Flaboverfifty, Part V

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Thursday, January 28

The swelling is noticeably less.

Friday, January 29

I am sitting at the beauty salon waiting for Tara to mix the color for my hair. When she starts to apply it, I can tell she’s looking at me differently. I say, “I’ve had some work done on my face.” She says, “I was trying to figure out what was different. I was looking for stitches, but didn’t see any.”

Tara’s reaction is totally cool. I feel that I don’t look that much younger, but I do look fresher and more vibrant. I don’t have any more confidence than I had.  I feel a little like a kid though.

Saturday, January 30

Ready for Shelley's FOF b-day dinner

It’s back to Nathalie for the third post surgery facial. My middle sister turns sixty today and we’re giving her a surprise dinner. My youngest sister hasn’t seen me since I had the surgery.  She can’t get over how I look. She’s a tough critic so her reaction means a lot.

Sunday, January 31

David and I are buying food at Russ & Daughters, along with scores of others who love their mouthwatering herrings, smoked salmon, bagels, homemade soups, blintzes, egg salad, and more.

I swear people are looking at me differently. Am I being superficial? Does it matter if I am?

Tuesday, February 2

Working away, preparing for the launch of FOF in 18 days. Chin feels pretty good.


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  1. Noreen Gallagher says:

    Hi Geri,

    I just saw the photos from the Fab Over 50 launch party on the web site, and I must say you look amazing! I found “The Big Reveal” so informative, honest and helpful. And, oh yes, funny too! It was especially helpful to see your pre-op and post-op photos and compare them with the new you. Dr. Giese did a fabulous job. Are you still healing?

    Congrats on the web site too. I’m been checking in every day and it is so dynamic…like you!

    My Best,

    • Geri says:

      Hi Noreen,

      Thank you for your lovely compliments. If it weren’t for women like you, the website would never have become a reality. Every time I see your beautiful face, I smile.

      Dr. Giese was wonderful. I have a little more healing in the chin area but it all feels good.

      Keep visiting and please tell all your friends about the site.

      Love, Geri

      • Noreen says:


        I do hope you post a “final” photo of yourself when the time is right so everyone can see how beautiful you look. Glad to hear that the healing process is going well. I’m dialed in to Fab Over Fifty, and really loving it.

        Take Care,

  2. Jodie says:

    Geri, You look amazing! Enjoy!!!! Jodie

    • Geri says:

      Thank you Jodie


  3. Heather Chapple says:

    It worked it really really worked WOW!

  4. Geri says:

    Thanks Maureen and LPC,

    Tomorrow is big finale!

  5. LPC says:

    So far it looks great!

  6. Maureen@IslandRoar says:

    Looking good Geri!


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