good social life. Find a boyfriend. Get big salary increases. Earn big promotions. Get recognition. Get married. Find an apartment. Save money. Buy a house. Become pregnant. Raise healthy, smart, good kids. Pray they’re good and smart enough to get into good colleges. Pray they get good jobs, find good mates and good apartments. Become grandparents.  Etc. Etc. Etc. I’m exhausted just writing it down.

If we’re really lucky, we move from day to week, week to month, month to year, and year to decade, without the kind of crises that can completely cripple us. I’ve been lucky.

Sometimes I wish I could turn the clock back a couple of decades, and relive certain parts of my life, this time using my FOF wisdom.  Since that’s an unlikely scenario, I forge ahead.

Now, my biggest objectives are to appreciate what I’ve achieved and to continue to “grow,” give and be grateful for every breath I take.



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  1. lancel soldes says:

    I be aware of everybody is going to hate in it, but I don’t believe they start looking so terrible

  2. Spinsterlicious says:

    That list sounds exhausting to me, too. Any of us could probably cut that list by at least a third for a much less intense existence. I left a few of them off and have been great.

    -The Spinsterlicious Life


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